Location The Falconer Estate

Home to the prestigious Falconer family.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Falconer Estate

Postby Perplexity on May 3rd, 2015, 11:40 pm

The Falconer Estate


Built in the year 205 AV, the Falconer estate has always been a seldom trafficked place. It is not that the Falconer’s themselves are an unfriendly lot, they are merely an eccentric lot. Rather reclusive compared to the other great families of Zeltiva, the Falconers are appreciators of the rare and exotic. When the original Lord Falconer made his home in Zeltiva he did so as a budding merchant with a small ship that eventually grew into a burgeoning trade empire. The Falconer’s are inviting of guests, if one can wrap their head around the conversations they tend to entertain. They are known for throwing elaborate parties displaying extravagant goods from the far corners of the world.

ImageThe Family

The Falconers are an eccentric lot. They have a fine appreciation for ancient and archaic knowledge. It is not uncommon for them to sponsor archaeological expeditions into ruins scattered in the Wildlands or in other parts of the world. Eyris is the goddess who stands supremely in their hearts. Through her the answers to all of life’s mysteries can be found. They are also known to be avid worshippers of Ionu. While their estate does not typically see much visitation simply due to the family’s somewhat aloof nature they are not unfriendly. Over the years the Falconer’s have amassed the largest and most extensive private library in Eastern Mizahar. Access to the library is completely restricted and is only granted by the head of the family.

ImagePolitically the Falconer’s are tied most closely to the Artisan’s Guild. They are staunch supporters of the Fine Arts and beautiful craftsmanship often going so far as to sponsor budding artists who are in need of patrons at the University. They vehemently oppose militaristic action steadfast in the belief that diplomacy is the best answer. Strong negotiation and an appreciation of the views of the world trump swords and ballistae in the mind of a Falconer. As a result, while they respect the actions of the Navy, the Wave Guard and the High Guard, they abhor violence preferring more subtle avenues of gaining an upper hand. They are known to be rather radical idealists and abstract visionaries.


The Falconer family owns and operates a prominent shipping company that is administered through the liscensures of the Sailor’s Guild. Their ships trade between Zeltiva and the majority of coastal cities in Eyktol, Abura, and Black Rock. They control the inflow of many prized exotic goods to include silk, gemstones, rare spices. They also sponsor trade caravans that flow from Zeltiva to Kenash.

ImageThe Library

The Falconer’s boast the most extensive private library in all of Eastern Mizahar. Over the course of centuries prominent members of the family have been explorers, scholars, researchers, and even wizards all of whom have contributed to the library. There is knowledge in the hands of the Falconer’s that is lost, knowledge that would be coveted by certain parties, and knowledge that would just be plain interesting to know. They also hold the most complete collection of Pre-Valterrian literature including poetry, Vuld Shaik works, and other more obscure writers from Mizahar’s past.

NoteStoryteller permission is required to interact with the Falconer Library.


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