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Duron head to the Sanctuary to seek employment.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Sanctuary] A Sense of Normalcy (Kavala)

Postby Duron on July 17th, 2015, 6:11 pm

Time stamp: 6th of Summer, 515AV
Location: The Sanctuary
Who: Kavala

As Duron walked along the Kabrin road leading north, he could already tell the heat of day was starting to rise as Syna started to get higher in the sky. Luckily there was a breeze in the air, so the humidity didn't seem to bad as he traveled down the road. Suddenly Duron felt a strong breeze start to pick up and blew his hat of the top of his head. The akalak did his best to grab it, but he was to slow. He watched as the breeze blew it into a bramble bush on the side of the road. Sighing to himself, Duron walked over and examined the bush and noticed the vines were covered in thorns. The akalak could only shake his head at his bad luck. Duron noticed the whole was big enough to get a hat into, but he was unsure if it was big enough to pull out the hat without scratching his arm and his hand. Duron ran a hand through his short black hair and swore in tukant, “Why do you have to be such a arse, Zulrav? Can't you pick on someone else to torment?” As the wind picked up around him, he chuckled to himself as he wondered if the god was laughing at him. Most likely it was just the breeze blowing off the ocean, but he needed something or someone to blame about his luck. Clenching his jaw, the reject reached into the hole and started to pull out the hat. He could feel the sharp pain as the thorns bit into his cyan skin, but he wasn't going to let the bush defeat him and claim his hat for it's own.

When Duron pulled out his hat, he noticed his forearm and hand was cut up by the sharp thorns, so he placed his other hand over the cuts to stop the bleeding. Continuing his walk down the road, Duron noticed a large wagon being pulled by oxen coming down the road . Deciding it was best to step aside, Duron waited patiently for the person to pass. As the wagon got closer, the reject noticed the driver was human. He couldn't see inside the wagon because the content of the wagon was covered with a white tarp. When the human got closer, he stopped and looked at Cerulean and said with a nod in common, “How far to the docks, friend?” Duron was normally good around people, but the man kept starring at the facial tattoos. To make matter's worse he was fidgeting on his wooden bench. Duron figured the man did business in the city before, so he must understood the significance of the tattoos on the akalak's face. The city made it apparent that he wasn't fit to contribute to society like a normal citizen, so he was branded and made to contribute to Riverfall's survival in other ways. These ways of contribution would never be done by the honorable men of their society. No these dark tasks were left to rejects of the akalak race. The reject was taken back slightly because he certainly wasn't this man's friend, so he said simply in common, “Keep going south to the main road than turn east into the city. You should be able to find your way when you are in the city.”

Giving the merchant a toothy fake grin, Duron didn't want to impede the wagoner anymore, so he said with nod, “Good day, human, but I need to hurry...” Duron started to stalk up the road with a look of anger in his eyes. He hated the fact that people had to stare at him like he was some kind of wild animal. He knew that he killed his light brother, but he was stronger now for it. He was a lot more focused without his sniveling brother trailing after him all the time. Clenching his fists in anger, he couldn't believe that he had to share a body with that weakling if he wasn't in a hurry. He would have punched the human for the insult. How dare he judge him! As he continued walking, he did his best to calm himself down. He didn't want to meet his possible new employer angry, so he tried to think about the good things in his life. After a quarter of a bell, Duron started see the large wall in the distance, so he took off his hat dusted off the leaves and thorns still stuck in it. He wanted to look somewhat presentable since first impressions mean a lot when finding a job. The akalak wasn't sure what to make of the Sanctuary at first because it was supposed to be another stables, but the highs walls made it look like a fortress made for war. Duron stopped and looked at the walls, and he wondered why anyone would need such high walls to protect a bunch of animals. He knew that he wasn't going to ask that question in his interview, but he could still stare in awe and wonder why.

As Duron walked through the main gate, the akalak was immediately hit by the smell of manure. He figured with a place with so many animals. There would be a lingering smell to the place the interior place. He wasn't going to complain because he knew that he would get used to it if he was able to get a job here. However, unlike other places that tend to care for animals. The sanctuary seemed free of animal droppings and the organization of the place was almost flawless. It definitely showed the owner knew what he or she was doing. In truth, he was kind of intimated because he wasn't quite sure if his skill set would come in useful in a place catered to animals, but he had the blood of a Frostfawn running through his veins, so he figured working with animals might bring him closer to his mother's side. He just hoped the owner could find a use for him. Besides in a place as big as this place, they might need a guard or two to protect the livestock.

Standing in the courtyard for a chime or two, Duron just silently listened to either the cows or pigs calling out to each other in each of there pens. However, he saw nobody in sight. He wasn't surprised the place was huge, so he figured that it might be awhile before someone came to greet him. Eventually a young man with brown hair walked over to him and asked with a nod, “Welcome to the Sanctuary. Are you interested in buying an animal, or are you here for other reasons?”

Duron's experience with “normal” people was quite limited because he spent most of his time training with his Cerulean brothers in the Takula Outpost. He was stable enough to venture into the city on his own and get a job, but he tended to stay away from large crowds, so the akalak's social skills were quite limited. Luckily, he was somewhat passable when it comes to dealing with individuals. Taking off his hat, Duron looked around for a moment giant fortress and said with a chuckle, “Buy something? I doubt I could buy a egg with the amount of money in my pocket...” If there was poor class of citizen in Riverfall, the akalak would probably fall into that category. Duron wasn't wearing his normal attire that he wore in the city. He was just wearing his greenish yellow linen pants, his matching color linen vest, and the hat. Of course, he wore his lakan at his side too, but the weapon never really left his side, so it was almost a part of him. Most of the time, he forgets that he wearing it. Looking up at the human, Duron said with a smile, “My name is Duron. I am currently looking for employment. Are you hiring?”

The man looked him over a moment and said in a matter of fact tone, “It depends on your skills. I will tell Kavala Denusk that you are looking for employment. Stay here while I go find her.”
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