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10th Day of Summer Tragedy.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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Death Under the Landslide

Postby Keiran Scarlet on August 5th, 2015, 3:33 am

Keiran Scarlet
10th Day of Summer, 515 AV
Stepping out of the corridors leading to The Courtyard of the Sky, Kerian breathed in the sweet smells of fresh air for the first time that day. Running a hand back through his bronze red hair before letting it settle on the Talon Sword strapped to his hip. Rolling his neck as he walked forward, thankful to be able to get out at all today, he found a small area in the corner to rest his feet. Shifting through the small crowds that were also making their way through, he finally arrived at a small ledge to relax at, letting his back rest against the wall.

His eyes flickered between the sky above him, almost longingly, and the people walking about in front of him. Nodded to Lorlyn politely as she bustled past with a group of Dek at her heels. They eyed Keiran with a calm glance laced with a subdued dislike as they passed. Liking the position of light work to much to let their true feelings play across their features.

He rubbed the back of his neck a bit as a student he had taught twice that week already walked passed. Probably late again as he had been both times to his Archery Lessons. Keiran said nothing however, and just followed him from one side of the courtyard to other while he recalled how horribly those two lessons had gone for him. Hopefully, with some more focus, Keiran could turn the boy around and make a fine archer out of him. Maybe trying to work with his foot placement, or even building a strap to help him keep his back straight when he was firing. Something to get his muscle memory down and his confidence up. Keiran knew that as soon as the boy did something right, it would be the little push he needed to conquer everything else. He turned back to where the Dek and Lorlyn were busy with something in the far corner, not wishing that kind of fate to anyone if he could help it. Hoping the boy would put in the work to make it instead of giving up like so many do.

He leaned against the wall again, as he flickered to the few Endal and the Wind Eagles that were scattered and perched across the courtyard. It wasn't uncommon, however, it just seemed like less and less people were ever out these days. Himself included, he couldn't help but grow tired with everything going on in Wind Reach. It was exhausting business, and Keiran could only imagine what it was like for the Valintar now that everything was slowly falling to chaos.

A sigh slipped through his mouth as he stretched his hands above his head, closing his eyes as the sun slowly crept down towards the mountainside. If only the problem befalling Wind Reach could in fact be solved with some hard work and will power like his lessons were. Keiran half grinned at the notion, "Sometimes it can, right?" he said out loud to himself. Listening to the beat of Wind Reach and her People around him, coming up with a few verses in his head for when he got home later. Maybe he would come up with something beautiful this time.

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