Caiyha, Monsters and Alchemy

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Caiyha, Monsters and Alchemy

Postby Suvaris on August 17th, 2015, 5:13 pm

Hello there!

So, I've been thinking about Caiyha, and her attitude towards certain matters. In particular, creatures classed as monsters, and the use of alchemy to modify animals or create new types of living things. How does she view such? Some creatures that are listed under the Monster category in the wiki I imagine she would view much the same as any other animal; Myrian Tigers, Tskanna, etc. But what about Relics or Fragment monsters, or things like the Numen who have been radically altered by djed and mortal meddling? Would she consider them her children? Also, would they be effected at all by the powers of Phylonura?

In regards to Alchemy, how would she view a mortal creating new forms of animal, or the alteration of existing animals in some fashion? For example, creating some sort of new big cat with special traits, or, as I read Rayage has done, modifying a lizard to have fur, and suchlike. In a similar vein, how would she view a mortal attempting to, say, modify a Zith to make it more intelligent, or give it scales, etc?

Would her reaction differ at all if the mortal in question was marked by her with Phylonura?

Just some idle ponderings and nothing important, but I thought it best to ask before I attempted anything concrete.
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Caiyha, Monsters and Alchemy

Postby Soharaa on August 18th, 2015, 9:38 am

Hi! So, I cannot tell you much about Caiyha because I am not very knowledgable on the site, but I can tell you a few things. Although, some of these things may be untrue, it shall at least give you an overview of what Caiyha is actually like.

1.) Caiyha is all about having balance around the world. Because of this, she has her followers go throughout many environments and establishing them to its once former glory before the Valterrian happened. With monsters such as Myrian Tigers and Tskanna, she is alright with them. Actually, those monsters are created by her children (who are also gods) who live within Falyndar. Other monsters, such as relics, I cannot say. She isn't a violent woman, so she won't be very angry if a monster is kept around, and she won't try to kill it. More than likely, she is at piece with the monsters creation as long as it somehow manages to help maintain a balanced ecosystem.

2.) In regards of Alchemy, she probably wouldn't like it. I do not think any god would enjoy some mortal messing with their creations. Also, she probably wouldn't like it even more if the experiment was painful to the creature. Alchemy is about going against nature to have your own perfect creation. It's like saying Ciayha's creations aren't already perfect, thus insulting her in the process. However, Caiyha might have mixed feelings for the practice. I wouldn't test my luck with this if you want to get Caiyha's attention. You either go with nature or you go against nature.

3.) As long as the one that was marked takes care of their environment, she probably wouldn't mind them using a little Alchemy. For instance: in some domains there are little amount of creatures living in it. The marked one could improve upon the animals in that area to survive longer than normal and reproduce more of its species in order to raise animal population. This would be bringing balance to their domain, thus gaining Caiyha's affection. However, if the Alchemy does more harm than good, she would probably remove your mark for being negligent of your domain.

I hope these gave you a general idea of Caiyha and how she would react. It always helps me to read the lore of the gods over and over again and understand the basic idea of their characters. If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to ask!
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