Mark of the black cat, 88th of Fall, 510 AV (closed)

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Mark of the black cat, 88th of Fall, 510 AV (closed)

Postby Aleksi on November 27th, 2010, 4:38 pm

Aleksi smiled as she silently stepped away from the camp, far enough for the screams and growls to stay rather silent and knowing the favourite thing in the world to her is following closely.

Luc was her pet and her hunting helper. A strong and wild looking, white tiger with a necklace she made for him was gracefully following every step she made, growling here and there. It was well known that whoever for whatever reason ever hurt Luc would either die or be seriously injured by Aleksi. She never had any mercy for any other kind other then Drykas, and even if one of her own, she would think twice before giving someone a second chance.

Silence never bothered either of them, so the environment they were in was quite pleasant. Wind blowing and moving the grass under them, animals barely walking around, trying to find a bush that will hide them from the predators, trying to hide from them.
Aleksi knew that. Aleksi knew and Luc felt that there are animals around themand that they are doing their best to stay still, until the danger goes away.

One thing though, that Aleksi knew and Luc learned along the way was that some animals were just too proud to hide, no matter what predator is going their way. And so was the case this time.
Aleksi stopped and slowly moved her hand on Luc's big, furry head before pointing just a bit to the left.

Luc's eyes went straight to the big, black spot on the ground, but he stayed quiet. No growling, no moving, and almost no breathing.
That's a beautiful little kitty-cat, don't you think Luc? I think we should have it's fur on the floor and it's teeth on our necklaces..., she whispered lightly, moving her hand over the white, clingly stuff attached to both hers and Luc's necklace.
Very few knew what do their necklaces mean. In fact, only the two of them knew that.

Those were tiny, leather stripes made into a braid that held over 100 pearly white things of various shapes and sizes. These things were something really important to Aleksi. Those were marks that she picked up after every battle she ever had. Teeth of the animals she has killed, parts of the bones, jewlery from other warriors, pieces of weapons.... pretty much anything that would remind her of what she has been through in her life.

Her voice was calm as her petite, yet strong arm moved to her dagger
We will attack it Luc and let's hope it's just a regular, clumsy cat, crunching down and crawling forward till they were close to the, now obviously panther she pointed at the thing and quietly whispered
Go Luc, I'm following

And the second after, Luc ran past Aleksi with a loud growl as his large paws landed on the sleeping panther. Aleksi screamed loudly, getting Luc's attention and eventually aiming it at the long, bloody scar over her tattooed arm. He growled madly, it seemed like he felt her pain and it made him angry. The next hit of his large paws was aimed at the cat's head and it managed to slow the black thing down a bit.
Aleksi used the timing to jump onto the cat and with her dagger, she ripped through the furry skin of the black cat, making it growl madly and twitch around while both Luc and his owner tried to keep it close to the ground.As soon as the dagger started sliding along the throat of the animal, the fur became red and it's body became calm.

Good work Luc, we did it.... again Her eyes closed, taking a deep breath as she said that. Her fingers pulled the daggers out of the animal's body and wiped them against the black fur. She stepped up, looking at Luc as she heard a silent growl
there, there my dear..... I will be fine... you know that... pating Luc's head before she crunched down and rolled the body of the animal so it's on it's back
It's time to take what we need Luc
His eyes moved to her and it seemed like the cat grinned, which obviously is as dumb of a thought as the one that Aleksi is a woman that should be getting married soon.
Aleksi's daggers ripped through the furry skin of the animal once again, but this time to actually rip the skin off of it
After this Luc, you can do whatever you want with it.... We just need 2 teeths and the rest is yours
Her hand slowly moved down the middle of the belly, then along it's tail and over all the other "edges" of the body, as her father taught her to. It was strange for her to be ripping off the skin of a cat in front of a cat, but she was sure Luc was ok with it. She pulled back fast once she felt that the dagger was going in too deep and then went back to cutting just under the skin, close to the body.
Once the ripping of the animal's skin was done, she slowly wrapped it together and tied it with one of the leather stripes she had close to her, leaning down to actually take the two teeth from the animal.

There Luc, I'm done.... do what you want to do with it...
Luc leaned in and started roaming through the body of the animal, as Aleksi started making holes at the edges of the teeth and tieing them to the necklaces they had
There, we're all set.... now all we have to do is wash the skin, and we're done here...

Aleksi slowly leaned down, picking the skin up with lots of effort and heading to the first little lake that she could clean it up in. Her heart was beating fast as she remebered all the things her father had taught her.
Sometimes I wish he had never done this to me Luc.... I feel strange doing all these things men should be doing.... I'm hunting, for God's sake... she then sighed and whispered quietly, almost to herself and talking to a cat.... , making Luc growl quietly. She stepped next to the lake and dropped the skin, cutting through the leather straps and spreading the black fur wide open. She then kneeled right next to it and with her dagger started shaping it into one of those furry carpets people see around. Her hand moved slowly, carefully as it removed the rest of the skin and things carpet shouldn't have on. Once she finally shaped it into what she wanted, she took a part of clothing it seemed, and started wiping the bloody part of the fur. She lightly stood up again, pulling the whole thing into the lake before she started scrubbing along with her hands
I always hated this part of hunting Luc..., giggling she whispered and looked at the cat that was playing with the leather stripes.

Once she was done cleaning it, she pulled it out again and tied it up. Making sure she showed Luc that he should stay and guard the fur she stepped towards the so called "bush" she found near by and managing to cut off a few branches. Just barely enough to make something out of them. Dragging the things she cut off to the skin, she started making some sort of a holder out of it, tieing the branches and grass with leather ties before dropping the skin onto it and tieing it all together and leaving one stripe to hold herself and one to tie it to Luc.
It's time for us to go, big guy she whispered lightly, just before tieing the stripe around Luc's body, taking on herself and heading home with one more scar on her body and one more reminder of the battles she was in.
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Mark of the black cat, 88th of Fall, 510 AV (closed)

Postby Mixcoatl on November 28th, 2010, 12:25 am

The Lord of the Hunt is Pleased!

The Lord of the Hunt showers you with gifts in joyous celebration!

+1 Skinning
+2 Animal Husbandry
+1 Weapon: Dagger
A Cat's Fatal Pride
(Lore of) Awkward Moments

Additional Notes: Just a friendly heads up, Miya, dialogue is marked with quotation maks, "s, at the beginning and the end of the dialogue. I had a bit of trouble telling whether she was talking or thinking at some points in the thread due to their abscence.

Also, for future reference, threads of this sort are a little bit more at home in the Sea of Grass board. <3

Please note that due to the injury on your arm, you have four claw marks running down your upper right arm, ending at the elbow. These wounds must remain bandaged and cleaned for seventeen days, and it will continue hurting for thirty. Thankfully, it did not tear any nerves or tendons. After it heals, it will scar.

If you feel like I've missed anything, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me in PM's or in Chat. (:

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