Skills et al.

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Skills et al.

Postby Moxie on May 17th, 2015, 11:19 pm

This was an interesting read, when I first started roleplaying many years ago I also wondered about the more common of skills and if they also needed to be documented. Though common sense struck me and I realized this: When we are children we typically have parents or teachers to teach us the most common of skills (talking, writing, right from wrong) and any other "specialized" skills we had to learn them. (Learning to play the Guitar) Also on the more common skills, we had to improve them through using them on a daily basis. (Remember when you were a kid first learning how to spell? It had to be repeated and repeated for it to stick?) For instance, a politician knows how to talk, that is a duh, but in order to be a politician they improve their social skills through being social more so then others. A detective knows how to question things, as we all do, but in order to really interrogate someone and get the best out of their job, they had to improve that common skill. Comedians start at funny, but to be on a more famous skill they improve their humor through practice. That is why we get + so-and-so to Social during threads.

So just like here on Mizahar, we all have the common of skills, no documentation needed. Because it is just a given, think of it as a freebie. Though we can improve those skills to support us in our journey, career choice, ect. At least that is the way I like to think about it. All of us can communicate, we were taught such at a young age, or as Goss said went to school in the city we grew up in. We improve those skills through threading with other PCs.

Just wanted to drop in and add my 2 cents which was not needed since Goss already said what needed to be said on the topic ;). Now I will be wispy like a ninja and eat my cookies ^____^.
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