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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Master NPC List and Request Thread

Postby Perplexity on April 7th, 2015, 10:19 pm

Zeltiva NPC List

Government Officials

Note: To be used with moderator permission only.

Tranaris Johnson
Title: Seneschal to the Lord of Council
Age: 56
Race: Human
Skills: Politics (80), Bookkeeping (45), Intelligence (76), Negotiation (60), Various Others

Bio: A rotund man with a very businesslike demeanor. Tranaris Johnson has served as the keeper of the Lord of Council’s office for well over two decades. There is very little that goes on in the city that he is unaware of. A man who is content with his role in Zeltiva, Tranaris strives to do only one thing and that is to preserve the honor and integrity of the Lord’s Office. Which is a stance that is open to interpretation really. It is well known that Seneschal Johnson is a very connected individual and though he has had the opportunity to assume the role of Lord of Council himself he shows absolutely no interest in doing so.

Ulrich Grimsby
Title: Public Defense Attorney
Age: 58
Race: Human

Bio- Ulrich has been practicing Zeltivan Law for near thirty years. He is an old political cat who has skittered by on the skin of his teeth more times than he can count. He is a man with numerous connections but his reach as far as Zeltivan politics go is rather limited. He is a man who once hoped to implement change for the better when it came to the practice of law in the bureaucratic city but those hopes have been dashed with his many court battles involving rigged cases, back door deals, lack of influence and many cards stacked against him. He takes moderate cases these days, proceedings he never has much difficulty winning because they’re of little importance.

Skills: Law (49), Rhetoric (40), Politics (35), Investigation (35), Intelligence (27), Organization (26)

Daily Rate for Hire: 10 GM/Day

Note: Ulrich can be self-moderated with permission.

George Grimtook

Intimidation 60
Interrogation 72
Persuasion 60
Negotiation 60
Observation 70

An imposing, sharp-witted man, Grimtook is Zeltiva's current Customs Officer, and he takes no prisoners. Years of experience have trained him in spotting the shiftiest of characters, and he is more than happy to pass those people on to Maria herself. It is said that George is so intimidating, he can get answers from a dead man.


Note: Feel free to self-moderate.

Title: Owner and Proprietor of The Armed Scholar
Race: Mixed Blood (Human/Zith)
Gender: Male
Age: 32

Skills: Blacksmithing: 76, Metalsmithing: 65, Weaponsmithing: 65, Armorsmithing: 55, Engraving: 55, Magecraft: 55

Note: Use of Magecrafting skills must be permitted by a Storyteller.

Physical Description: Standing at about six feet and again as many inches, the owner of The Armed Scholar is a giant of a man. His body is a map of corded muscle, whipcord lean and a rather savage and unpleasant looking face marked by scars. Fingers and toes often grow long and sharp nails that are filed down once in a while, teeth are far sharper than those of the average human. Tan flesh made so by ancestry and Syna’s rays define him, dark eyes staring at one with the piercing gaze of a predator but bearing the intelligence of a man. His brown hair allowed to grow but is held back by a bandana and occasionally a stubble is allowed to further darken his chin.

Personality: Rals represents both savagery and brilliance in equal regard, somehow managing to be disquietingly insightful and unnervingly base. He speaks very little, only adding to a conversation with the most basic of things and dislikes prolonged contact with people in general. This changes slightly when speaking about his craft, of which he is exceedingly proud of and his skills mark him as a genius rivaled by very few. Often times when he is at work on a project he will wear a slight smile on his lips, one of the few times one might see him genuinely pleased.

His Zith ancestry is not something he hides from, he accepts it as a part of who he is and though it does not define him he indulges in that side of him. He eats his meat raw, his table manners being awful and he is not exactly the most hygienic person in Zeltiva. Outside of his forge he has been known to visit the University to deliver the rare lecture on metalworking, though he is loath to leave his shop. Those that actually manage to get his eyes, those apprentices of his that show real potential, might find him easier to approach and seek advice from. He regards everyone as being equal in his eyes, be they the poorest of tavern wenches or the Lord of Council he will speak to them the same way.

History: Rals was born in the unwilling consummation of a Zeltivan merchant woman and a Zith, an unwanted and freakish child from the very start. He faced discrimination growing up as he did, however he soldiered on through it within the City of Sails and found that he possessed a good mind for working with his hands as it was. He left his home as soon as he could, to the relief of his mother, and started applying his talents and learning more at the University of Zeltiva.

An odd scholar he was to be sure, however he took to the concepts of metalworking like a prodigy and as if he had been born with a hammer and tongs in his hands. His drive was great beyond great, it had been said that no greater a smith had graced the halls of the University to the shock the professors. He learned what little they could teach him before striking out on his own, researching and learning as best he could. It was not long before he learned of the arcane of art of Magecraft, which quickly gained his interest and obsession.

He built his shop from the ground up, using his talents to overcome diversity and rising above his competitors. Despite misgivings others might have had about him, they could not deny his craft or his ability. So it was that his shop quickly became the most popular and frequented shop in Zeltiva, things only growing from there for Rals. He made deals with various merchants, both for metals and for reagents for his magecrafting. Anyone who could get him either was quickly found and bargained with, Miza’s flowing ever more from him and regarded as secondary to being able to work at his craft. Nothing was more important to him that his art.

Donovan Smith
Title: Apprentice at The Armed Scholar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Skills: Blacksmithing: 30. Metalsmithing: 15, Weaponsmithing: 15, Armorsmithing: 5

Physical Description: Tall and muscular, Donovan looks like what you'd expect a blacksmith to look like. He takes pride in his appearance, grooming his short, coarse hair, and keeping his nails neatly filed. In ways he is the opposite to Rals, the polite looking gentleman to complement the savageness of Rals.

Personality: Like his appearances, Donovan makes sure he appears polite and well mannered. He longs to just fit in, so at times can be extremely friendly, while at other times, he will mimic others' behaviours. However, he will always stick up for those he is close to, defending them even if they are to blame.

History: Donovan grew up in the orphanage, and, when he was old enough, begged Rals to take him in as an apprentice, fascinated by the crafting of these weapons. He is little known among the town, having only recently become friendlier. Despite this, those who know him will always have a good word or two to say about him.

He has often been encouraged to go to the university, but Donovan never has the money to pay for the courses, spending it on posh clothes and useless knick knacks instead.

Credit for this NPC goes to Alija.

ImageName: Anelda
Race: Human
DoB: Winter 3rd 480 AV
Title: Owner of Zastoska Bath House
Skills: Message 65, Medicine 40, Management 30, Storytelling 30, Auristics 20
Brief Bio & History: Anelda is a rather complicated woman. There is an aura that surrounds her that demands not only attention but trust as well. At a glance, she may seem cold or unfriendly, but that is not the case. She genuinely cares for people, and invests great time in the individual. Her life style is strict and she puts a lot of emphasis into hard work, which is what gives people the idea of her being cold. It is common for her to do most of the work herself, only having one or two massage assistants in her work

Anelda grew up in the Bath House, the establishment being passed down generation after generation. Rumors are that her family had started the Bath House, but no one can remember that far into the past. It is a well known fact that her family built it up from the ruins, restoring it and keeping its reputation for being one of the most elegant building in the Old Quarter. She attended the University as a teenager, convinced that she would learn magic and travel Mizahar. But it wasn't long before she found herself back at the family establishment, following her father's footsteps. She didn't resent the fact though, finding joy in helping people relax. She focused on her job, mixing in the little auristics she learned in order to find what her customers need for their massage. She also uses her knowledge of medicine to help sore muscles, cuts and bruises, for those who need it at no extra cost.

Halabin Clarke

Title: Owner and Proprietor of The General Store
Age: 47
Race: Human
Skills: Negotiation 55, Persuasion 30, Economics 30, Organization 40

Born and bred in Zeltiva, Halabin Clarke is a genial, quick-witted man in his early fifties with once-dark hair gone grey and sharp brown eyes obscured by tortoise-shell spectacles. Born in a family of intellectuals and scholars, he received an excellent education and attended the University of Zeltiva as a matter of course, pursuing the study of economics and finance. Everyone expected Halabin to excel effortlessly at his studies and become a scholar like the rest of his family. However, after three years of study and in the midst of slogging through his thesis, Halabin came to a sudden realization. What he wanted most in life wasn't to become an ivory-tower intellectual or to study the great abstract forces of economics. Instead, Halabin's passion was for the exchanges, negotiations, and bargaining in everyday commerce, the selling, buying, and bartering of goods, the smiles or frowns of buyers, and the clatter of mizas in his hand. Halabin wasn't even interested in profits; he thought of bargaining and negotiating as a means of exchanging ideas with customers and making friends.

Though he knew too well how disappointed and upset his family would be, Halabin quit his studies right then and there and embarked on a solitary journey as a peddler of general merchandise and dry goods. His knowledge of continental markets and ability to wield erudite, incomprehensible jargon like the finest University scholar impressed many sailors and traders from Syliras, Mura, Nyka, and other cities to which Zeltiva had trade routes. With his contacts and inheritance, Halabin was able to set up a modest shop in Zeltiva. Since then, he's expanded his shop several times into a thriving business selling a wide variety of household tools and items. To this day, he retains his quick wit, love of bargaining, and acumen with numbers and money, making him a sharp negotiator toward customers looking for a deal and a friendly, amiable manager of his store with a surprisingly keen understanding of economic and financial forces in the wider world.

Winston Wainright
Title: Owner and Proprietor of The Saville
Age: 61
Race: Human

Skills: Sewing 50, Negotiation 35, Politics 40, Persuasion 30

Winston is a kind, well to do individual with very strict tastes and standards. He is very politically minded, and always more than willing to share his opinions and views with his customers, regardless of if they even asked him to. A highly skilled tailor, Winston believes strongly in his own skills, without being smug about it. He is also quick to recognize the importance of a wealthy or well-known customer, and will cater to their every need in order to maintain a good impression.

Reginald Cunningham
Title: Associate Tailor at The Saville
Age: 34
Race: Human
Skills: Sewing 40, Politics 25, Rhetoric 25

Reginald is a nervous little man, always holding his head high, and never willing to consort with those he considers lesser than himself (unless he finds himself desperate and forced to swallow his pride). He considers his position at The Saville to be one of great importance, and simply cannot understand why anyone could ever say otherwise. He tends to be very verbose, often taking quite some time to reach his point, and preferring to go on and on, espousing his own virtues to anyone willing to listen.

Yvette Mercer
Title: Owner and Proprietor of Yvette's Dresses for All Occasions
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 2nd Day of Winter, 482 AV
Skills: Negotiation 35, Sewing 45, Persuasion 35, Politics 30

Yvette is tall and thin, a thinness that could only have been achieved with the tightest of corsets. She is a snobbish social climber who will do almost anything if she thinks it will help her status in Zeltiva. She is a trendsetter in fashion, and knows it, and isn’t afraid to make sure everyone who enters her shop knows it. Her skills with the cloth go beyond just knowledge of sewing. She keeps her finger on the pulse of Zeltiva, always keeping herself a step ahead of social changes as they appear on the scene.

Natalie Carter

Title: Store Clerk/Assistant Seamstress
Skills: Sewing 25, Politics 20
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 22nd Day of Summer, 495 AV

Natalie is Yvette’s clerk and assistant, learning the trade and modeling her social views by the same strict standards as Yvette herself. She is still young and naive, however. Unlike Yvette, who knows that sometimes appearance and social standing aren’t the same thing, Natalie judges someone immediately by their appearance alone, and isn’t likely to change her opinion.

Xenil Lightouch
Title: Owner and Proprietor of Essence of Time
Race: Human, Mixed - Half Vantha
Age: 42
Date of Birth: 72nd of Spring 471
Skills: Perfumery 80, Floristry 55, Glassworking 26, Botany 65

Xenil is the tall, enigmatic owner of the Perfume Shop. A Master Perfumer and a valued citizen of Zeltiva, only the scar across his right cheek indicates that his fight for supremacy might not have been completely plain sailing. He generally keeps quiet about his past but is, otherwise, very open and warm, especially to those who take an interest in his art and the rich ladies who can afford to buy his best perfumes.

Valentine Lightouch
Title: Associate Perfumer
Race: Human, Mixed - Half Vantha
Age: 27
Date of Birth: 2nd Autumn 486
Skills: Perfumery 55, Botany 40, Seduction 35, Unarmed Combat 30

Valentine is Xenil's nephew and the main assistant in the shop. He is a tall and charismatic young man with a skill like no other at making the lady customers fervently wish to return to the shop again.

Johann Calbert
Title: Owner and Proprietor of the Zeltivan Glassworks
Skills: Glassworking 55 , Etching 30, Negotiation 30

The current owner of the Zeltivan glassworks, Calbert counts himself as an expert of the glass art despite very little claim to that title. A brash man who delights in money, Calbert inherited the workshop from his mentor and teacher upon the man’s death as he was the most skilled at that time. His ability with glass, though arguably poor in comparison to the Inartan masters, or those of the Akalak, are unsurpassed within the city and due to his uncanny ability to sniff out a lucrative business opportunity, he can frequently be seen making trips to the university’s administrative offices baring bottles of quality wine. Physically he is a plump man, with an oft red face and many a burn on his hands. Though it may be surprising, his dedication to his art is wholehearted, and he is willing to listen to anyone who appreciates a well-crafted statuette.

Title: Owner and Proprietor of Pelthes Pelts
Name - Tronus Pelthes
Race - Human
Age & Place of Birth - 64, Wildlands
Skills: Leatherworking - 71, Skinning - 65, Tanning - 57, Weapon: Shortbow - 60, Butchery - 45, Food Preservation - 42

Tronus Pelthes' childhood had its moments. Born into a bandit camp, he never has been sure exactly when his birthday falls, other than "early Spring". It was celebrated in rustic style whenever the opportunity presented itself. But he did not have many of them before the day the camp was overrun by knights and his parents were slain.

He loved his parents of course, but never agreed that the bandit lifestyle was as self-justifying as the adults rationalized. He did not hate the men that ended the bandits' run. He'd seen the bandits kill, or steal from, many people that did not strike him as being any different than himself or his parents. But his detention, among other displaced youngsters, in Syliras, made to work off a debt he'd had no part in accruing, did not sit well with him either.

But his lack of open hostility eventually led to him being allowed to accompany groups of hunters as a prisoner/laborer. His cooperative demeanor soon brought him the favor of the men in the group, and they began to teach him the ways of the wild. He took to these lessons eagerly and was soon specifically requested to join in these forays. He earned his freedom this way, but did not wish to remain in Syliras.

His chief mentor among the hunters, Morley Parkes, also had a wish to depart. So in the late Spring of 475, they left, arriving in Zeltiva a few years later, to find there was no competition in the leatherworking business. In 482, they opened "Parkes and Pelthes Leather Goods" and did well. In 501, Morley Parkes died, and Tronus Pelthes now maintains the excellence he learned at the feet of his old mentor.

Boris Heigan
Title: Owner and Proprietor of Laviku's Figurehead
Race: Human
Age: 34
Skills: Carpentry 73, Carving 59, Mathematics 26, Organization 32, Painting 10, Intimidation 18

The current owner of the small, well maintained shop. Meticulous in nature (when sober) and shrewd in business. Where his former partner was skilled in woodcraving, he is skilled in carpentry, but it was his buisness practices that made the shop what it is today. His gravely, course voice coupled with the speech impediment belays his keen intellect, which he often uses to his advantage in negotiations. Yet, when he gives his word, in business and in private matters, he always keeps his end of the bargain. After that bargain is met he spends much of his day working on that and usually a few other commissions or honing his craft and managing records and finances. When a ship is in the works and requires his direct attentions he goes to the docks and shipyards to work on ships. Whereas in the evening he spends his time carousing on east street or drinking at the Kelp bar.

When approached he stands tall over his patrons, at least 6'11 with thick layers of muscle and fat on his body. The top of his head glints while thinning hair creeps back, now mostly gray but formerly a fiery red. His thick arms attest to his former work as construction carpenter and his nimble gait seems to hint at work aboard a sea faring vessel. While his face would otherwise be considered round and personable, he is seen as intimidating by the fierce grimace he constantly wears. Healers that he has seen claim that the semi-paralysis is some sort of palsy, of which he has found no cure from the many such people he solicited. This leaden his tongue and makes it hard for him speak, contributing to somewhat quiet demeanor, unless of course he as a bit of ale in him.

Serra Danalle
Title: Owner and Proprietor of World's End Grotto
Skills: Rhetoric 52, Persuasion 38, Organisation 36

The young proprietor of the World's End Grotto took control of the business from her parents at the age of twenty three. Despite her youth, she is an extremely able manageress, with a team of six staff under her.

She likes the personal touch, spending much of her time front of house, making new guests welcome. And it seems her customers are grateful for that, since the Grotto is always busy.

Lewis Santon
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 28 Winter 467 AV
Title: Owner of the tattoo shop The Equinox
Skills: Tattooing 70, Negotiation 51, Brawling 46, Organization 30

Lewis is about average height at only 6 feet. He is a very large man, though, having thick muscles from years of sailing before starting his tattoo shop. He suffered from premature balding in his late twenties, something he very much hated, though he will now claim he likes being bald as hair is just a "burden."

Many who first encounter Lewis describe him as an obnoxious creep. He earned his name from the tattoos that cover his arms, as well as his overall behavior. He is very crude in speaking to and his treatment of both his customers and employees, throwing around a wide variety of insults and swear words he's picked up from visitors from all over Mizahar. He is especially bad with women. He will often comment on women who walk in, or even by, his shop, complimenting clothes their wearing or making subtle remarks on their "parts." He never actually acts on these, and has never actually physically harassed or abused any customers or employees. In fact, after being either a regular or an employee to the shop, one will find that he isn't actually so perverted and obnoxious as he comes off, but is actually just joking around.

While this behavior added to his acquiring of the name "Lewd," his tattoos on his arms reinforce it. Covering his arms are tattoos of women, many of them fairly obscene. If asked about them, Lewd will claim that each one is for a women whom he was with, but most of the employees suspect this a complete lie. He also comes off as very self centered, not caring much for the rest of the world but only himself. The others, however, consider this just a coverup to make himself look tough. The fact that he treats Angel considerably kinder, being the one exception to his usual habit of playfully insulting each employee when they arrive at the shop, also gives evidence of this.

Lewd doesn't usually do tattoos himself anymore, but sits in the back of the store drinking some form of alcohol or another. His favorite to have out is the infamous Kelp Beer, which even he doesn't actually drink, but keeps simply because he knows almost everyone else detests it.

Magnus Harkings
Title: Overseer of the Fish Market
Skills: 60 Leadership, 40 Cartography, 25 Astronomy, 25 Wilderness Survival

Magnus worked for years on a large trading vessel that traveled the Akvatar route from Zeltiva to Abura, Ahnatep and back to Zeltiva. The main item of transport for him had been art. Massive statues, delicate paintings on cloth canvas and the many luxury items imported from Ahnatep such as dyes and perfumes. Magnus never really saw the use in the items he brought back and forth but the Mizas were always good and his crew provided good company.

Not much is known about his history outside of his tales on the sea. His family is a mystery as well as his upbringing. If he ever had a wife or child it was never known to anyone, not even his crew. His past is the one thing he keeps tight lipped on.

He will be more than happy to tell you anything else you would like to know and wears his emotions plainly on his face. While not a violent man he is quick to anger and does not put up with anyone pushing him or his crew around. He cannot stomach injustice and is known in the sailing community as being "soft". Regardless of his reputation among his follow sailors he is well liked and someone notorious for getting to be where he is by means that are unknown.

He lives by the expression "Power is gained through two means: Fear and respect. You can't live without power, it's just a matter of how you get it." If you ask him where his power lies he will only smile at you and leave you to guess on your own.

Title: Madame of Loveless
Skills: Leadership - 65, Seduction - 65, Organisation - 55, Perfumery - 40

Though relatively young, Zana is a ruthless business woman, managing her brothel with an unmatched attentiveness, ensuring Loveless is one of the most popular such establishment in Zeltiva. While she is not the owner of Loveless, she reports to Madame Lillienne with timely efficiency.


Note: Feel free to self-moderate unless otherwise noted.

Theresa Parker

Name: Theresa Parker
Title: Head of the Department of Medicine
Race: Human
Age: 45

Skills: Medicine 91, Teaching 71, Cosmetology 17, Politics 31, Herbalism 30

Head of Medicine at the Zeltiva University, Theresa Parker is well known throughout various circles in the Syliria region. She was an unheard of nobody when she first came to study at the University, actually pursuing a Certificate in Cosmetology. She was soon to be with child, and took a break from her studies to focus on the baby. When she came back, a complete transformation had taken place. She was now a mother, and moved her life forward with the desire to support her much-loved son as best as she could. No one studied and worked as hard as Theresa did, and soon she had developed into brilliant healer. Working her way up through the ranks, she eventually became the Head of the Infirmary for a few years. Still not satisfied with her potential future, she trained Mistress Claira to take over the Infirmary, and once more went back to school. After years of study and further training, Theresa became the Head of Medicine. She is respected as a strict and professional teacher, having gotten to where she is with pure hard work and will, and expecting her students to do the same.

Edward Parker

Name: Edward Parker
Title: Sailor's Guild Liaison
Race: Human
Age: 44

Skills: Organization 71, Politics 33, Cartography 22, Navigation 25

Once a sailor who completely idolized (still idolizes) the late Kenabelle Wright, Edward eventually set aside his dream to instead focus on the future of his wife and new child. Married to Theresa Parker, the two of them have become well known for their incredibly hard work to get where they are. While not as widely known as his wife, he is still respected within both the Sailor's Guild and the University. He started with small odd jobs in the Sailor's Guild, and powered his way up through work ethic alone. He now works as an organizer and go-between for the University and the Sailor's Guild, doing what he can to keep open and understandable communications and dealings between them. Soft spoken but just as firm as his wife, he holds an aura that commands respect, even if his quiet words and demeanor don't quite reflect this. He is more than happy to help University students find a job with the Sailor's Guild, and is often recommended by the University for this very purpose.

NPC Requests

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Master NPC List and Request Thread

Postby Mordrion on July 19th, 2015, 1:13 am

Name: Thane Durek
Race: Human
DoB: 65th of Winter, 468 (47 in 515)
PoB: Syliras
Title: Professor of Exploration
Skills: Wilderness survival 68 (Forest, plain, mountain), Navigation 30, Land Navigation 61, Hunting 30, Herbalism 42, Cooking 25, Teaching 45

A quiet but friendly and helpful professor who becomes restless after spending too much time inside. He prefers to take his students outside, sometimes even outside of the city. One half of the natural duo, Thane Durek is the outdoor part. He was born in Syliras where he made his Mizas as a wilderness guide in the wilds around the city for some time but was recruited by Erik to escort him to Zeltiva. By the time they had arrived, Thane and Erik had become good friends and Thane decided to stick around to experience Zeltiva. With some pressure from Erik, Thane enrolled in the university and quickly showed that he was already very experienced when it came to the wilderness but lacked most of the other skills required from students. Not willing to let his friend down after supporting him to such an extent, Thane spent most of his student time learning the things he didn't know. When he graduated, Thane remained in Zeltiva, having partnered up with Erik. He now teaches students preparing for the Certificate of Exploration and helps Erik out by gathering ingredients outside of the university in his free time.
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Master NPC List and Request Thread

Postby Mordrion on July 19th, 2015, 1:24 am

Name: Erik Bartholomey Grant The third
Race: Human
DoB: 60th of Winter, 468 (47 in 515)
PoB: Zeltiva
Title: Professor of Healthcare and Philtering
Skills: Teaching 60, Philtering 84, Herbalism 59, Medicine 33, Research 50, Dentistry 15, Gardening 23, Intelligence 40, Poison 10

A friendly but somewhat absent minded professor who has a tendency to speak for long periods of time without needing a rest. Or air. As a student, in order to further his own knowledge, Erik left the University for a year to travel to Syliras and learn more about herbalism in the area there, studying the differences between the flora there and around Zeltiva. In order to go back home, he hired a young wilderness guide named Thane. Along the way both men found that they had very compatible personalities and quickly became friends. Erik studied in Zeltiva to further his knowledge of human healthcare, focusing on medicine and herbs to keep people from getting sick. When he graduated, he had Thane enrolled in the university as well while he became a professor in his own field of study. The two stuck together during Thane's entire student career with Erik helping him out whenever he could. Thane and Erik are known in the University as the natural duo, since their skill sets seem to naturally combine into natural healing with Thane supplying the goods and Erik turning them into medicine.
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Master NPC List and Request Thread

Postby Loken on January 10th, 2017, 3:11 am

Name: Lucille Mabel Lockheart
Race: Human
DoB: 44th of Summer, 453 A.V. (63 years old)
PoB: Zeltiva
Title: Professor of Politics & History
Skills: Politics (73), Law (53), History (66), Philosophy (45), Teaching (55), Organization (43), Intelligence (30), Cooking (10).

Additional Info:

Lucille is a young at heart, dark-skinned woman, with several years of teaching under hear belt at the university, with a confident and infectious smile she is rarely seen without. Nobody has ever accused Professor Lockheart of being boring. From her humble origins as the daughter of fine Zeltivan bakers, this vivacious woman took life by the horns and has yet to let go.

After she graduated from the University with a Certificate in politics, she left for a grand tour of Mizahar, and simply didn't come back... At least not for several years. She took a job as a consultant in Eyktol to the Nobles Houses of the Four Winds in Ahnatep, assisted Kenash dynasties in how to handle political scandals, and helped a gang or three in Sunberth understand how to manage large groups of civilians within a territory before moving back to Zeltiva.

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