Sparkles and Stripes (Firenze)

Talya encounters a Kelvic while taking some time out in the Wildlands for herself, and a number of things ensue.

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While Sylira is by far the most civilized region of Mizahar, countless surprises and encounters await the traveler in its rural wilderness. Called the Wildlands, Syliran's wilderness is comprised of gradual rolling hills in the south that become deep wilderness in the north. Ruins abound throughout the wildlands, and only the well-marked roads are safe.

Sparkles and Stripes (Firenze)

Postby Talya on August 27th, 2015, 7:33 pm

Talya nodded, "so would many whom have heard it," she responded, as she leaned forward, a little closer to the fire, drawing more of its heat. She extended her right hand, reaching for the pile of spare kindling that she had kept nearby. She pulled a little bit off the pile, and tossed it into the fire, feeding the flame. The tone of its orange seemed to deepen, as the flame crackled, subsiding momentarily as the force of the toss forced air into it. But then it grew, curling around the sticks. Darkening the bark upon their surface as Talya dry washed her hands and moved back away, and then returned her gaze to the Kelvic not far from her side. She breathed deeply, and appeared for all intents and purposes, to mull over what Firenze had said, and the last of her few questions. The edge of her lips curled into a curious grin as she studied the woman's slighter features. The shadows that danced over her skin; castings of the fire. "The draw can be understood," she responded, her tone a soft, yet distant one. Something akin to a whisper. "The desire for glory- as the moment you realize your accomplishments can be rather empowering. Or rather..."

Talya searched for the right word. She ran her hand through her long hair, and then tucked a few loose strands behind an ear as she thought it over. "It can feel like an infusion. Something that heals, something that strengthens. As your growth feeds you. It encourages you, makes you wish to seek out even greater glory than you have already established." Talya sighed, she wasn't precisely sure why she was struggling with this. "It gets to your head, as they say any sort or any great responsibility tends to." She smiled, it appeared a melancholy thing, whose emotions flooded her irises as well. "But the means by which Atila gained his glory cannot be." Her brow knit into tight groupings of knots. "Not by myself, nor those, I would assumed, with more peaceful natures, and hearts." She paused momentarily as she thought this over. "Mindless slaughter, the largely purposeless waste of life cannot." She moved her head from left to right, shaking it so languidly, it didn't really seem like a true shake. "Largely purposeless, in that, at least to him, and perhaps his own people, it had purpose. It was for power. For glory. For domination. An end goal he did achieve, did he not?"

Talya glanced away from the Kelvic momentarily as the fire began to burn a little brighter, at least to her eyes. Roaring and crackling, dancing as it reached for the night sky and spat sparks. "But even so, it could be argued that he was simple- that he didn't understand the true nature of glory. That it is an entity of both light and dark, in that it can be achieved in both positive manners, and far more negative ones. For example, don't you think that Atila could have found his own glory, if only he served to unite the warring clans, as opposed to overcome them? Don't you think he might have been awarded with their leadership if he had found a way?" she asked, before awaiting an answer. "Or perhaps, even, if he had done something else- say, discover a new land, or create a new sort of invention that swept in a new era as the people he once sparred with inched closer and closer to enlightenment, as they too, took on whatever it was he had created? Molding it into their own culture, and using it as their own, in whichever manner they deemed fit?"

Talya sighed. "They rarely do seem to understand until they've grown old and it's far to late, for the damage has been done... they're too prone to letting their emotions overcome them," she explained, as she set her gaze upon the Kelvic's slender face. "Would you agree?
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Sparkles and Stripes (Firenze)

Postby Naia Whitewater on February 9th, 2016, 6:38 am


  • Wilderness Survival: +1 XP
  • Observation: +2XP
  • Climbing: +1XP
  • Socialisation: +3XP
  • Astronomy: +2XP
  • Philosophy: +1XP

  • Wilderness Survival: The advantage of night in unfamiliar territory
  • Kelvic: Shifting in trees is unsurprisingly difficult
  • The Horned Person: dark mane and deep green horns
  • The Horned Person is kind
  • Constellations: the stars have stories
  • Constellations: pictures amongst the stars
  • Constellations: Atila, a collection of 15 stars
  • Constellations: The story of Atila
  • Philosophy: Killing for gain and glory is wrong

Fire has some moderate bruising from the fall, particularly on her ribs, with spots remaining tender for a couple of days, but healing without much trouble

A shame that the thread was cut short, and I'm sorry I couldn't give you more lores/skills in terms of wilderness survival. I loved the way you wrote and explained Fire's movements in animal form, and her reasoning and decision making, and I chuckled at the mental image of Fire falling stark naked out of the tree!
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