Bad Day for Paperwork

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Bad Day for Paperwork

Postby Eldain Dogma on May 31st, 2015, 12:27 pm

Spring the 80th, 515 AV

Searching through yet another pile of parchment, his hand swept swift and brief. His eyes looked for the scribes of things that buzzed his mind. The day was still early in the morning but he forced his body to work harder. Spring began to end, in a couples of day his workload would be multiplied. He couldn’t afford to be that busy at work when he also must practice for his dancing and singing performances. So he planned to had his job done little by little. This morning was one proof of his act of realization. Although he knew it didn’t end up quite well. His focus kept sliding away as soon as he concentrated on certain things. Frustrated, he absently pleaded to Syna not to march hastily toward her throne.

Eldain reached for a quill pen and a vial of ink. Stationed in front of him was the thick yellowish pages covered in leather, the purchase book. On the other end of the table there were pile of parchments, some were rolled, other were not more than plain paper. But all of them gave him equal sense of frustration. He let out a deep breath to calm his mind.
Eldain began with a scroll, there wasn’t any sign or symbol except the notable red laces used to tie the scroll. He swept his finger to the flawless piece of clothes. A memory tickled his consciousness automatically. He had received several scrolls similar to this one before. As he rolled the parchment carefully his mind sounded a name just before his eyes caught the name of the scrollmaker. The Savilles. A faint smile dawned in his face. That was nice to knew that even when his mind was cloudy his body seemed to help him remember.

He glanced the date of the receipt and put it back on the table before reaching to another scroll. He need to make sure to start from the earliest receipt. This scroll wasn’t tied with lace, it was seal with reddish wax instead. He didn’t recognize the sigil embedded on it, which cause him to rise a brow. He tore down the sigil and struggled to flatten the paper for a while. The scribe upon the parchment was, according to his opinion, messy. The line and curve at certain letter was nearly indistinguishable. Dots of inks was also blurred some words, the owner must be spending a lot time thinking what to write and didn’t realize his ink was dripping to the paper. Eldain spent a lot more time to read the writing than he should be. His eyebrow now tucked in a perfect “v”. This was a kind of writing that would really annoy Hanrietta. He smiled at the thinking of his working partner. Perhaps he should show this receipt to her just to find out her reaction? It was tempting, but not now. He didn’t even sure she was here at the Hall already.

The date written in the receipt was the same date as the previous one. Once again, he put it down performing a pile of paper. Hesitated for a tick, Eldain then reached for all the remaining scroll at once. He began to unrolled it one after another and started to comparing the date. When he was certain there were nothing left, he rearranged the papers in ascending order. The oldest date was now at the top of the pile. Contented, he reached for the quill and carefully dripped it’s sharp end into the thick fluid of black ink. While doing so, his left hand turned the pages of the book into a blank page. After cleared the excess of ink in the inner mouth of the vial, Eldain moved his right hand just above the blank page. He wrote down the date first, and with extra caution he added the purchase of the receipt.
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