At Alement

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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At Alement

Postby Sharps Lashscore on August 9th, 2015, 12:23 am

There was a faint glow in Sharps' eyes, as he approached the dummy-surrounded training area; taking in everything adorned around the circumference with an almost ethereal patience. He nibbled on his fingernail (which gently seeped out minuscule patters of blood) before stopping himself from the trite act.

He attempted to train but was cut by a ferverish restlessness and roamed around til this particular bar (Alements) lured his interest (the oppressive heat had negated any ulterior aspirations)...

But what was this? Treacherous stairs? Well, he reckoned in order to sate that thirst for gold in the bottle he could do some exercise (punishment for being all lazy, probably).

There was this soothing waterfall falling around him for a while, and he practically launched himself through the bar; found the patio and plopped his arse down in a chair; drumming his hands casually on the waxed wooden table.

He heard a steaming hiss, crooked his neck a few inches, and noticed it was just some folks whispering a little urgent.

His eyes fell mesmerized by the thick rugs that contrased sharply in pattern shared blood in their colorationA floof of herbs crept into his nostrils as his gaze roamed to the ivory marble-veined counter. He realized he was standing, now, so he ordered something in a low, gravelly tone.
"A mug of fine ale; carrying a bit of thirst in me."

Some lanky man informed Sharps he was bleeding; he looked at him frazzled, like, he'd just received news all his livestock had gone missing and he owed someone merciless and mad a whole of money. To add to his belated understanding, one hand of his had smeared the blood over his cheek, frowning, he wiped it off with a tissue the charitable lanky sort gave.

"My thanks. Blood makes folks uneasy."

The man nodded his agreement, and got the hell out of dodge, with a speed akin to splinters bursting into your arse. Sharps noted a slight commotion that could of degenerated into a lively spectacle (at least for those not working here and well, Sharps himself; who had seen enough and done enough trouble to last a few colorfully unfortunate lifetimes) but it crumbled soon as the embers were half-heartedly stoked.

So, Sharps just stood there, awkwardly not taking a seat with outsider emblazoned rather fierce on his weather-beaten face; content with partaking in this savory drink that stole time away from the oncoming chaos and bad luck that followed him petching (that means F word, right? :P) everywhere.

A man can cut his leaches out before they bear bad blood... a man can cut his leaches out before... you have to be optimistic

And so his cursed thoughts and roiling regrets made war against him; chewed-up his weary mind until any potential customer or reveler had the will to approach this barbarous, perhaps no longer barbarous, and now reformed member of society?

His face in conspiratorially unbothered shadow til a waitress opened a window and the dappled light pored from the pink sky and revealed Sharps complacent features.
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At Alement

Postby Sharps Lashscore on August 17th, 2015, 9:00 am

While in Alements... his thoughts turned back to the past.

"A merit-holding sentiment!" She declared giddily.

Sharps had heard the pearl of wisdom more'n once, you never really met a woman til after six months. But he was stubbornly certain this was no representative o' fleeting light.

"The club is mighty nice," he said. His words were still at the sorry, witless stage, in fact, yesterday consisted mostly of "more whisky"? or, "you lay out a good idea." He produced a painful breath inwardly, as she drew close enough to cut his throat. His throat constricted, and he was dumb-brained whether on the minddust or not. Impulsively, he opted to destroy the silence. "Staying in the inn is an option, also."

"Silly that is all you ever want to do."

"Why ya call me golem-man for the first few occasions we met?"

"You used faces instead of words to describe everything. Silly, also."

"No sandstorm of questions today, at least. We had a sparring class in Athkatla together; the only person from the outside world, I knew! And the secrets, the comforting release you--"

"I meant to speak with you more back then... pride must of curtailed me."

"I wore an invulnerable, disciplined mask to the outside, here I can be something different."

"Reckon you helped people there."

"Not without pay and I help people here, you goof!"

She rushed around the room, bolted into the long hall-way and trailed up and down it for a while. When she returned, she extended a glass of cold, pristine water to Sharps. It cooled his throat as he looked up mysteriously confused.

"I have to go!"

Sharps blinked his shock. "Why?... maybe a rendezvous can be possible, before I have to be leanin' on tomorrow. Things could get ugly, if not..."

She dug her fingernails into his beating carteroid artery showcasing fierce on his neck.



(Sharps enjoyed her company but the similarities to another were uncanny and it stimulated a volume of disturbance that breached even the most impervious walls of his mettle. Secondly, the way she held the glass in her hand gave the impression she was older than she really was, and her tender touches implied it monumentally. She had predicted another gentleman's tiefling-blood before she even was informed, which she substantiated as sheer intuition.)

The orange light bobbed through the window-frame, proliferating a dappled light over one side of Sharp's rough face.

"F**k," he whispered.


Sharps bolted his head upright... the memory battering his very soul. Before he could defend himself, another harsh remant of a life gone niggled.



When Bisery pottered out of the restroom, a tall, ruffian with long brown, grey hair and a riot of a beard stood absurdly close. Bisery eyed him like he was some far-fetched conclusion he hadn't anticipated.

Sharps stared back at him mistrustfully and scowled.

"See something you disagree with, friend?" Bisery smirked.

"I'm not your friend." Sharps worked his mouth bitterly.

"Oh, I love this song!"

"Reckon I love to relieve my bladder."

Bisery dropped his voice, "Skin began to crawl as they neared him. Is all pleasure release? Oh these misery's merchants saw the message clear. It is time to pay"

"Move away from the door before more'n words exchange." Bright patches of sun wobbled from a window to express the nagged, itchy look on Sharps.

Bisery lifted his glass of whisky, his eyes fever-bright, and drained the contents. Belching out in a swarmy manner. Then continued his energetic ecstatic pace, "Llike a ghost in daylight on an overcrowded street..."

Sharps grabbed him by the collar, and pinned him against the beige wall, "Care to batter your luck?"

Bisery's pink-rimmed eyes flashed evilly sharp, "You have no idea who I am, do you? Run along now, there is enough debauchery left if you run. No need to summon a devil."

"You know one?"

"Yes, he is about seven feet tall and he averages three or four murders a day."

"Sounds like a sick f**k."

"He is."

Sharps removed his fury-quivering hands, a rising storm on his face as he fled out; door banging tunelessly behind him.

Bisery grimaced and re-affixed his collar, turning to the two Questioners who just now arrived.

"You alright, Agent--"

"Exuberant, invincibly super, the most proud man in the Black Embrace still reeling from the successes and the tragic pitfalls that didn't happen seasons past. Now, do your job and do it right."

The two Questioners stared obtrusively down the corridor then scanned Bisery up and down, confused.

"Follow him!" He commanded through clenched teeth.

"Who is he?"

"Some random stranger who decided to exude his inexorable strength upon an unfortunately powerful remnant! Get everyone!"

They paused chillingly long. "Everyone?"

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