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Shall we Dance?

Postby Anouk on May 16th, 2015, 9:06 pm

42nd Spring, 515AV

"The partner I've assigned you with today is another student of mine," Professor Zeaumont explained, with his usual flourish of hands and dramatic gestures, "he's another beginner, so don't look so fearful, Anouk!"

But the Konti couldn't help it. Every time she stepped into the performance arts centre, she was reminded yet again that she would be performing onstage in front of a crowd at the end of the season. It was absolutely terrifying. But nevertheless, she managed to throw her professor a wavering, nervous smile. "I can't help how I look." She muttered.

"Well, you'll be fine. I've been very impressed with how the two of you have been coming along as solo dancers, so it only makes sense to put you both together," The professor demonstrated this by interlinking his two hands, holding them up so Anouk could see.

But regardless of how enthusiastic and supportive Leon was, Anouk still felt sick to her stomach. It was one thing to dance with her professor - a trained educator, who was used to seeing students succeed and fail. But it would be quite another thing to perform with another student. What if he was far more talented than she was? Anouk didn't want to be the half of their partnership who was tripping and falling all over the stage.

All you can do is your best, Niva Pavarti's voice whispered in the back of her daughter's mind. But it wasn't as as reassuring as Anouk hoped it would be. The Konti paced to and fro across as the stage, nibbling her lip nervously as she waited for her dance partner to arrive.

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Shall we Dance?

Postby Eldain Dogma on May 18th, 2015, 3:44 am

Trodding down the East Wing like being hunted by a pack of Zith, Eldain cursed himself for forgetting his extra dancing class with Leon. With things didn't turn out very well with his family and his work in the Guild, his believe that began to failing. Did he make the right choice back then? Right now he can't even convince himself. He was also a bit off on dance class lately. He wondered if he was doing it bad enough to deserve intensive class with his lecturer. He tried to shrug off any dispirited thought from his head. Yet the claw of sorrow already clenched his heart, dimming the serene afternoon and dragged the corner of his mouth into a shape of inverted smile. Still he jogged his way to the Performing Art Centre, one of few places he could claimed a sanctuary for his mind.

He turned in some point and made his way to the small wooden door, the side door of the hall. He opened the door and a brief of Syna's light followed him in, revealing things that linger in the dark of the room. The darkness however claimed back the room as Eldain proceed to close the door. With only dim light to saw, he trust his foot to find a way until his eyes adapt with the surrounding blackness. Hoping he wouldn't stumbled into anything as he walked through. The main stage was right there, several meters away from him secured with thick drape. He walked briskly towrd the right end of the stage, threw his backpack in the corner and popped into the stage.

He saw the professor first, standing with his back facing him. Leon clearly didn't see or hear his footstep that approaching in rapid pace. The others was also there... well, the other one. There was only one person other than his lecturer. A girl -- woman -- with a glorious golden hair. Eldain couldn't recognize her face as someone he had knew before. The slightest of curiosity arose to his face as he failed to deduct what would they do for the class today.

Clearing his throat ungainly, he forced an apologetic smile for both of them "Sorry I'm late." Leon turned and saw him, his brow tucked together in a form of a perfect "v" and looked ready to denounce him. "It's not a performance's habit to arrive late, young man." Thankfully, the moment passed a tick later he gestured to follow him. Eldain obeyed the professor and both walked a few step toward the woman. Stunning he thought. It was the first reaction dawned in his mind. A pair of green-blueish iris eyed him with mingled expression Eldain could not recognize. The color reminded him of the sea in the seat of summer. A face with soft jaw framed by golden hair. Beautiful was not sufficient enough to describe her. Yet he cought something unusual with the woman, but he couldn't figure it out. Even if she took exactly like a normal human, there was something off with her. He didn't sure if it was her unnatural beauty or the the fact that she bore a glimmering marks shaped like a fish scale.

"Eldain, this is Anouk. Anouk, Eldain. You both will work together for a while." The Professor proceed to gave them a playful smirk on both of them. Perhaps it was one of Leon's professional method to deal with his student? Assigning him with someone more skillful to help him learn. He resisted the gloom feeling that creeps down his spine. An unpleasant chill tickling his emotion. It was a confirmation that he was clearly not doing well this season.

"Hi, hope we could work together." He tried to gave her a sincere smile. It was hard, he could even felt a sliver of sadness escaped from the corner of his lips. Just one time... he wanted to feel everything would be right. Or perhaps he only need to forget it? No... No... He'll work things out. But first he need to pass this dancing class.
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