[PC Plotnotes] Treachery

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[PC Plotnotes] Treachery

Postby Treachery on March 30th, 2015, 2:17 am

Fluffy Zithy, Warm Zithy, Large ball of fur. Angry Zithy, Sleepy Zithy, Grr Grr Grr.

Pavi Phrases!
'Actually meaning in Pavi' - How cherry understands it
'kill it!' - kill it/shoot arrows at it
'zith' - zith
'motherpetcher' - swear word or expression of shock
'Look up there.' - point at the sky
'What was that!?' - another expression of shock that they expect a reply to
'sea of grass' - sea of grass
'horse' - horse
'it flew higher' - look up higher/shoot arrows higher
'Drykas' - drykas/people on horses that shoot arrows at zith
'rain' - rain (aka wet stuff from the sky)
'fire' as in campfire or grass fire - shiny burning ball of death (aka fire)

Right, Plotnotes.

Nicknames (used both IC and OOC for Treachery and plot related character ideas): Treacle, Cherry, Treasury, Tretchie, Trench,Tres cherie, Treecko, Furball, Fuzzball, Fluffball, Fluffyclaws, Treach, Tulip, (T)Naqwa, Batface, Trouble-on-wings and 'Ahhh, a zith!';
Jeally, Nutella, Toffee, Pudding, Coffee, Almond, Whipped Cream, Mulberry and Mashed Potato!

Yes they are almost all food related.

Wing/flight progress:
Healing times are based very loosely off bat wing tear healing times.
Skills needed: Endurance, Acrobatics, Bodybuilding (and maybe running)

Injuries: Mostly on his left wing and they span the whole wing with smaller ones on his right. Basically imagine a pair of zith wings and stick 5 huge but fairly narrow slashes in the left one stretching from 'Between pointer and middle fingers' to 'wrist' to 'just below elbow' (if the wings were giant hands) and minor holes and torn edges to the right.

Injured:- Date TBC
Main Tears all healed over:- 4th Spring 515A.V.
Wings membrane strong enough for flight:- 18th Spring 515A.V.
Can leave the ground for a few seconds:- 48th Spring 515A.V.
Can leave ground for up to a chime or so before getting fatigued:- 67th Spring 515A.V.
Zith-kite:- 85th Spring 515A.V.
Extended flight for up to 15 chimes before fatiguing:- 17th Summer 515A.V.
Bell of flight:- 52nd Summer 515A.V.
Three bells of continued flight when unweighted:- 89th Summer 515A.V.

Morphing Model ideas:
Changing eye colour
Less hairy face
Instant awesome hairstyle?
Tail??? (most likely not)
Six-arms???? (will have to make from scratch so need lores on bones, muscles, blood circulation and nervous system: else interesting things happen like limbs with no nervous system or blood flow >:))
Due to exams probably won't be posting again until after the 20th of May
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