Location The Melroy Estate

Home of the prestigious Melroy Family.

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The Melroy Estate

Postby Perplexity on April 12th, 2015, 8:30 pm

The Melroy Estate


Built in the year 372 BV and having seen much remodeling over the course of the centuries, the stately residence of the Melroy family has been a quiet place for Zeltivan’s to admire from afar as long as anyone can remember. The family has resided in the Ancient Quarter of Zeltiva since their arrival and has maintained what has grown to be a vital necessity of Zeltivan life for just as long, the Gardens. Entry onto the Melroy estate is restricted to official business only a majority of the time. Those interested in seeking an audience with one of the Melroy’s usually do so by way of messenger dove. The whole of the lands are protected by high walls that are patrolled by both Wave Guards and private protection in the employ of not just the Melory’s but other prominent members of Zeltivan society. The estate, as well as those who tend to it, is considered precious to all manner of authorities in the city. Not easily will anyone seeking entry bypass the measures put in place to safeguard one of Zeltiva’s greatest treasures.

The Family

The Melroy family themselves are very well grounded people. The Melroy’s are a deeply religious family. There exists within their mansion a chapel devoted to several different deities, each who play a part in the work they do for Zeltiva. Chief in their hearts is the Goddess of Autumn and the Harvest, Bala. Without her blessings the majority of their work would not be possible. Second to her is Bala’s mother, Caiyha who is given thanks almost as often as Bala. They are also known to be avid worshippers of Syna with several family members bearing her marks. Makutsi and Tyveth also hold places of honor in the Melroy household. The Melroy’s are stalwart patrons of the University of Zeltiva offering large donations to the College of Scholars, College of Masonry and College of Industry. They are firm believers that without the insight provided by the thinkers at the University the whole of Zeltivan life would collapse. It is a belief that has been shaped by a long partnership with the studious men and women who walk the University’s halls.

Politically the Melroy’s are rather removed from the fire of Zeltiva’s embroiling politics. While this hasn’t always been the case, the current patriarch of the family is a wise man who believes in living to serve the people of the city and not the greed of a politician’s agenda. It is a point that has caused a great deal of contention with several less honest prominent figures in the city. Still, there are very, very few who would dare to cross the Melroy’s. The work they do and the service they provide the city is quite literally what keeps the city alive. To anger them is to jeopardize the tedious balance they help maintain as far as the city’s infrastructure is concerned. For the most part the family in general is far too busy supervising the steady cultivation of their lands or brokering agreements with the authorities of Syliras to bother.

An interesting dynamic to the family is that the heir to the Melroy holdings is determined by one’s favor with the Goddess of the Harvest. While the individual who garner’s Bala’s favor is often a skilled man or woman in their own right that does not necessarily equate to birth order or age. As a result there is fierce competition among the younger generations in attempts to garner her favor.


Only five percent of all land in Zeltiva was set aside for the sustainment of a population. Of that five percent, ninety-nine percent of it is owned and tended to by the Melroy family. They do not profit directly off of the foods they grow however. Although the land upon which the food is grown is owned by the Melroy’s, its distribution is regulated by the Zeltivan government. The family is compensated quite generously by the Zeltivan authorities both on the record…and sometimes off. The Melroy’s also possess exclusive trade rights with the city of Syliras. Every caravan by land that travels back and forth from Zeltiva to Syliras is owned and funded by the Melroy family.

The Gardens

The Melroy Gardens are truly a marvel of ingenuity. Referred to as such because they cannot truly be called fields or farmland, the gardens are still a beautiful thing to behold. Taking a total of two decades to build and even longer to cultivate, the gardens are a series of land plots where specific foods are grown to assist in sustaining the population of Zeltiva. Through the combined efforts of the Melroy farmers, scholars of the University, and the never ending toil of skilled philterers and craftsmen, these fertile lands are allowed to thrive under constant attention. The gardens are sectioned off into four parts where different food groups are grown. Three large greenhouses stand on the grounds of the estate where what cannot be grown in the natural environment of Zeltiva, is cultivated indoors.

The Orchard

The Orchard is perhaps the most beautiful of the gardens maintained on the Melroy estate. It is also one of the most closely tended. Carefully designed so that adequate spacing is provided for the growing of a diverse amount of fruit bearing trees can accomplished, the Orchard is diligently tended by a team of workers who specifically cater to the growing and tending of fruits. At the center of the Orchard is a large greenhouse where fruits that cannot be taken from trees are maintained. The common trees to be found are those that grow well together, Apple, Pear, Peach, Apricot and Nectarine.

The Vegetable Garden

While not as breathtaking to behold as the Orchard, the vegetable garden is no less impressive in its efficiency. It is more divided than the Orchard or the Wheat Field, with the lands being subdivided into further vegetable groups to include fruit vegetables, root vegetable, tuber vegetables and inflorescent vegetables and mushrooms. Two large greenhouses stand at the center of the garden where the greater portion of the diverse vegetables are grown.

The Wheat Field

The Wheat Field is easily the most prominent feature on the Melroy estate. It is equal the size of both the Orchard and Vegetable Garden with just as many hands to tend it. Of all the foods grown on the Melroy lands, the wheat field is the most important. In the event of disaster it is this plot of land that is afforded the heaviest amount of protection. ½ of all the wheat grown is transferred to a storehouse. In times of shortages it is from this supply that the populace is sustained.

Arthur Melroy
Name: Arthur Melroy
Race: Human
DoB: 16th of Spring, 435 AV
PoB: Melroy Manor, Zeltiva
Title: Patriarch of the Melroy Family
Skills: Agriculture (98), Farming (83), Food Preservation (71), Gardening (60), Philtering (51)
Gnosis: Cultivation (3), Phylonura (2), Truthism (1)

Additional Info: A formidable and wise man, Arthur Melroy has lead his family as the Patriarch of the Melroy’s for sixty years. He is a level headed, down to earth figure who tolerates little nonsense and even less dishonesty. In the time that he has lived in Zeltiva he has seen much change. While he does little actual farming these days he often still walks around the gardens and the field imparting his gifts and wisdom where needed. He is fond of telling the stories of Zeltiva’s great history to those willing to listen. Despite his old age his mind is still sharp.

David Melroy
Name: David Melroy
Race: Human
DoB: 3rd of Summer, 468 AV
PoB: Melroy Manor, Zeltiva
Title: Heir to the Melroy Estate
Skills: Farming (90), Agriculture (81), Philtering (62), Leadership (51), Gardening (44), Organization (37)
Gnosis: Cultivation (3), Phylonura (2)

Additional Info: David Melroy is a man of similar temperament to his grandfather, Arthur. Believing that their family is better situated outside of the heat of Zeltiva’s politics he has continued his grandfather’s work of focusing only on the needs of the city. When not busy dealing with the city’s officials he can often be found among the wheat field guiding the hands that tend to it.

Victor Melroy
Name: Victor Melroy
Race: Human
DoB: 76th of Winter, 451 AV
PoB: Zeltiva
Title: Member of the Melroy Family
Skills: Negotiation (75), Persuasion (61), Leadership (50), Rhetoric (49), Organization (30)
Gnosis: N/A

Additional Info: Victor Melroy is the business minded member of the Melroy’s. It is he who manages the trade caravans, arranges most of the city contracts when David is too busy supervising the lands, and handles the majority of the family’s public affairs. He is a brilliant negotiator and has many far reaching connections both in and outside of Zeltiva. As charming as he is suspicious, there is no doubting that if Victor were head of the Melroy family that he’d be a driving force in vying for a stronger political agenda.

Hadley Melroy
Name: Hadley Melroy
Race: Human
DoB: 6th of Fall, 491 AV
PoB: Melroy Manor, Zeltiva
Title: Daughter of David Melroy, Overseer of the Orchard
Skills: Gardening (60), Agriculture (41), Farming (37), Food Preservation (25), Beekeeping (15)
Gnosis: Cultivation (2), Inavalti (1)

Additional Info: Hadley is a kind soul with an abundance of joy in the work that she does. The eldest child of David Melroy and the one expected to assume the mantle of Heir in the days to come, she holds a great deal of responsibility on her shoulders. Nevertheless, she is a strong willed woman with a good head on her shoulders and a heart with a great capacity for warmth and compassion.

Jason Melroy
Name: Jason Melroy
Race: Human
DoB: 89th of Spring, 497 AV
PoB: Melroy Manor, Zeltiva
Title: Member of the Melroy Family
Skills: Storytelling (36), Philosophy (29), Leadership (25), Rhetoric (15)
Gnosis: Truthism (1)

Additional Info: Jason Melroy is a quiet young man who at one point was to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, Victor. This road was brought to a halt when during a terrible accident he was rendered blind. He fell into a great depression as a boy but has since risen above it. A young man of very strong faith he spends a great deal of time at the Temple of Laviku speaking with the High Priestess. While he will never take up the work his family is so well known for that has not stopped him from trying to contribute in his own way.
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