See to This (Open)

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See to This (Open)

Postby Talya on August 23rd, 2015, 5:14 am

Summer 16, 515 AV

The day was young, and a little warm, but not as much as the day before. Talya sat on the beach, looking out at the bay. She watched as the blue-green water crept closer. Its vastly expansive body undulating before her dark eyes, inching all the more near until it crashed against the shore in an angry wave. It burst upon contact, wetting the sand that lay down below. Darkening it to a deeper, richer tone of brown as the water splashed against the grains. Frothing and bubbling, before it was drawn back into the bay, and more water rose to replace it, over and over again, in a rather rhythmic cycle. She liked that about it, for it reminded her of the cycle the moon and the sun took day in and day out. One rising so that darkness could reign, before it was flushed out, to give way to immense amounts of illumination. She liked the sound of it too, she found it comforting as the water inched higher and higher, shifting the shoreline, so that eventually, it came up to her toes; the moisture tickling the skin around her nails from time to time. The water was cool, she found, which amazed her, given the heat of the day.

But it was no big deal- not any more than the sky was a soft blue, and littered with a number of clouds. Not any more than sea gulls and pelicans circled overhead, cawing now and again as they looked for food. Talya trailed after them with her eyes for awhile, marveling at how they could see things she could not detect- as many of the pelicans would dive toward the water, and plunge beneath the surface, before breaching a few seconds later and taking to the skies again, as water ran off their feathers, and dribbled down the side of their large orange beaks. Her eyes smiled for her; she could not bring the same expression to her mouth as her gaze fell from the sky and returned to the earth; to the gently rolling mounds of sand by her feet. There was a little red crab scuttling sidelong over one- to the east. She was surprised a gull hadn't spotted it from the sky, and tried to pick it up, to take away and eat somewhere else. She chuckled, as she listened to it click its claws together in warning, as it kept on moving, its beady black eyes seemingly fixated on her, as much as hers were on him.

Gradually, as the creature moved and then stopped, moved and then stopped, and Talya kept on watching, her eyes began to take on a far off look as she slipped into a trance. From there, it was only a matter of about half a minute, when the pair seemed to have locked themselves in some sort of staring contest, that the crab's aura became visible. As she looked at the thin, oceanic blue expanse flow around the creature, her pupils dilated. They ached all the more as the sun's light filtered within, but she ignored it as she watched the aura both billow, and undulate, depending on where she was looking. She sniffed the air, her nostrils flaring. The aura smelled like salt- or maybe it had something to do with being close to the bay, she wasn't sure. But she was pretty certain that it sounded like waves crashing into the shore, although, she could have confused this with the sound of her surroundings, once again. But whatever the case, she shrugged, as a gull cawed and swooped down- chasing the crab as it dug a little hole, and sand beneath the sand. Protecting itself from the gull, which swooped back up into the air angrily, as it had missed its prey. Talya only laughed as she lost concentration, and sight of the aura, as a biscuit shaped pile of sand was all that remained above the surface- and then a hint of two black eyes. Surveying the land- looking for when the coast was clear, which it currently, wasn't.

As her temples ached dully, Talya thought back on the aura. She thought the color referred to it being a creature of the water, just as much as the sounds and smells associated with it did. She thought that despite its surroundings, the creature had remained rather calm as well, but she could be entirely off about this. But even so, it was good practice- like stretching out before a workout or something. It was always good to keep skills honed, and she was happy to do this as it gave her something to do. As she wasn't much sure what to do yet in a city such as this, as she hadn't been there very long, and wasn't sure what there was to do, although she knew that she needed to do something lest she grow bored and cranky. Being at the beach was a good start she supposed- as she could appreciate the scenery, but that wasn't enough, there had to be some sort of activity she could perform. Perhaps she should go swimming? Or study the auras of animals simply for the sake of it, as there didn't seem to be many people around that day. At least, not in her portion of the beach.
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