Syliran Military (And possibly some history)

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Syliran Military (And possibly some history)

Postby Kebdl Amradji on October 10th, 2009, 5:58 pm

So, given that my character wants to rejoin the military, I'm here to propose the creation of just such a body.

The army would obviously be a subset of the knights, but one without permanent membership and lower requirements for entry.

The army would no doubt have been created shortly after the Knights, as a way for common folk to learn to defend themselves. A militia of sorts, which then became a permanent fixture of Syliras.

(Proposed history)
The Syliran Army would have a rough history. Being mostly a collection of common folk with a light salting of veterans, they are poorer than the knights and are thus less equipped for war. They suffer harshly during any military action, though their ferocity makes up for their lack of experience.

They are the core of the defensive capabilities of Syliras, and for good reason. Those who fight in the army fight to defend their homes and their families.

Over the centuries since its founding, the army, which started out as little more than a ragtag collection of villagers who were deemed unfit for knighthood, has carved out a place of honor for itself in Syliras.

I'm guessing most of the engagements the army has fought in have been over resources. Maybe an incursion or two by the Black Sun.. ?
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Re: Syliran Military (And possibly some history)

Postby Gromhir on October 10th, 2009, 9:43 pm

I'm going to have a dabble in this once I've written up the Tracking Skill as I personally feel that this is one of the things the world is missing. War in general, that is. I'll set about writing something up once I've done with tracking.
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Re: Syliran Military (And possibly some history)

Postby Gossamer on October 10th, 2009, 10:59 pm

Okay, let me nip this one in the bud really fast.

First and foremost, to have a standing army, you need to have an enemy. Most armies are doing battle over territory and control of key resources and population centers. Who, I ask, exactly... is Syliras' enemy? Are the scholars of Zeltiva going to march on Syliras? I doubt it. Is Sunberth's anarchists going to march on Syliras? No, they couldn't even organize enough to get their slag pile put out. Syliras' only arch enemy is Ravok, and they are really really far apart. Ravok's means of operation is to infiltrate and cause dissent from within. While the Syliran Knights are like 5k big, there are only 5000 or so in Ebonstryfe. I don't thinks so.

The reason there is no war in Mizahar is because the war to end all wars happened. It destroyed the world. If you truly get to know the game world, you'd understand this intimately. To have a war, you need to have an enemy.. a conflict. Most conflicts are over territory. There's plenty at this point to go around. Why? EVERYONE DIED.

Let me repeat. EVERYONE DIED. We are in a world building stage so there are no wars... and no point to having them. There might be micro conflicts, but the military in most cases are just to protect the city from rogue forces... and so far there's no rogue forces large enough to merit an army...

And I for one am going to really frown if I see someone 'create one' out of thin air without a heck of a lot of RP behind it... rp meaning thread after thread etc.

I hope that clears it up.

If your pc wants to join the military, hes going to have to join either the Syliran Knights - who man everything from the lowly office clerk to the city watch to the powerful land enforcers.... or go to Ravok and join the Eybonstryfe or black sun.


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