Lhavit is looking for an AS

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Lhavit is looking for an AS

Postby Kelpie on December 4th, 2010, 7:16 am

Lhavit AS Applications are Open

That's right good ol' buddy ol' pals. Lhavit is in need of an AS to help little old me develop the city further, not just simple AS duties like grading threads, but actually putting a hand in the fleshing out of the city, as soon, this coming winter break I will be on extensive leave and may or may not have time to devote my duties to Mizahar and specifically Lhavit. I need someone that can take over and knows my mindset and ideas for the city, and someone I can speak to on AIM or through PMs or the coordination thread frequently to throw ideas at each other.

What I'm looking for is simple:
  • Has a general grasp of the city of Lhavit and the vibe I'm particularly going for.
  • Has a general grasp of magic and the pantheon.
  • Is capable and responsible enough to act as primary ST in the city if I don't show up for a while.
  • Someone I can trust with my city! :)
  • Awesome personalities. Cause clashing ones are not cute!
  • General mod rule, must have been active on Mizahar for 60 days to apply.

If you know me personally, even better, if not, that's fine too, because I can relay my ideas on prospective candidates and I'll also be going in soon and fleshing out the society of the city up in the wiki as well. If you're interested, please send me a PM with an answer to the question "Why do you think you fit this position?" and, like Dusk stated in her App thread, I will refer you to the founders for the application itself!

Loves and bat rays, and also, many thanks for taking the time to read this!

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