Shadyn (Xarrt)'s Plotnotes

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Shadyn (Xarrt)'s Plotnotes

Postby Shadyn on September 14th, 2015, 2:47 am


Flashbacks ----

Work on establishing Shadyn's relationship with Arrmal, and developing more Climbing and Acrobatic XP through these threads (as well as mining).

Establish Shadyn's tenuous relationship with his peers, as well as with his one friend Mircor. Use these threads to practice Weapon Xp.

Show how Shadyn already had composite longbow skills when he started.

Show Shadyn learning how to use the Sky for Navigation and Time.

515 AV Threads ---

Finish Shadyn's voyage to Endrykas...make sure he doesn't kill himself. Have an encounter with Zith in Ehkart Pass on the way there. Also make sure he makes a useful contact with the Drykas.

On the return trip, swing by Alvadas for a couple days. Visit Raylan Ramsey for no apparent reason. Make a useful contact there, perhaps.

Before you reach Wind Reach, do some hunting for Second Job Thread of the season, then apply for wages.

Make it back to Wind Reach in time for the quest on the 77th. Have Arrmal die in this incident...converse with V ahead of time on inheritance matters.

After said quest is complete, finish Fall season with Gnosis thread (Telepathy Gnosis from Leth).

Begin winter sad from Arrmal's death, but planning voyage to Syrilias. Make sure to prepare properly this time (aka BUY AN AXE!!!). Also, accumulate trade-worthy Inarta goods.

Make the trip to Syrilias, MAYBE stopping at Alvadas on the way. Do not leave later than the 2nd from WR.

While in Syrilias, establish relationship/useful contact with Tet (esp. if he has a tavern/small business). Conduct trade for profit, maybe get in fight will Ball |:) .

Figure out where to find a good Malediction Specialist for working with Bear Claw Daggers (if dire bear thread is approved). Perhaps contact said mage and conduct business.

Do lots of stuff while on Trade Journey... :p ....make it back before new Season. Also, make sure to do another Hunting Job Thread on the way back (and talk to V about having trading count for Job...).

516 AV Threads ---

In the Spring, return to Endrykas and then head to Akvatar to pick up Alexander Ross.

Longterm Goals ---

Become Expert in all of his weapons.

Become Master in climbing and acrobatics.

Learn Summoning

Get Shadyn a wife.

Visit every place in Mizahar possible

Mobilize extended contacts into a fluid trade/information system...the largest and most extensive in all of Mizahar.

Use this to establish Wind Reach's prominence as a leading city in Mizahar.

Rule the world....

Random Notes to Remember ---

Ball said, "There aren't enough happy pills. They need to be punched." (With slight alteration from chat)

Ridiculously awesome

Even Extra Awesomeness
Narration and Shadyn (normal text) -- Lanira (bold text) -- Thoughts and Xarrt's telepathic speech (italics)

NOTE: No matter what the language of conversation, Shadyn will almost always speak to Lanira in Nari, and she will use Nari with him, unless otherwise stated.
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