Location Martial Society Headquarters

Office of the Zeltivan Mercenary Guild.

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Martial Society Headquarters

Postby Perplexity on May 2nd, 2015, 11:04 pm

Martial Society Headquarters


The Martial Society Headquarters building is one of the most prominent and highly trafficked structures in East Street. Nominally recognized as the police authority within the district, the Martial Society has a heavier presence in this section of the city than the Wave Guard. Citizens both honest (and some dishonest) can approach the Martial Society here whether that is to petition the Society for a contract, be hired on as a mercenary in the Society’s employ, or receive training from its various members. There are a number of services that can be provided here.

The Headquarters Office itself is a large structure that is well maintained given the Society’s status in Zeltiva. It is well guarded with solid architecture and a spacious interior. There are no courtyards within the headquarters complex but there are large rooms sectioned off to serve various functions. Visitors are seldom allowed to wander beyond the first floor of the headquarters building. The second floor of the building is largely administrative in nature with offices allocated to Society officials.

The Society maintains a strict policy of only training non-members up to Journeyman status in weapons or unarmed combat proficiency. They do not want competition in the city from non-members outside of Zeltiva’s official law enforcement.

Novice Training (1-25) - 5 GM’s per lesson
Competent Training (26-50) – 15 GM’s per lesson

Members Only

Expert Training (51-75) - 30 GM's per lesson
For members only!

Martial Society members have access to private forges. As part of the perks of being a Society member discounts are available. All items are accessible to Martial Society members only. Members must have maintained good standing for a total of (1) season before they are granted access to Society stock. The Martial Society does not offer Isurian Steel items.

Item Cost Note
Weaponry Price List Equivalent N/A
Armor Price List Equivalent Plate, Chainmail, and Leather
Potions (Reimancy) 35 GM's Novice Level, Limit (3)
Potions (Reimancy) 70 GM's Competent Level, Limit (3)
Potions (Morphing) 35 GM's Novice Level, Limit (1)
Potions (Morphing) 70 GM's Competent Level, Limit (1)
Scroll (Reimancy) 15 GM's Novice Level, Limit (2)
Scroll (Reimancy) 30 GM's Competent Level, Limit (2)
Scroll (Reimancy) 60 GM's Expert Level, Limit (1)
Scroll (Morphing 15 GM's Novice Level, Limit (2)
Scroll (Morphing) 30 GM's Competent Level, Limit (1)

Magecrafted Items

Advanced Society Members who have maintained consistent activity for (2) real time years will gain access to the Magecraft Forge. Delia will fashion an object for them under specific conditions. She will fashion (1) item and (1) item only for the individual. If the item is lost by the individual in any manner whether destroyed or stolen she will not fashion another.

  • The base cost of the MC item must be provided in full by the member prior to commissioning the item.
  • A full write up of the item in question must be approved by a moderator.
  • All reagents necessary to fashion the item must be gathered and provided by the member. Reagents are to be dictated by a moderator.
  • Items are not to exceed MC 8.
  • You may only commission (1) item! Period.
Discounts are calculated after Price List modifiers have been included. Magical items are excluded from all discounts. Season discount takes effect after being consistently active as a Society Member for (1) season. All other discounts correlate to member ranking eligibility. If a member goes inactive for (1) or more seasons, discounts are reduced to lowest tier and member must start over with (1) season between each tier of progression.

Season Discount (-1% of cost on items according to Price List)
Basic Member (-3% of costs on items according to Price List)
Intermediate Member (-5% of costs on items according to Price List)
Advanced Member (-6% of costs on items according to Price List)

Name: Tyler Johnson
Race: Human
DoB: 7th of Summer, 488 AV
PoB: Zeltiva
Title: Captain of the Martial Society
Skills: Longsword (76), Composite Shortbow (60), Daggers (51), Wilderness Survival (58), Dual Wielding (43), Leadership (50), Tactics (47), Negotiation (45), Persuasion (43), Diplomacy (38)
Gnosis: Wysar (2), Priskil (1)

Additional Info: Tyler is a model mercenary in the employ of the Martial Society. He has been with them ever since he was a young man of little more than sixteen. He is known to be a gifted leader, an honorable man and a shrewd judge of character. He has the respect of both the honest and dishonest figures in East Street as well as prominent figures in the city. His word is second only to the Marshal of the Society.

It is a little known fact that he is the only son and heir to Tranaris Johnson, the Seneschal of Zeltiva. His father and he do not exactly see eye to eye. The relationship between the two of them could be described as cordial at best. In the off chance that he takes on a student, it is because he sees potential in the individual.
Name: Delia Le’Blanc
Race: Human
DoB: 70th of Winter, 485 AV
PoB: Nyka
Title: Chief Mage, Mercenary
Skills: Reimancy (76), Glyphing (60), Auristics (51), Magecraft (51), Tactics (39), Wilderness Survial (35), Archaeology (30), Appraisal (30), Philtering (28), Morphing (26)
Gnosis: Eyris (2)

Additional Info: Delia is a self-made sorceress who has spent the whole of her life in search of knowledge. She has never received a formal education in any great hall of learning on the subject of magic. Everything that she has learned, she has learned on her own. Delia is considered the Martial Society’s greatest mage and perhaps the most powerful mage in Zeltiva. Often she butt heads with the wizards in the College of Djed throughout the past believing them narrow minded “tome wizards”. She is a passionate woman who believes in putting her skills to good use. Delia does not often take students but in the event that she does she is a patient teacher. She will flat out refuse to teach anyone who does not already possess a rudimentary knowledge of magic. Even then she will only take a budding mage under her wing if they have been a member in good standing with the Martial Society for several seasons. She watches, she studies and if she believes an individual reckless, she will not give them the time of day.

Delia’s motivations for joining the Martial Society are based in the sound and reasonable belief that the Society can afford her the opportunity to explore lost places. This belief has paid off on a number of occasions. She repays the Society by sometimes crafting items of note to be used by high ranking society members exclusively. When not toiling away on such commissions she often makes magical potions that society members carry on themselves to maintain an edge on potential foes. Her status in Zeltiva is a renowned one. While she does not get along with the majority of mages who hail from the University, she is an appreciator of knowledge. Her services are often employed by the wealthy for private endeavors.
Name: Albrecht
Race: Human
DoB: 55th of Fall, 448 AV
PoB: Zeltiva
Title: Quartermaster, Mercenary
Skills: Blacksmithing (80), Armorsmithing (60), Leatherworking (51), Longsword (41), Shield (40) Organization (50), Bookkeeping (42), Negotiation (40), Storytelling (30)
Gnosis: Tyveth (1)

Additional Info: Old Albrecht has been a member of the Martial Society for a long, long time. In his younger years he was quite the adventurer. At least that is what he tells those who care to lend an ear. He is a happy old man who looks on the mercenaries who come and go from the Society with either fondness or amusement. He has many stories to tell about the places he’s been and things he’s done while serving in the Society. Not often do new or old members turn away from the sharing of his stories. As it stands he is the Quartermaster of the Martial Society. He is responsible for outfitting, arming, and tracking all of the equipment and supply needs for the Society’s members. If he does not possess the skill to fashion what a member needs then he is well connected enough to find a craftsman who can. His services are not free and are only open to Society members.
Name: Malik
Race: Human, Svefra
DoB: 90th of Summer, 490 AV
PoB: Eastern Ocean, Mizahar
Title: Chief Tactician, Mercenary
Skills:Greatsword (76), Tactics (70), Greataxe (68), Double Bladed Axe (60), Unarmed Combat (51), Wrestling (50),Wilderness Survival (48), Leadership (40)
Gnosis: Laviku (1)

Additional Info: Malik was born in the Eastern Oceans of Mizahar. A Svefra, he lost his pod to a terrible hurricane that left him shipwrecked and adrift at sea. He was picked up by a Zeltivan ship making its way back to Zeltiva from Ahnatep. On that ship he met a mercenary of the Martial Society to whom he owed his life. When they arrived back in the city, the Society became his home, his family, his life. To the observer, Malik is a terrifying sight. He is prone to wearing plate armor, with broad shoulders and powerful muscles sculpted through the use of heavy weaponry. He is a quiet man who does not often speak. He believe more in action than words. He is a formidable fighter who has seen more than his fair share of trials since being raised among the hale and hearty men and women of the Society. Many merchants in the city as well as Wave Guards feel safer when he is around.
Name: Percival
Race: Human
DoB: 16th of Spring, 483 AV
PoB: Zeltiva
Title:Chief Scout, Mercenary
Skills: Composite Shortbow (76), Short-sword (60), Scouting (51), Mountaineering (50), Wilderness Survival (50), Tracking (47), Hunting (40), Stealth (38), Intelligence (35), Investigation (32), Tactics (30)
Gnosis: Caiyha (1), Akajia (1)

Additional Info: Percival is a seldom seen individual. He is the Martial Society’s chief scout and is often hired to accompany caravans in order to afford a great deal of warning for potential danger. He is known to be mostly pleasant in his bearing with a love of exploring. In joining the Martial Society he was given the chance to broaden his horizons while maintain the freedom of choice. Outside of the High Guard, he is perhaps the only individual with extensive knowledge when it comes to the layout of the Zastoska forest and the mountain range. He does not often speak on what he has seen or found and reserves in-depth conversation for those closest to him.
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