Location [Private] The Maze Residence

The private home of Ricky Maze and his family.

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[Private] The Maze Residence

Postby Perplexity on April 9th, 2015, 12:01 am

The Maze's Residence


Nestled within the Zeltiva's Old Quarter one can find a slightly large two story structure built out of stone, its outer appearance rather weathered down to give it a rather modest unassuming sort of appeal to it. While beauty lies in the eye of the beholder it falls to the individual who gazes upon it to decide for themselves, as to whether or not this place could truly serve as a cozy place to call one's home. The lot to the building itself is rather small and with only a few oak trees randomly located elsewhere, while a worn cobblestone path leads the way up to the entrance of the building. The front patio looks to be plain and empty with but a few copper made lanterns built into the wall, while the front door is plainly carved from oak with its surface dry and faded from lack of oils or paints. A small bell dangles next to the door with a makeshift string tied to ring it, so that visitors may make their presence announced to the family that lives within this home.

First Floor
Entryway (Common Area)- The first room one happens to find themselves in upon entering, the Entryway is a visitors room that looks rather empty save for two benches that are situated one another at the heart of the room. Murals that depict the sea are painted all across the top of the walls around the room, while a brass candle lantern hangs from the center of the room to illuminate the place during later hours. Merely a worn plain rug decorates the middle of the stone floor, with another oak door to lead further into the building. Four simple window panes are located within this room, two several feet from the entrance door, one on the eastern and western walls.

Dining Hall (Common Area)- Within this room a brass chandelier illuminates the area. The northern wall bears three oak doors where one can find the Kitchen area, the stairwell to the second floor, and then finally the Library. The western door leads one to the Bath room the house contains, and the eastern door takes one into the private office. The Dining Hall itself only has one table and a few chairs at its center, a couple of benches are also in here, one next to the Office door while the other next to the Bath door. A few small paintings of Zeltiva and Mathew's Bay can be found on the walls where space is open, the room itself looks practically plain just as the Entryway.

Bath- In this room one finds a wooden bench at the southern wall, to their left when they enter, and directly to their front they'll see a wash basin that had been moved in here recently. Several feet away from the basin the chamber pot resides there, while the wooden tub resides at the northern end of the Bath room. Several brass lanterns reside on the eastern wall of the room, starting from the door from the Dining Hall they enter from. Only one window panes remains on the Western wall at the center.

Office- This small study is where one can find time to do research or plan projects, though its not the ideal place to find comfort in doing so. Brass lanterns decorate the western wall as a window allows in light from the center of the eastern wall, at this window resides a simple wooden oak desk with a wooden oak chair that might look a tad uncomfortable. Next to the desk a oak shelf is placed against the wall, to be used for whatever kind of storage the owner deems necessary. To the north of the room resides a small closet that contains any materials needed for writing, other than that the room appears ordinary if not simple.

Kitchen- Upon entry one will find this room is almost the second brightest on the first floor, as several window panes actually decorate the eastern and northern wall altogether. For nighttime however only candles and one single brass lantern which hangs from the ceiling is what lights up the room, at the heart of the room one finds a hearth for heating and cooking, with a pantry located at the western wall stored with several cooking utensils, and a water basin placed near plywood counters painted teal with a cream colored finish to their surface. At the northwestern is a stairwell that heads down into part of the basement level of the building, while a scullery can be found at the northeastern for storage.

The Stairwell- Simply constructed out of carved stone this staircase allows one to make their way up to the second floor of the building. There are a few brass lanterns found on the walls as one takes the stairs, and a window allows to shed light into middle of the room from the northern wall midway up the staircase.

Library- Upon entering one can notice this as the brightest room of the first floor, with several window panes found on both the northern and eastern side of the wall. Brass lanterns are found on the western and southern wall, with but only a couple on the northern and eastern to illuminate the rest of the room during nightly bells. At the western wall plain wooden bookshelves carved from oak reside here, a lectern conveniently situated between them, with the shelves rather barren as the library appears empty. At the center of the library room an red velvet arm chair resides with an end table next to it, while a stairwell is situated at the northeastern corner of the room. This stairwell leads down into another part of the basement level located underneath the building.

Below First Floor

Storage (Pantry)- Found underneath the kitchen, the pantry room is where several barrels and crates are found and used for storage, as well as a few cupboards located at the northern and eastern wall. This and the other storage room are the darkest rooms one can find within the house as there are no light sources were implemented here, and a damaged grate to the sewers can be found at the southern wall if one looked hard enough.

Storage- Found underneath the library this room contains several crates and barrels, with but two chests found at the northern wall to add into the storage capacity this room might hold. Compared to the pantry storage this room is a bit more open in terms of space, so that other things such as furniture might be stored here if necessary.

Second Floor
Family Room (Common Area)- The first room one enters when they travel up to the second story of the building, only two windows are here to feed light into the room and they're located on the western and eastern wall. A brass chandelier hangs at the heart of the room, with a few lanterns placed near several of the doors found in this room. The room itself appears to be rather spacious and empty, with only two benches located on each side of the southern door leading to the Master Bedroom. There are a total of five doors on the northern wall, including the door that leads to the stairwell, each door leading into a bedroom found within the building.

Bedroom (Western)- These two smaller rooms have rough straw beds in the event several guests stay for a night, with a small rough wooden table and bench located near the door, and a chest of drawers for clothing storage while a mirror hangs above these drawers. Windows permit light from the northern wall to enter, as brass lanterns decorate the other walls to keep the dark at bay.

Bedroom (Eastern)- These two smaller rooms but only one has the same contents as the western Bedroom, while the bedroom closer to the stairwell has a small but comfortable crib placed near the doorway, and a chest near the crib for the storage of toys for the young one that sleeps within the room. Like the western side bedrooms there is only a single window pane at the northern wall, while brass lanterns decorate the walls to illuminate the room at nighttime.

Master Bedroom- Upon entry from the northern wall one finds the room to look modestly spacious, with a comfortable bed situated at the middle of the western wall and chest located at the foot of the bed. Another chest is located next to the door as is a rough wooden bench, while a drawer is located at the southern wall next to the door to the patio outside, along with a secondary rough wooden bench next to the door as well. The room has a couple brass lantern posted on each wall for decent lighting, while the western and eastern walls have window panes to allow in light during the daytime bells.

Patio- Built just outside the master bedroom the stone patio can be found with a worn stone carved fence to avoid any injury, although several spots can be seen with cracks from so much weathering. Only a couple of stone benches are found out here, both placed at the center of the patio as they face south into the city. The patio itself serves as a observation deck if one so chooses, as it is more or less for decoration.
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