Closed [Cerulean Pier] Perhaps Not The Best Choice...(Okanis)

Kreig is approached by Okanis to learn a skill, lets see if he proves useful....

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[Cerulean Pier] Perhaps Not The Best Choice...(Okanis)

Postby Kreig Messer on September 29th, 2015, 6:12 am


Fall 515 A.V. 5th Bell 19th Chime.

The cerulean pier in the early morning was beautiful, in fact it was beautiful every other time as well. But to be here during the early dawn of day had a rare charm compared to the rest of days and Kreig enjoyed it for that. The quite sound of the waves striking against the shore, the fading of the stars as Syna rose from the horizon to steadily light the sleepy city to a new day and the vastness of Laviku’s waters made it all look like a living painting.

It was no wonder Kreig decided to train here in the mornings, though he did have to resist the urge once or twice to just stop and stare at the beauty surrounding him. He felt confident he was getting somewhere with his boxing, his punches were steadily getting more quicker albeit not as accurate as he hoped to me though that was made up for by the application of speed and strength that even a glancing blow could cause debilitating consequences to the unwary….. at least he hoped it did, he didn’t have as much sparring opportunities here as he did in Syliras to really find out. Other than that, he had begun picking up a rhythm, a sort of movement that came with his body bobbing and weaving lightly as if he could shift directions at any moment, though the reality of it that he still had much more to go.

Dressed down to his pants, the remainder of his apparel set aside, he launched a couple of jabs with his left fist then unleashed a powerful straight with his right. He then repeated it again and again, breathing out small grunts as he did so as his fists flew forward to strike empty air. In his mind he counted the number of times he did this, all the while imagining an opponent as to measure the supposed effects of his blow, whether they were accurate was anyone’s guess.

At the end of his set he changed up his pattern; going for a jab, a straight and ending with a hook and much like the previous sequence he let out grunts, imagined a foe and began counting once more. Overall it was a way to imbed the combo into his mind, to turn it into reflex rather than something he to think about. If he were training with a sword, it would be almost identical to practicing a sword sequence, except here he had his fists to swing and thrust rather than a blade.

For all his dedication however, Kreig knew there was something lacking in his own training and not just in boxing. He had reached a sort of wall he didn’t quite know how to overcome and it aggravated him more than training with a shield or handling Yomi, his gilding. Just how to overcome this wall was something he was unsure of, but perhaps he would learn how today….?

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