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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

All Dolled Up (Demetri)

Postby Altaira Readva on April 5th, 2015, 11:14 pm

"Everlight, everlight, everlight."

Altaira let the word roll around in her tongue, Leth's light keeping the path before her clear as she kept her pace quick, her mind still consumed by work. "Jagged? Jagged or toothed?- Yes, jagged," the kelvic pressed her lips as her hand fell to her waist and the dagger sheathed by it, the early hour of the morning keeping her at least somewhat weary, even more so since it was not often that she walked with any reasonable sum of coin on her - the shift from the infirmary in which she'd just been let off one of the very few that let her off work in time enough to reach the stores of West Street before the morning rush, albeit it did mean that there would be a half bell that she would need to entertain herself within.

"The Mistress said it was a... small plant, it did not grow much," the kelvic's pace slowed as a frown formed on her features, and her mind fluttering back to a bell before- the old dusty tome and its catalog of plants and herbs and other remedies, lip bitten as she tried to envision the page that 'everlight' was inscribed upon.

Learning was no easy hurdle for a kelvic- much less on who was yet bonded, and a huff of irritation left her, before once more reminding herself of the herb's name and leaf pattern. She made no attempt to hide her envy of those who needed little more than several moments reading and play to recall a herb's name and nature, where time needed for her own kin to learn was near doubled. "Used for the eyes, no?" her own words rung hollow in her mind as a particular feeling washed over her. It was brief, so quick and fleeting that it had come and gone before Altaira had been able to get a good measure of it, and her entire form fell into a moment's stall as her attention was so suddenly consumed.

'Ghost?- Shiyami?' It was a hopeful thought, she knew, wishing once more that companionship was something that she boast to having often, before another, perhaps even more wishful, consideration settled in her skin. The Poltergeist.

It was then that her thoughts became singular and her hands fell and became fists, the kelvic's gaze narrowing as it darted all about her, before a direction further into West Street was decided upon.
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All Dolled Up (Demetri)

Postby Demitri Maebourne on April 9th, 2015, 4:36 am

It was rare for Demitri to frequent the finer side of Zeltiva; most of her "work" was done on East Street, where she could find easy targets and a great deal of crowding. But one must evolve somehow- today, and for the girl from Sunberth, that meant finding some higher risk, higher reward suckers. She was walking for only a tick or two, enjoying the morning atmosphere that was both relaxed and lively at the same time, before she found such a one. The woman seemed cautious at first; and who wouldn't be, with a great big pile of mizas in their pocket? She seemed like the worrying type in this moment, but Demitri knew that everyone let themselves slip eventually. She trailed behind the stranger, picking up her pace ever-so-slightly until she found herself a handful of steps behind. There were just enough people on the street at this time to make it seem ordinary, just enough to hide her trespass from passers-by until it was too late.

The young woman slowed for a moment; if this wasn't an opportunity, the Sunberth girl didn't know what was. As one slowed, the other continued at the same speed, just until she got up close. A purse lay just next to the dagger at her belt; very slowly, very secretly Demitri let her hand drift toward the purse. With some clumsy but limited shaking, a razor slipped down from her sleeve and into her hand, and she readied herself to quickly snap the purse strings and glide ahead with a quick bump and a "pardon!" A quick breath served to steady her nerves, and she allowed herself to look at the purse with the deepest expression of concentration. Three... Two...

The woman suddenly stopped, and Demitri flung her arms into the air to keep from tumbling straight into her. She caught her breath in a gasp and fell back a step. Had she made a mistake? Had the woman noticed? She thought she'd been so careful this time... the girl noted that the stranger's hands had clenched into tight fists, and Demitri flinched preemptively, foreseeing a heavy punch in her future. She really needed to work on her sleight of hand...

But no, the woman didn't seem at all concerned with her. In fact, she was looking everywhere but her direction. Demitri was just beginning to think she might have another chance to nab that purse when the stranger started off quite suddenly down West Street. What in the name of the gods could have happened to cause that? Maybe she was crazy, or psychic or something even worse. Not that it mattered; Demitri had chosen her target with care, and she wasn't going to give up just when it got more interesting. Sighing, she started after the oddity and her full coinpurse.

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