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Karin Ironyach

Postby Karin on July 13th, 2015, 8:26 pm

Hello, inquisitive person. Karin is retired! I currently play Allassanachassanya and Meriann. :)

Karin Ironyach, nee. Saeunni

General Information and Appearance 1
Character History and Concept 2
Skills and Lores 3
Possessions and Ledger 4
Housing and NPC's 5
Thread List 6
Personal Linkmap 7

"I am of the sea..."


General Information

  • Name: Karin Ironyach.
  • Race: Human, Svefra.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: Eighteen years old.
  • Birthday: 1st day of Summer, 498 AV.
  • Birthplace: On a casinor in the Suvan Sea.
  • Likes: Nature, quiet, water, swimming, exploring.
  • Dislikes: Isur, noise, cities, pompous people, being out of control.
  • Religion: Believes in Laviku, knows about Ionu.
  • Languages: Fluent Language: Common
    Poor Language: Fratava
  • Other: Can only read and write at a simplistic level.
  • Faceclaim: Aline Weber

Jobs & Employment

Summer-Winter 515 AV :
Karin held a job at Wooden Wonders Workshop in Alvadas' Patchwork Port.

Spring 516 AV :
For the first half of the season, Karin worked on board the Mischief as a simple deckhand. For the latter half of the season, Karin worked at Wavemaster Shipwrighting in Riverfall as an apprentice shipbuilder.

Summer-Winter 516 AV :
Karin worked at Wavemaster Shipwrighting.

Winter 516 AV onwards: At Syka, Karin is building her own business as a shipwright.


Karin has long, blonde hair which is either braided in plaits, or falls free around her face. Her hair is a pale shade of blonde, although in different light it can be darker, almost honey coloured. Under the light of Syna however, her hair shines pale.

She has a tanned and gently freckled complexion, with freckles falling across the bridge of her nose and across her cheeks. The woman's eyes are a dark blue, and along with her low set eyebrows, she often looks quite fierce or distant, even if that is not so. Her lips are usually chapped and her fingernails are short and ragged. Karin's complexion is relatively smooth, and she looks older than her age.

Karin is fit from blacksmithing in her youth and regular swimming, and she looks lean and tall. Her fingers are long and dexterous and the girl often has a scrape or two somewhere on her body.

She usually dresses in simple-spun clothes. She hardly wears any decoration, apart from a string of sea-glass beads, a hand-me-down from her mother. She also has pierced ears, with four tarnished, silver-coloured rings piercing her small ears.

Decorating her left shoulder is Laviku's gnosis, which is in the shape of flowing green, blue, silver and aquamarine waves, which seem to move and swirl on her body. The gnosis is hidden from view by her sleeves most of the time. In later seasons, she has grown more proud of this mark and doesn't hide it any more.

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Karin Ironyach

Postby Karin on September 16th, 2015, 5:30 pm


"Salt and Iron"


Character Concept

Karin is a young, growing woman, who despite her age is rather naive about the world. Since travelling to Riverfall and leaving her family behind, Karin has come to realise this naivety somewhat, and this has grown even further since travelling to Syka. As she is quite a curious individual, she likes learning about things and discovering things new to her. Despite her curiosity though, she is not a foolhardy person.

The Svefra is highly introverted, mostly preferring her own company than that of others. This is not necessarily because she is afraid of others, (although she is sometimes), but because she has little care for chit-chat with people she doesn't know. She also highly values silence, peace and quiet, but isn't adverse to parties amongst friends. Despite her isolated nature, like any concious being, she seeks companionship - or at least conversation from time to time.

Her quiet, introverted nature is often thrown on its head when she's in the water. She feels truly at home in the oceans, and this portrays in her mannerisms- she appears confident and playful. Conversely, she will feel (and appear) nervous and apprehensive if she is in a place she has never been to before.

On Svefra

Since her mother taught and reminded her of her Svefra heritage, Karin is always on the lookout for others of her culture. She seeks with trepidation, for as she has been so long a 'land-lubber' she is afraid any true Svefra will not accept her as one of them. This need to find others stems to her loneliness and her lack of family connections with her mother and step-father. Karin's brief but beneficial friendship with the Kelvic Jay Darkcrest lead the woman to feeling more comfortable in her Svefra skin.

~100 Questions, asked Fall 515 A.V.

Character History

Early Years- 0 to 5 yrs :
Karin Ironyach was born on a casinor, amongst a Svefra pod of unknown origins and name. It was the first day of Summer, and she had been born into the sunshine, with sunlight reflecting off the sea and sparkling on her deep blue eyes. Almost immediately she had the comfort and love of the pod surrounding her. From a very early age, like most Svefra, she was tossed in the water and learnt to swim alongside dolphins, other sea creatures and her Svefra family alike.

Her early childhood was a happy one, but Karin does not remember her early years with the pod, or at least, only remembers fragments. Events outside her control led her to Alvadas, a city that resides on the coastline but away from the sea, and away from the pod. If she had been any older, she would have been devastated, but to Karin's young mind, it was merely a holiday to a strange land. She wasn’t told that she would be there for many more years to come.

Mid years- 6 to 14 yrs :
Her mother tried to surround her with as much love as she could. However, her mother was only really good at one thing- being a wife, not a mother. As much as she cared for her child, her love for Jovern was stronger, and so she was always trying to cater to his every need. This meant she often ignored little Karin. Her step-father on the other hand, was engrossed in other matters. He was strict with Karin, and didn't have any time for her antics. This meant that she had a stagnated home life, where the girl felt shut out and betrayed by her mother. Her step-father was a constant source of heartache for her too, as the two had conflicting natures, and the resentment grew and grew as she did.

The girl was kept sheltered at home and was often forbidden to go outside into the crazy world of Alvadas by an overprotective mother. She was treated kindly enough by both of her parents, but Alnya's suffocating presence did little to help the naturally inquisitive Karin. As she grew up, she was taught a little by Alnya, and learnt basic blacksmithing from Jovern. She helped her mother around their small house, or accompanied Jovern to the forge, if albeit rather begrudgingly. She was a quiet child who grew intensely bored at the monotony of life. On the occasions when the family went out into Alvadas, she was ignored most of the time, and so took to wandering off into the dangers of the streets.

Later years- 15 to 17 yrs :
Soon, Karin started to get the majority of her learning by sneaking out of the house and perusing the markets or the streets, picking up conversations here and there. She longed for freedom. She felt trapped by Alvadas, and took to swimming in pools she found, relishing the feeling of the water on her skin and the freedom from what she was used to. Without knowing why, she felt at home in the waves. Her habit of sneaking out was soon noticed, and she was punished by her step-father from time to time, but when she refused to stop, her mother and step-father simply let her out of the house, perhaps glad that she was no longer getting the way.

However, on one day she was stopped by a stranger in the Bizarre. The man was a traveller, and on seeing Karin he screeched and threatened her, calling her a dirty cutpurse. Karin was alarmed, but more importantly, intrigued.

That evening, she questioned her mother intensively. Why was she called this? Why did the man think she looked different to everyone else? Alnya hesitatingly told her a little of the truth: where she had come from, and what life was like in the pod in her younger years. Although Alnya described it in a way that sounded unappealing, Karin's mind was ablaze with possibility. She knew that her mother was twisting the truth and omitting things here and there. She knew that there was this life out there that was different and open, and most of all, free.

The anger at her family that had been present throughout her life in Alvadas grew, and she took to completely ignoring them, cutting them off completely from her life as she grew older. As she celebrated the seventeenth day of her birth in her own, quiet way, Karin made a plan. To leave Alvadas behind, and discover her Svefra heritage. Simple goals…

Post Creation

Autumn 515 AV: Karin meets a Kelvic of Svefra heritage called Jay, and the two strike up a new friendship over the coming seasons.

Winter 515 AV: The horrors of the undead attack Alvadas, and Karin steps through a door that strangely appears in Alvadas. Inside, she participates in the fight against the undead, and is given a choice. To leave the city on a boat called The Mischief. Due to the horrors, and her increasing ache to be nearer the sea and away from Alvadas, the girl decides to travel to distant shores, without knowing that Jay too would be on the ship.

Spring 516 AV: A new year dawns, and new beginnings too. Karin finds herself in Riverfall, home of the Akalak. Her growing relationship with Jay is cut short as she finds a new purpose in life- become a well-respected shipwright.

Summer 516 AV: Karin starts spending the majority of her time down at the docks, working on boats. She loses contact with Jay, an act which doesn't affect her overly at the time. Shipwrighting becomes her life, and life is good because of it. She's in a good place and finding her feet and where she belongs in life. Life continues as normal throughout Autumn.

Winter 516 AV: The season is a time of massive change for the woman. Growing restless with working as an apprentice for others, and being a very independent woman, she starts feeling like she wants to do her own thing. This is solved where, in a moment of madness, she ups and leaves Riverfall to travel to Syka and start a new life there. The season of Winter is full of heartache and transformation for the woman, who really struggles to adapt to her new life. Without wilderness survival skills and without company, she is thrown into a world and situation entirely of her making. Karin does struggle through though, and begins building her own home and business.

Spring 517 AV: Karin continues struggling through life, and is affected by the curious memory loss that occurs part-way through the season. For the most part however, Karin continues to adapt and grow up. She throws herself mercilessly into her work.

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Karin Ironyach

Postby Karin on January 18th, 2016, 2:37 pm

^Skills and Lores

"Treading water."


(Skills are listed in alphabetical order)
(Novice: 1-25, Competent: 26-50, Expert: 51-75, Master: 76-100).

A to E
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acting +1, +1, +1 EXP 3/100 Novice
Acrobatics +1, +2, +1, +1, +1 EXP 6/100 Novice
Blacksmithing 10 pts SP 10/100 Novice
Bodybuilding +1, +2, +1 EXP 4/100 Novice
Brawling +1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Carpentry +1, +5, +3, +2, +2, +1, +4 EXP 18/100 Novice
Carving 10pts SP, +2, +2, +1, +3 EXP 18/100 Novice
Climbing +1, +1, +2, +1 EXP 5/100 Novice
Cleaning +1, +1 EXP 2/100 Novice
Construction +2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Cosmetology +2, +1 EXP 3/100 Novice
Diplomacy +1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Drawing +1, +1, +4, +3, +1 EXP 10/100 Novice
Endurance +1, +5, +2, +2, +5, +1, +1, +1, +2, +3, +1, +4, +3, +3 EXP 34/100 Competent
F to J
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Foraging +3 EXP 3/100 Novice
Flirting +2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Hostessing +1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Intelligence +2,+3, +1 EXP 6/100 Novice
Interrogation +3, +1, +1, +3 EXP 8/100 Novice
Intimidation +1, +1, +1, +1 EXP 4/100 Novice
Investigation +1, +3, +3, +3, +1, +1, +4, +1, +1 EXP 18/100 Novice
K to O
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Land navigation +2, +1, +1, +2, +1, +3, +3, +1 EXP 14/100 Novice
Logic +2, +1 EXP 3/100 Novice
Mathematics +1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Medicine +2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Meditation +1, +1 EXP 2/100 Novice
Negotiation +2, +1 EXP 3/100 Novice
Observation +3, +3, +5, +5, +3, +4, +3, +1, +2, +2, +3, +5, +5. +2, +3, +1, +4, +2, +5, +4, +5, +5, +2, +2, +1, +3, +3, +2 EXP 88/100 Master
Organisation +2, +1, +1, +5 EXP 9/100 Novice

P to T
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Painting +4 EXP 4/100 Novice
Persuasion +2EXP 2/100 Novice
Philosophy +1EXP 1/100 Novice
Planning +2, +1, +2, +3, +1. +2, +1, +2, +1, +2, +5, +3, +1, +1, +1, +3 EXP 31/100 Competent
Prayer +2, +1 EXP 3/100 Novice
Research +1, +1 EXP 2/100 Novice
Rhetoric +2, +4, +1, +1, +4, +1 EXP 13/100 Novice
Running +1, +2, +1, +2, +2, +3, +1 EXP 12/100 Novice
Sailing +1, +4, +1 EXP 6/100 Novice
Sewing +1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Ship-building +1EXP, +2, +2, +3, +3, +3, +4 EXP 18/100 Novice
Socialisation +1, +1, +3, +1, +5, +1, +5, +5, +1, +4, +5, +3, +1 EXP 36/100 Competent
Spelunking +2EXP 2/100 Novice
Stealth +1, +1, +2 EXP 4/100 Novice
Story-telling +1, +1, +1 EXP 3/100 Novice
Subterfuge +2 EXP 2/100 Novice
Swimming 13pts SP 10pts RB, +5, +2, +1, +2, +1, +3, +4, +1 EXP 42/100 Competent
Tactics +3, +1, +3, +2, +2, +1, +1, +2 EXP 15/100 Novice
Teaching +1, +1 EXP 2/100 Novice

U to Z
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Unarmed Combat +1 EXP 1/100 Novice
Weapon: Club +3 EXP 3/100 Novice
Weapon: Quarterstaff +1, +2 EXP 3/100 Novice
Wilderness Survival (sea) 5pts SP, +1, +1 EXP 7/100 Novice
Wilderness Survival (mountains) +1EXP 1/100 Novice
Wilderness Survival +5 EXP 5/100 Novice
Weaving (Knot-tying) 12pts SP, +2, +1 EXP 15/100 Novice
Writing +2, +1 EXP 3/100 Novice


Lores: 204 (30/6/'17)
  • Skill (Lores that accompany skills)
  • Mizahar Knowledge, including:
    • Location and Geography (Cities)
    • Place and City Information
    • Races and Animals
    • Religion and Gnosis
    • Language
  • Person and History (Meeting a person for the first time, lores about that person)
  • Arcane (Magic-related lores and thoughts)
  • Personal Knowledge/Misc. (Things my PC knows/feels/remembers)).

  • Art: What it means to have an artistic style (or lack of one) {*}
  • Brawling: Keep your eye on your enemy {*}
  • Brawling: Turning household items into weapons {*}
  • Carving & Carpentry in separate tab.
  • Cleaning: Keeping your workspace tidy {*}
  • Climbing: Don't Look Down {*}
  • Club: Basic swinging {*}
  • Combat: Hanging onto one's weapon {*}
  • Cosmetology: Creating simple braid {*}
  • Diplomacy: Making One's Feelings Clearly Known {*}
  • Drawing: Lifting hand to avoid smudges with charcoal {*}
  • Drawing: Using charcoal {*}
  • Drawing: Shorter and more frequent strokes {*}
  • Drawing: Show something at an angle to give perspective {*}
  • Drawing: Start with light lines, then get darker {*}
  • Drawing: Objects become smaller in the distance {*}
  • Drawing: Basic streetscape {*}
  • Drawing: Sea and moon landscape {*}
  • Drawing: Smudging to soften lines {*}
  • Land navigation: Seeking the sea by following one's nose {*}
  • Investigation: Following a stream {*}
  • Interrogation: Ensuring the target is alone {*}
  • Intimidation: Scowling to Look Worse {*}
  • Medicine: Binding wounds {*}
  • Meditation: Distraction One's Thoughts {*}
  • Meditation: Using the sea to aid meditation {*}
  • Negotiation: A gift for a gift {*}
  • Presenting one's assets as a potential hire {*}
  • Painting: Basic varnishing {*}
  • Painting: Base layer and then a top coat {*}
  • Painting: Not too much paint on the brush {*}
  • Painting: Different sized brushes for different levels of detail {*}
  • Planning: Goal to sail into the open seas {*}
  • Planning: To board the Mischief Spring 516 {*}
  • Planning: Order matters {*}
  • Planning a picnic {*}
  • Prayer: Throwing a pebble into the sea in Laviku's name {*}
  • Quarterstaff: Blocking {*}
  • Rhetoric: Holding a train of thought in an argument {*}
  • Rhetoric: Promoting your skills {*}
  • Sailing: The main mast and its function {*}
  • Sailing: Adjusting sails by hauling ropes {*}
  • Sailing: Basic belaying {*}
  • Cleat: Metal part on ships to tie ropes to {*}
  • Search tactics: Using an anchor point {*}
  • Socialisation: Keeping the Voice Flat {*}
  • Socialisation: Making introductions {*}
  • Shipbuilding in separate tab.
  • Spelunking: Crawling in small enclosed spaces {*}
  • Storytelling: The legend of the Wind Eagles {*}
  • Swimming: Simple diving {*}
  • Swimming: Treading water {*}
  • Swimming: Recovering a fallen object in shallow water {*}
  • Using a lever to lift something {*}
  • Start training with stretching {*}
  • Stealth: Matching the Crowd {*}
  • Stealth: Avoiding People Who Know Who She Isn't {*}
  • Tactics: Spotting a blind spot {*}
  • Weapons: Recognizing a Quarterstaff {*}
  • Weaving: Basic sailor's knot {*}
  • Wilderness Survival: Gathering driftwood {*}
  • Wilderness Survival: Getting a fire started in the damp weather {*}
  • Wilderness Survival/Observation: Watching what the wildlife eats to know what is edible {*}
  • Wilderness Survival: Finding/Utilising natural bedding {*}
  • Wilderness Survival: Shoring up structures with ropes {*}
  • Wilderness Survival: Building a structure {*}
  • Wilderness Survival: Making tools or re-purposing non-tool items as tools {*}

Carpentry & Carving
  • Carving: Nose peg {*}
  • Carving: The importance of wood quality {*}
  • Carving: Basic gouge techniques {*}
  • Carving: Subtractive sculpting {*}
  • Carving: Anchoring with clamps {*}
  • Carving: Smoothing out a finished work with sandpaper {*}
  • Carpentry: Picking the right saw {*}
  • Carpentry: sawing a plank in half {*}
  • Carpentry: Basic filing {*}
  • Carpentry: Plans for a bed {*}
  • Carpentry: Proper hammering technique {*}
  • Finding the right tool for the job {*}
  • Carpentry: Who needs a headboard, really? {*}
  • Carpentry: Lacing slats together {*}
  • Carpentry: The necessity of polishing wood {*}
  • Carpentry: Varnishing wood {*}
  • Varnishing: Use of sandpaper to correct uneven varnishing {*}
  • Carpentry: Plans for a crib {*}
  • Carpentry: Smoothing wood by following the grain {*}
  • Carpentry: Sawing planks of wood {*}
  • Carpentry: Sandpapering wood to smooth it {*}
  • Carpentry: Don't overcarve {*}
  • Carving: Properties of ash wood {*}

  • Mast: Made out of two planks {*}
  • Spine: Also known as keel {*}
  • Spine: Directs forward movement {*}
  • Spine: Needed to be left with clamps overnight {*}
  • Oars: More complex than one would think {*}
  • Shipbuilding: Fixing a broken plank {*}
  • Shipbuilding: How to repair a hole in the side {*}
  • Shipbuilding: Building the shell upside-down {*}
  • Shipbuilding: Many planks form a boat {*}
  • Shipbuilding: Covering an unfinished boat with a tarpaulin overnight {*}
  • Finding the skeleton frame by hitting the wood {*}
  • Shipbuilding: Clinker built {*}
  • Shipbuilding: Shaping wood against the bow {*}
  • Rain: Unfavourable weather for shipbuilding {*}
  • Rain: Causes unvarnished wood to warp {*}
  • Job: Fishing boat with broken side {*}
  • Theadora: Participating in building {*}

-Wood Types
  • Ash: Light and tough {*}
  • Ash: Lightweight and easy to bend {*}
  • Tar: Dark, Oily and Sticky {*}
  • Tar: Difficult to manage {*}
  • Glue: Made of animal bones {*}

  • Dry dock: Place to repair ships {*}

Mizahar Knowledge
Location and Geography (Cities)
  • Location: The Bizarre Bazaar {*}
  • Location: Patchwork Port {*}
  • Location: Wooden Wonders Workshop {*}
  • Alvadas location: The Cubacious Inn {*}
  • Alvadas location: The Southern Bastion {*}
  • Alvadas location: Temple of Ionu {*}
  • Location: The Mischief {*}
  • Endrykas: City of the sea of grass {*}
The Suvan Sea/Outer Oceans
  • The Sebaken Ocean {*}
Wind Reach
  • Wind Reach: Home of the Inarta {*}
  • Location: The Riverfall Port {*}
  • Location: The Wavemaster's Shipwright {*}
Place Information
  • Lore of Alvadas: Location Changing (SP)
  • Alvadas: A feeling of sickness and sleepiness within the city {*}
  • Secret cavern with a hidden door {*}
  • An eldritch shadow {*}
  • The cat and dog of moon and sun {*}
  • Event: Sinking streets of Alvadas (Spring 515) {*}
  • Alvadas event: Day and night illusion {*}
  • Alvadas event: Undead battle of Winter 515 {*}
  • Alvadas event: The strong winds of Winter 515 AV {*}
  • The Mischief: Changes Appearance {*}
Wind Reach
  • Wind Reach: City of castes {*}
  • Wind Reach: Endals {*}
  • Wind Reach: Deks {*}
  • Sahova: The Undead are Dangerous {*}
  • Ahnatep: City of Eypharians
  • Riverfall Port: Busier than the Patchwork Port
Races and Animals
  • Blamed for theft due to being a Svefra {*}
  • Wind Eagles: Telepathic {*}
  • Konti: Kind and Knowing {*}
  • Kelvics: Sometimes far younger than they appear {*}
  • Kelvics: Have little concern for nudity {*}
Religion and Gnosis
  • Lore of Religion: Laviku (SP)
  • A prayer and thanks to the god Laviku {*}
  • Strong gusts of wind; a sign from Laviku? {*}
  • Is there a God of Wind? {*}
  • A ritual offering to Laviku {*}
  • Izurdin: Father of the Isur {*}
  • Oceanus: Makes Her Match Sailors {*}
  • Nari: Language of clicks and whistles {*}

  • Aedre: Sadness and silence
  • (Aislyn Leavold) Illisha: Charcoal artist {*}
  • (Aislyn Leavold) Illisha: Lived in Alvadas all her life {*}
  • Alnya: Tried to keep Karin close for her own happiness {*}
  • Alnya: Like a broken woman {*}
  • Mother and step-father's plan to move to Sultros {*}
  • Cadog: Owner of Wooden Wonders Workshop {*}
  • Ferny: Cadog's son {*}
  • Hav & Aedre: Work at the Wavemaster's Shipwright
  • Jay Darkcrest: Marten Kelvic of a Svefra Father {*}
  • Jay Darkcrest: Seen Much of the World {*}
  • Jay Darkcrest: Inviting Disposition {*}
  • Jay Darkcrest: Family Disappeared {*}
  • Jay Darkcrest: Curious of Alvadas {*}
  • Jay: A 'pure' Svefra {*}
  • Jay: A Kelvic Svefra friend {*}
  • Jay's Kelvic form: Red marten {*}
  • Karin: Of the sea {*}
  • Asking mother about past {*}
  • Mother's story of how and why she left the pod {*}
  • Nephti: Sayana's slave {*}
  • Picalum: Owner of the Wavemaster's Shipwright {*}
  • Sayana: Six armed woman {*}
  • Sayana: Has a baby {*}
  • Xarrt: Shadyn's Wind Eagle {*}

Personal Knowledge
  • Starting a new job {*}
  • Strange dreams of darkness {*}
  • Life in a pod: "Unstable" {*}
  • The cleansed feeling of the ocean {*}
  • One day I will be of the sea once more {*}
  • The Darkcrest Pod {*}
  • Tricks to avoid homelife {*}
  • Confrontation with mother and step-father {*}
  • Chaos and horror of battle {*}
  • Freedom of carefree running {*}
  • Sensation of being picked up forcefully by the wind {*}
  • Saying goodbye to family {*}
  • Feeling: No place to belong {*}
  • Revisiting the Cubacious Inn {*}
  • Underwater means slower {*}
  • Working as a crew {*}
  • No longer tied to Alvadas and her old home {*}
  • Parties are about being together {*}
  • Alvadas parties versus Svefra parties {*}
  • Swimming in the company of another {*}
  • The Wavemaster's Shipwright: New workplace {*}
  • Karin: Wishes to be trusted {*}
  • Self: The joys of shipbuilding {*}
  • Self: Bad handwriting {*}
  • Self: Enjoys a challenge {*}
  • Mischief: Place where everything began {*}
  • Self: Prefers working in a small crew {*}

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    Karin Ironyach

    Postby Karin on January 18th, 2016, 2:45 pm

    ^Possessions and Ledger

    "One day I will have a boat,
    and I shall live on the sea."


    • One simple cream-coloured shirt (starting)
    • One simple, grey-green cloak (starting)
    • Sleeveless grey cotton shirt {*}
    • White ramie lace-up shirt {*}
    • Black V-neck shirt {*}
    • Dark green sleeveless jacket {*}
    • One pair of simple, dark-brown trousers, slightly fraying on one seam (starting)
    • Simple undergarments (starting)
    • Brown leather boots {*}
    • Canvas trousers {*}

    • Four silver rings, well tarnished. (Starting purchase)
    • Leather belt {*}

    • 1 eating knife with a twine wrapped around the handle tied in a bow (starting)
    • 1 scuffed backpack (starting)
    • Flint & steel (starting)
    • {*} A leather-bound journal, used as notebook.
    • {*} Writing equipment.
    • {*} Crude wooden nose peg, that Karin made herself. Sometimes it gives her splinters.
    • An unused razor (starting)
    • 1 very scuffed waterskin (starting)
    • Simple towel {*}

    • Some coils of thin hemp rope (Starting purchase)
    • Spade {*}
    • Saw {*}
    • Woodcarver's and shipwright's kits (purchased here). Woodcarver's includes:
      • A set of chisels for carving soft and hard wood.
      Shipwright's includes:
      • Hammer,
      • Heavy mallet,
      • Measuring tape,
      • Basic level,
      • Ruler,
      • Charcoal & paper,
      • One simple boat plan.

    • {*} Wooden club.
    • {*} Bone hilt dagger
    • {*} Leather dagger scabbard
    • {*} Quarterstaff, made of a sturdy, dark wood.



    • A wooden comb with two teeth missing (starting)
    • A wooden hairbrush (starting)
    • A sliver of soap (starting)

    • 100 Gold Mizas (from starting package, see ledger for up-to-date money)
    • Wooden chest

    IMG :

    • {*} Charcoal drawing of the sea and boats, signed by Illisha. Karin keeps it folded in her bag, unsure where to place it.

    What's lost, discarded or given away.
    • One pair of simple brown leather boots (Lost as of 45th Autumn 515 AV on the streets of Alvadas, near to a mauve house)
    • Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth) (starting) Consumed.

    Image Inventory

    Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
    In Backpack
    Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image (*) Image Image Image (**) Image (***) Image
    *A rough approximation
    **Eating knife
    ***Flint and steel
    On Person
    Image Image
    Living Quarters
    Image Image Image

    Heirloom: A thread of sea-glass beads, made out of green, blue, aquamarine, clear and dark green glass. This thread can be tied together to form a necklace, it can be threaded through hair, or at a pinch wrapped around your knuckles to make a mediocre weapon, although it would likely shatter and cut your fingers if you didn't have some material padding. It was handed down to Karin by her mother, who didn't want it any more after one of the beads broke.



    517 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Carry over X 291 GM 4 SM
    Seasonal expenses (Poor*) -45 GM 246 GM 4 SM
    *Due to difficulties of living in Syka and Karin's absence of a good diet/home

    516 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Simple room at the Cubacious Inn for four days {*} -4 SM 454 GM 4 CM
    Overpriced quarterstaff {*} -6 GM 448 GM 4 CM
    Spring 516 Living Expenses -135 GM 313 GM 4 CM
    25 days accommodation at Atri's Place {*} 66th-91st -75 GM 238 GM 4 CM
    Spring wages *, * +283 GM 521 GM 4 CM
    517 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Carry Over - 246 GM 4 SM
    Seasonal Living Expenses (Poor) -45 GM 201 GM 4 SM
    Spade {*} -2 GM 199 GM 4 SM
    Saw {*} -4 GM 195 GM 4 SM

    516 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Seasonal Living Expenses (common) -135 GM 386 GM 4 CM
    91 days rent at Atri's Place, at 3GM/day -273 GM 113 GM 4 CM
    Summer wages (*, *) +455 GM 568 GM 4 CM

    515 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Starting +100 Gold Mizas 100 Gold Mizas
    (Starting) Four silver earrings - 8 GM 92 GM
    (Starting) 25ft of hemp rope - 50 SM 91 GM & 50 SM
    Sausage street food {*} -4 SM 91 GM and 46 SM
    Pound of ham {*} - 5 GM 86 GM 46 SM
    2 ounces of onions {*} - 10 SM 86 GM 36 SM
    2 pounds of mushrooms {*} - 2 GM 84 GM 36 SM
    Blank leather-bound book {*} - 3 GM 81 GM 36 SM
    1 oz. vial of black ink {*} - 1 GM 80 GM 36 SM
    Quill, soft brown feather {*} - 5 CM 80 GM 35 SM 5 CM
    Summer 515AV wages {*} {*} +273 GM 353 GM 35 SM 5 CM
    Summer 515AV living expenses (common) -135 GM 218 GM 35 SM 5 CM
    517 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Carry-over - Amount

    516 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Shipwright's toolkit {*} -35 GM 533 GM 4 SM
    Woodcarver's toolkit {*} -50 GM 483 GM 4 SM
    Large, average quality chest {*} -2 GM 481 GM 4 SM
    Living expenses (common) -135 GM 346 GM 4 SM
    91 days rent at Atri's Place, at 3GM/day -273 GM 73 GM 4 SM
    Autumn wages *, * +455 GM 528 GM 4 SM

    515 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Autumn 515AV living expenses (common) -135 GM 83 GM 35 SM 5 CM
    Autumn 515 AV wages {*} {*} +273 GM 356 GM 35 SM 5 CM
    Bone hilt dagger, leather scabbard and ash wood {*} -1 GM, 6 SM, 1 CM 355 GM 29 SM 4 CM
    Drawing lesson {*} -15 GM 340 GM 29 SM 4 CM
    Rearranging - 342 GM 9 SM 4 CM
    Shopping thread {*} -29 GM 5 SM 313 GM 4 SM 4 CM
    516 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Carry over X 528 GM 4 SM
    Seasonal expenses (Common) -135 GM 393 GM 4 SM
    Atri's Place Rent -102 GM 291 GM 4 SM

    515 AV

    Purchase Cost Total
    Winter 515 AV living expenses (common) -135 GM 178 GM 4 SM 4 CM
    Winter 515 AV wages {*} {*} +276 GM 454 GM 4 SM 4 CM

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    Karin Ironyach

    Postby Karin on January 18th, 2016, 2:51 pm

    ^Housing and Relationships

    "If I could choose my own family..."


    Location: Near Treasure Point, Syka

    Before 3rd Spring 516 AV :
    Alvadas, the City of Illusions: Karin lives with her mother and step-father. Their income is small, with only Jovern's job at the forge providing for the family. The cottage is small, with only one open-plan room. Karin's parents have a small cot in the corner of the room, which is raised slightly off the floor to allow ventilation. Karin sleeps on a simple pallet bed on the floor, in between the door and the fire.

    There is a small table situated in the middle of the floor, which has a couple of wooden bowls stacked rather messily on top. The walls are a rough, earthen colour and the floor is similar, with rough hessian covering the areas where feet tread most often. Near to Karin's sleeping area is her backpack and a small knot of rope which she has been practising her knotting on.

    A small stack of wood is resting next to the fire, alongside a small cooking-pot and a slightly larger container containing some water. There is one small window looking out onto the streets, but the panes are quite old and cracked. Apart from the obvious repairs that need to be made, the house is clean and neat. A sack next to the door contains Jovern's blacksmithing supplies, when he is at home.

    There is also a small chair next to the fire where Alnya often sits, fixing clothes or cooking the next meal for the family. Karin, when at home, can be found hunched over her knotting, concentrating furiously. However, more likely she can be seen exiting the house via the warped, wooden door, which creaks loudly unless pulled open very slowly.

    4th - 65th Spring 516 AV :
    Karin is now technically homeless. Her parents have moved from Alvadas and sold their house and possessions for money to pay for their travel and money to set up a new home in Sultros. None of this money transferred to Karin, who now has only the money she has earnt for herself.

    She now lives on board the ship The Mischief, in the small cabinsImage that are provided for the crew. As she has little time to make it her own space, it is simply furnished, and all her possessions are kept safe in the bag she brought on board from Alvadas.

    Her bed is a simple wooden framed cot, with woollen sheets and a scratchy pillow. She shares the room with a brown-haired woman, who is a performer and rarely sleeps in her bunk. When she does however, the woman's a snorer.

    There are no windows, and most often the room is kept alight by a lamp bolted to a small table that lies against the wall. The door is not much of a door, and more like a low doorframe.

    However, Karin likes her sleeping quarters, as the regular motion of the waves are soothing to her.

    66th Spring-40th Winter 516AV :
    Karin lives in a small room at Atri's Place. It is dingy, but functional. However, she chooses to spend as little time there as she can, preferring instead to be outside as much as possible, and often spending as many bells as she can at her workplace.

    40th Winter 516 AV onwards
    Karin lives in a hut that she has constructed on the coast near to Treasure Point in the settlement of Syka.


    The Seagrass Pod

    Karin knows and can remember little to nothing of life in the Seagrass Pod. It was (and is) quite a large pod, considering. At any given time there was a palivar and a casinor always firmly rooted as the main components of the pod, but friends came and went often, resulting in a pod that sometimes took on up to five other casinors at the same time.

    In fact, the Seagrass Pod still sails the seas, with many of the same crew and family members that were there during Karin's time. Their path wanders mightily, but of late they have been keeping to the Outer Oceans.

    Memories Karin does retain usually feature happy times in the young girl's life- parties on the beach, a distant father figure lifting her up into his arms, throngs of people aboard throngs of ships... The one thing she has forgotten about his her older brother, as during her younger years he was often away with family friends learning to fish and sail away from their mother, who was at that time in quite a worrying state.


    Alnya Ironyach, middle aged Svefran woman.
    Alnya Ironyach, nee. Seagrass is relatively short with a slim figure. She has wavy, brown hair streaked with grey, which she wears cut relatively short, falling against the nape of her neck. Her arms are faintly muscled from work. Her eyes are a pale light blue/green colour. Her face has a naive, trusting look.

    Born on the sea, the first thing Alnya did was thrown up. She had a miserable childhood, amongst friends and happy faces but feeling lost and uncomfortable inside. Alnya spent as much time as she could on land, helping build boats. Thus, she is very skilled in woodwork and wood crafting. Alnya however has always wanted to be elsewhere. When she was 16, she had a relationship with another Svefran man, and had a baby girl.

    For a while she felt like she fitted in, but she soon grew unhappy again. Her child was well looked after by the pod, so Alnya took to going away. She often went with trading parties and this is where she met Jovern. Their interest in working wood and metal gave them something to talk about, and as they talked more, they got more and more intimate. Both Alnya and Jovern had felt isolated and alone with their families, they were both the black sheep of the family.

    Jovern persuaded Alnya to leave with him, and come back to Alvadas with him. In an act which shocked and left her pod reeling, Alnya stole her child away from the pod and cut all ties, living in on land where she felt at home, finally.
    Alnya has a negative Oceanus gnosis mark, due to her deliberate leaving of the sea with her child, something which Laviku sees as depriving him of a 'worshipper'. Alnya is now afraid to go to the sea, as she would be targeted by sea predators and almost certainly killed.

    UPDATE: Spring 516 AV onwards- Alnya now lives with Jovern in Sultros, after the horrors of Winter 515 AV in Alvadas drove them elsewhere.

    • 40 points Carving
    • 5 points Blacksmithing
    • 5 points Cooking

    Jovern Ironyach (Clan Pitrius) Middle aged Isurian man.
    Jovern Ironyach has dark tinted hair, and he has a somewhat stern appearance. He usually is dressed in a blacksmithing apron, and his hands are usually dirty from ash. His left arm is dark black with silver veins.

    His family had always been religious, alongside the scholarly learning traditions of the Pitrius clan. Jovern however, had been an extremely different and unusual child. He was extrovert and always talked with any visiting merchants and traders. He had a passion for learning, which was in keeping with the usual traits of a Pitrius Isurian, but he wanted to explore the world...

    His family tried to integrate him properly into Pitrius and Isurian culture, but Jovern did not understand why he had to be there, nor why he had to learn about things which didn't interest him. When he was 43, he left Pitrius Citadel and Isurians far behind and travelled the world, searching for information and knowledge about many different things. His family forbade him from giving away secrets of his blacksmithing trade, and Jovern agreed, as he still cared very deeply for his family, although he now works as a blacksmith in Kitrean Krafts.

    Although not extremely religious, he still had a faith in Izurdin, which he practised whilst on his travels. The Isurian people are deeply distrusting of the outside world and although Jovern wanted to embrace life he still feels some resentment to strangers on occasion. He also often comes across resentment from other Isurians for his alternate lifestyle, thus he lives a life which is often quite isolated. He now lives in Alvadas, having settled in a place which befits his mood and provides excitement in the form of the constant illusions.

    Jovern tried courting various Isurian women shortly before leaving Pitrius Citadel, but he was not well received, and he has often pondered if this is another reason why he left. He realised it was when he met Alnya, a Svefran woman, with whom he shared common interests. He fell in love with her, and persuaded her to uproot and come and live with him back home in Alvadas, taking Alnya's child with her.

    UPDATE: Spring 516 AV onwards- Jovern now lives with Alnya in Sultros after the horrors of Winter 515 AV in Alvadas drove them elsewhere.

    • 40 points Blacksmithing
    • 10 points Wilderness Survival (Mountains).

    The Blackshore Pod

    Her brother does exist though. During adolescence, he spent a lot of time and effort searching for Karin, asking sailors, asking around at any port they put in at, quizzing any blonde-haired, blue eyed girls that he found. Of course, his sister was only young when she left, and called by a different name at that. He never did find his sister, and during a meet-up with the small Blackshore Pod, he met a different girl. This one though, he fell in love with. He left the Seagrasses, and joined the Blackshores.

    The Blackshore Pod was started in 494 AV by Balsha Blackshore. Years ago, Balsha and her mate Alez sailed all over the seas, as Svefra are wont to do. The pair had a lust for adventure and free-spiritedness, and often found themselves wandering from their family and their pod to explore inlets and beaches. One bright day, the two of them discovered a beach in the Middle Suvan, made entirely of black sand. That in itself was a wonder, but as they explored, the two stumbled upon a disastrous scene. Three dolphins, a young mother and two calves were beached on the shore, flapping and gasping for air.

    Although Balsha was heavily pregnant, they decided to help out Laviku's creatures, and brought the dolphins to safety. To their surprise and happiness, the dolphins started following them and their ships. A few days later, Balsha gave birth to their first child. If that wasn't a sign, they said, then what was? From then on, the Blackshore Pod was born.

    Since then, Lia Balsha and her family have sailed all over the Suvan, finding beautiful places and making friends with the local wildlife (although this has almost cost them their lives on many occasions!). As soon as they heard of Syka, the pod sailed to the foundling city and found it to their liking. Although they do not stay there all year, through Autumn and Winter the Blackshores are a common sight around Syka, alongside their two ships: the casinor, the Lovely Joan, and palivar, Laviku's Leisure.

    The pod are firm worshippers of Caiyha as well as Laviku, and often have parties dedicated to the deities. They believe that being joyful is the most important thing in life, and as such they live with soul. They are kind and caring individuals, who would never hesitate to help an animal in need, as long as said animal wasn't trying to devour them. As such, they get on especially well with Kelvics. If there is one thing the pod hate it is slavery and despair. They have had a few near misses and narrow escapes with some of the crueller slaver ships before, and wouldn't hesitate to help a stranger in need. That being said, they are not overly trusting of everything, and have managed to survive because of their good problem-solving and teamwork.


    Svefra are as a whole an adventurous race, and the Blackshores are not an exception to this rule. However, they do have certain places that they are stationary in for certain times of the year. These are:

    All Autumn & Winter: At Syka, moored. Before 516 they overwintered at Riverfall instead.

    Spring 1st-5th: Syka, celebrating the Valterrian

    Spring 75th-90th: Syliras, getting supplies

    Summer 50th-60th: At the Anchorage Flotilla

    The rest of the year, the pod sails all over the Suvan. They rarely stray to the Outer Oceans, preferring instead to explore the many inlets and coves of the Suvan coastline. However, as they are moored for half a season at Syka, they are often considered a Sykan (previously Riverfallian) pod.

    Lia Balsha
    ImageName: Lia Balsha Blackshore, nee. Farcaster.
    Race: Human, Svefra
    DoB: 23rd Summer, 473 AV
    PoB: Northern Suvan
    Title: Ma, but mostly just Lia.
    Skills: Sailing, 70, Leadership: 48, Swimming: 69, Cooking: 34, Unarmed Combat: 50, Medicine: 45
    Gnosis: Oceanus, mark 1

    Additional Info: The Lia is a soft-hearted yet firm individual who cares very strongly for the creatures of the sea. She can't deny someone in need... unless that someone disrespects her culture, her family, or the sea. Then they will be cut out cold. However, for the most part, the Lia is a very capable woman who enjoys the simple pleasures in life.

    She is always ready to attempt to heal someone of their woes, whether through careful listening, or through medicine. Though she often acts as a kind of grandmotherly figure, Balsha doesn't mind getting stern if it's needed.

    ImageName: Alez Blackshore, nee. Farcaster
    Race: Human, Svefra
    DoB: 59th Fall, 469 AV
    PoB: Middle Suvan
    Title: N/A
    Skills: Sailing, 45, Fishing: 65, Swimming: 60, Hunting: 35, Storytelling: 70
    Gnosis: Oceanus, mark 1

    Additional Info: Alez, although grizzled and somewhat scary to people who have never met him, has a heart of gold. A simple man, all Alez wishes for in life is a calm ocean in which to fish, and family and friends to tell stories to. During his youth, the man was a bit of a pirate. His days were full of adventure, his nights full of passion, his pockets full of mizas. Yet now he has put (most) of that behind him. Alez lives for his family, and wouldn't be happy with anything else. His greatest pleasure in life is fishing, and he can often be seen encouraging others to come sit with him and catch fish together.

    During quiet evenings around the campfire, Alez delights in telling elaborate tales of woe and hardship. Although, he always makes sure that the hero wins at the end of the day.

    ImageName: Satavia Blackshore
    Race: Human, Svefra
    DoB: 18th Autumn, 494 AV
    PoB: Middle Suvan
    Title: 'Tavia'
    Skills: Sailing: 46, Carving: 40, Leatherworking: 50, Fishing: 35, Swimming: 63, Dance: 48, Astronomy: 33.
    Gnosis: Oceanus, mark 1
    Additional Info:

    Satavia is the first-born child of the Lia. She is a beautiful, blonde woman who is somewhat quiet during the daytime at least. She goes about her day to day tasks with a simple joy, but it is the evening when she truly becomes alive. Ever since childhood, Satavia has relished the rising of the moon above the surface of the glimmering sea and the shining of the stars in the sky. During the daytime, she loves making jewellery, especially from driftwood and seashells. Then, during the evening, all her senses come alive and the woman lets loose her thoughts, opinions and laughter. Every colour is a blessing, every sensation of evening a delight. She especially enjoys watching the sun go down, and offers a blessing to Syna every day at this occasion. Satavia is fond of dancing, and will often do so dressed in her jewellery, dancing around the campfire.

    She is expecting Forbennen's child (a girl, due 50th Spring 517 AV).
    ImageName: Forbennen Blackshore
    Race: Human, Svefra
    DoB: 70th Spring, 493 AV
    PoB: Northern Suvan
    Title: Ben, Bennen
    Skills: Sailing 45, Fishing 10, Swimming 37, Investigation: 32,
    Gnosis: Oceanus, mark 1

    Additional Info:

    Bennen was born to the Seagrass Pod. He had a younger sister who disappeared when he was just a boy, and this moment defined much of his adolescence. He was always on the lookout for her, until his eyes fell upon Satavia. He fell in love with the young woman whilst at the Anchorage Flotilla, and their lives have never been the same since. Ever since that moment, Ben has firmly anchored himself in the lives of the Blackshores. Although probably the most serious member of the family, he's probably the one most likely to end up in some risky situation due to ill-given advice, or simply because his natural curiosity gets him into trouble.

    He values the simplicity of friendships over drama any day. If there's one thing that he hates, it's personal drama and arguments.

    Ben was born to Alnya five years before Karin came on the scene. His life with her was much the same as how Karin had it, except that Alnya gave the lad the attention he needed during his younger years. However, upon the arrival of his little sister and the subsequent rending of the family, Ben soon became a sullen child, upset and angry at his mother for leaving. He escaped being taken away from the pod merely because on the day that they left, he was out fishing with family friends.

    For most of the rest of his life, Ben sought to find his sister and return her to her rightful home. However, life got in the way, and he left his family's pod to join the Blackshores.

    His and Karin's past :
    What he knows:
    • Karin is actually called Saeunni
    • They were from the Seagrass pod, which was quite large and boasted a palivar and a casinor at any one time
    • Their father is dead, and died after catching some form of disease which attacked his lungs
    • The Seagrass pod still lives on, but Ben doesn't know where they sail anymore, and only keeps in contact through a friend, and even then only occasionally

    (PC sister: Karin Ironyach, born Saeunni Seagrass)

    ImageName: Elesi Blackshore
    Race: Human, Svefra
    DoB: 9th Winter, 497 AV
    PoB: Southern Suvan
    Title: N/A
    Skills: Sailing: 49, Fishing: 7, Swimming: 67, Animal Husbandry (Dogs): 36, Play Musical Instrument (Flute): 55
    Gnosis: Oceanus, mark 1
    Additional Info:

    Elesi is the younger sister of Satavia. She is excessively energetic, and finds enjoyment in almost everything. A creative soul, Elesi is the most sociable of the family, and she's usually the one to greet people and invite them onto their casinor. She's an honest individual, but a lot of the time she doesn't really understand the finer points of emotion and feeling. Because of this, she sometimes comes off as insensitive. However, she has a very loyal heart, and everywhere she goes she is accompanied by her faithful hound, 'Gis.


    ImageA pastavik water dog (see Dogs lore page), 'Gis is 5 years old [b/d: 511 AV]. A relaxed dog around those he's familiar with, he will often growl warningly at anyone he doesn't know. However, it usually takes about 20 days of regular contact for him to get comfy with you. He loves barking at parrots, and sneaking up on ducks. 'Gis is quite good at hunting, but only up to a point, as he tends to distract himself easily. Elesi doesn't mind- she keeps him because he is a good guard-dog, and she trusts his sense of a stranger's character.

    ImageName: Fabia Blackshore
    Race: Human, Svefra
    DoB: 92nd Winter, 511 AV
    PoB: Middle Suvan
    Title: Fab!
    Skills: Swimming: 25, Dancing: 15, Sailing: 10
    Gnosis: Oceanus, mark 1

    Additional Info:

    Fabia is a small girl who loves to pull pranks on others. Her cheeky grin and infectious laugh usually sets the whole family off. She greatly enjoys playing in the sand, and most especially loves dressing up in fancy clothes and dancing with her family.

    ImageName: Silven Blackshore
    Race: Human, Svefra
    DoB: 25th Spring, 505 AV
    PoB: Northern Suvan
    Title: N/A
    Skills: Swimming: 25, Fishing: 10, Drawing: 20
    Gnosis: Oceanus, mark 1

    Additional Info:

    Silven is Fabia's older brother, and is very protective of his little sister. He's probably the quietest family member, and so gets along well with his father Alez. Most of the time, the two can be seen dangling their legs over the side of the ship, fishing lines cast out into the sea they love so dearly.

    The Pod's Ships
    The Lovely Joan
    The Lovely Joan
    ImageThe Lovely Joan is a casinor, so named after a monkey Elesi made friends with when she was just five years old. The monkey is long gone, but she did so love the monkey that her mother reluctantly re-named the ship, from the Oceana to the Lovely Joan.

    The Lovely Joan is usually decked with blue sails, and is a well-loved if cluttered ship. It is the home of Forbennen and Satavia, bedecked with fishing gear and trinkets their family have collected over the years. Inside, the sleeping quarters are small, but plushly furnished, with heavy throw-rugs and brightly coloured blankets covering hammocks. The kitchen is barely used as the two usually get their food in Laviku's Leisure, however it still functions as a kind of kitchen. You will usually find Forbennen and Satavia on the decks, or in the rigging fixing the sails or fishing over the side. During difficult weather, all of their belongings are quickly stowed inside, but during the time the two have been sailing together, a few of their treasured possessions have become home for the coral and the fish that live on the seabed.

    Lavikus Leisure
    Laviku's Leisure
    ImageLaviku's Leisure houses the rest of the family, being a palivar measuring roughly 75 ft. The ship is their pride and joy, being relatively new, tidy, sturdy yet swift as a storm. The deck is sun-bleached pale wood, and one is never far from a pile of rope. During calm weather or when docked, Laviku's Leisure usually houses a collection of seabirds who have come to appreciate the Lia's kindness towards them. Comfy, exotic pillows from all over Mizahar are brought out onto the deck and on lazy days are used as seats as the occupants chat and share stories together.

    Below deck, there are several rooms, although most a quite cramped if cosy. The living quarters are shared by the whole family, and hammocks are stringed up and put away in an open-plan interior which also houses 'Gis and a collection of different clothes and half-built jewellery, flutes, or other assorted nick-nacks. The galley is the largest room, with a good cooker in one corner that provides warmth in the winter, and a large table and stools bolted to the floor in the centre of the room that act as an eating place and a food preparation area. The only other room is a tiny cupboard that is used as a storage room for tackle, spare rope, sail repair equipment, dried food and water. Although the room isn't too small, the amount of stuff crammed into it more than makes up for it.

    The Podkin
    ImageThe rescue of a small family of dolphins in 494 AV has meant that the Blackshores have a small pod of dolphins accompanying them almost everywhere. The two aren't always together, and it has been known for the dolphins to swim off by themselves for up to half a season, but they are usually swimming about in the waters nearby. They have especially strong connections with Satavia, Alez and the Lia, as these are who they've grown up with. Satavia's tavan is Abella, Alez's Vitoria and the Lia's tavan is called 'Iksa.

    A Family Tree

    *Clicking on the image will take you to a larger version.



    ImageName: Jay Darkcrest
    Date met: Karin first met Jay in Fall 65th, 515 AV. Their meeting was perhaps unusual, but fortunate- with Alvadas covered with mountains, the two talked about all things ranging from family to being a Svefra.
    Status of relationship: Jay Darkcrest is probably Karin's closest friend. She feels a great deal of happiness when in his presence, and feels especially close to him because of his upbringing as a Svefra. She is forever curious about his past though, and one day wishes he would trust her enough to tell her what happened to him, all those years ago.
    ImageName: Sayana
    Date met: Fall 26, 515 AV. Sayana came into Karin's workplace asking for a few items.
    Status of relationship: Karin is slightly doubtful of this commanding Eypharian, and still wonders sometimes what her real purpose was when she asked her to watch the docks.

    ImageName: Nephti
    Date met: Fall 26, 515 AV. Nephti came to collect Sayana's purchase.
    Status of relationship: Nephti is a strange child, mostly because of her multiple arms, but also her sense of loneliness that Karin got from her. However, for the most part, she was just another customer.

    ImageName: Illisha (Aislyn)
    Date met: 31st of Fall, 515 AV. The two women met in the dark by sheer accident, and somehow were both in the right mood- one to feel brave enough to learn how to draw from a stranger, and the other brave enough to offer drawing lessons to a stranger.
    Status of relationship: Karin has strange memories of the night she'd learnt a little how to draw. She also has the drawing to prove it, still, lodged somewhere in her rucksack. To her, Illisha was just another strange aspect of Alvadas, a somewhat quiet and unassuming woman.

    Name: Shadyn
    Date met: 52nd Fall, 515 AV. Karin got caught staring at a rather large eagle, and ends up going for a meal with two Inarta.
    Status of relationship: Upon looking back, Karin gets annoyed at this encounter, angry with the man who was so haughty. That much haughtiness in one person could get a man in trouble...

    ImageName: Phobius
    Date met: 52nd Fall, 515 AV. Karin got caught staring at a rather large eagle, and ends up going for a meal with two Inarta.
    Status of relationship: At the time, Karin felt a little sorry for this younger Inarta. However, looking back now she mostly finds his childishness amusing and slightly frustrating.

    ImageName: Naia Whitewater
    Date met: 5th Winter 515 AV. Their meeting was an off-chance, and lead to Karin learning about the Mischief, and subsequently her ticket out of Alvadas.
    Status of relationship: Naia is another Svefra, so Karin automatically feels connected to the woman. She's like a crisp breeze however, sometimes perhaps too crisp for Karin's liking. (This is a prediction of how she'd react, as Naia's writer has disappeared!)

    ImageName: Cyrene
    Date met: 45th Winter 515 AV. Karin met this firey Isur at her father's old workplace, Kitrean Krafts.
    Status of relationship: Karin, initially frustrated with her treatment by her father, distrusts this other Isur. Especially after learning she isn't an Isur, but something else, someone who transforms into a fantastical creature at night.

    ImageName: Kaie
    Date met: 46th Spring, 516 AV.
    Status of relationship: Kaie explosively burst into Karin's life almost on her first day in the city. She's left with strong memories of a wild trip climbing on buildings and talking with a strange, blue-haired woman. She both feels annoyed at the woman for almost getting her in trouble, and a strange camaraderie for someone who was as confused as she.

    ImageName: Anima
    Until the thread carries on, these two have not technically met!

    ImageName: Orin Fenix
    Date met: 43rd Summer, 516 AV. Met whilst swimming in a very foggy Bay, rescued him from possibly being drowned.
    Status of relationship: Thread in progress...

    Name: Ratha
    Date met: 43rd Summer, 516 AV.
    Status of relationship: Thread in progress...

    ImageName: Valerius Nitrozian
    Date met: 23rd Spring, 516 AV. On board the Mischief docked at Kenash.
    Status of relationship: Karin was put off by this man's attitude, and although she knows almost nothing about him, would prefer not to meet him again.

    Text here

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    Karin Ironyach

    Postby Karin on January 18th, 2016, 2:57 pm

    Thread List

    "Seeking betterment"


    1 ongoing... :
    Summer 502 AV:
    Fall 514 AV:
    Winter 514 AV:
    Spring 515 AV:

    Dreams and Misc.

    Secret :
    • 51st Summer 515 AV: In a Reverie Dream thread finished with Duende, Cuicatl and Lisana.
    • GST: Rotten (Azmere) With Azmere in Endrykas, abandoned and finished by Ferrin.

    After Creation

    515AV :



    516 AV :



    Winter 516

    517 AV

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    Karin Ironyach

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    Personal Linkmap

    "The world is vast,
    who knows where
    I will end up?"

    Mizahar Links

      {*} City Map of Mizahar.
      {*} Riverfall Codex.
      {*} Wooden Wonders Workshop and Patchwork Port.
      {*} The Mischief.
      {*} Wavemaster Shipwrighting.
      {*} Suvan Sea directory, with monsters etc.

    Boat knowledge and links:

    Different rigs (aka set-up of the sails on a boat):

      {*} Fore-and-aft rigging
      {*} Here is a diagram of the fore-and-aft rig.
      {*} Square rig, think pirate ships, bigger ships.
      {*} Storm sails.
      {*} Lateen rigging, with a triangle, is an example of fore-and-aft rigging.
      {*} Wikipedia general rigging page.
      {*} How to sail a square-rigged ship (three masts- v. large!) video.

    General sailing terms and tips:
      {*} A full list of nautical terms, including names of ship parts/places.
      {*} A full list of different knots and how to tie them.

      {*} Some more terms for boat building, as well as types of wood.
      {*} Clinker vs carvel, different ways of building a boat.
      {*} Video of wooden boat building.
      {*} The Wooden Boat Forum!!!
      {*} Documentary (Aenisa)


    10/7/17- All my threads are marked [open] and as such are open to all. :)
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