Lashander's Plotnotes

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Lashander's Plotnotes

Postby Lashander on June 24th, 2015, 5:47 pm

Skill Goals/Ideas

01. Concept for Skill Goals

  • Urban Running/Parkour

    Sure, it's a very 'in' thing these days but in a fantasy context it's actually less silly than in real life. Just look at the Assassin's Creed games.

    Necessary Skills: Running, Acrobatics, Climbing and Flux for the more spectacular stuff. What else?

  • Wuxia-ish Glaive Fighting

    That was part of the reason I chose the glaive. Paired with Flux I'd be able to go towards a Wuxia-ish fighting style down the line.

    Necessary Skills: Weapon: Glaive, Acrobatics and Flux. What else?

  • Magic

    Sooner or later, he'll want more, never mind that he lacks a wizardly mindset. But what? Hypnotism is too rampant, Reimancy, Morphing and Projection won't really mesh with what he's got. That leaves Shielding and Voiding, it would seem. Voiding could be hilarious.

    Skills: Voiding -- Need to find a teacher first. IHL?

  • Placeholder

02. Intermediate Skill Goals

In descending order of necessity:

  • Acrobatics - Competent
  • Flux - Competent
  • Weapon: Glaive - Competent
  • Running - Novice+
  • Climbing - Novice
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