Unusual Word Challenge

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Unusual Word Challenge

Postby Karin on October 11th, 2015, 4:54 pm

Hi guys!

So, I was wondering, would anyone be interested in doing a post challenge with me?

Construct a short thread interspersing these words:
  • beldam (a malicious or loathsome old woman)
  • mellifluous (pleasingly smooth or musical sound)
  • zephyr (a light wind (from the West))
  • threnodic (mournful song, similar to 'dirge')
  • susurrus (whispering or rustling)
in the main body of your thread.

Whomever constructs the 'best' story wins-- Well, I'm hoping you'd like to do it out of curiosity and feel for adventure, so I don't have anything to offer as a 'prize', but I think it would be quite fun to do. Anyone up for it, please comment below. When the ten person limit is reached, or (more likely) all the interest has been gathered, then I'll set a date to start and to finish, and anyone who finishes can post their story to this thread for everyone to read.

It can be a flashback, a dream, a job or training thread- basically it can be whatever you want it to be.

Hope you guys like the idea, and if anyone wants to add more words, then please pm me (although I'm not going above 10 words)!


10/7/17- All my threads are marked [open] and as such are open to all. :)
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