[Lhavit DS Office - Kelpie] Dare to tread the waters

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[Lhavit DS Office - Kelpie] Dare to tread the waters

Postby Kelpie on June 21st, 2010, 4:30 am



Welcome to the lair of all things magical. I am Kelpie, tyrant of Lhavit and your friendly neighborhood DS. I will, of course, not bite if you desire my attention but only if you shed your blood... or give me pickles. That being said, please abide by the rules so generously posted in this thread and all will be fine and dandy.

PS. If you give me cute pictures of Bat Rays when you post, you will have my undying love and affection.

Position: DS of Lhavit
Likes to Mod: Combat, Adventure, Gore, Malicious People, Animals, Magic.
Dislikes to Mod:Romance, Sappiness, Shopkeeping
Expertise In: Beasts, Nature, Kelvics, (Bat Rays), Hunting, Ethaefal, Magic, Lhavit, Shinya
Comments: If you have a plot, please lay it on me, it would make life that much easier! :) Oh and I absolutely love pickles, and acai berries, and bat rays?

XP Request:
PLEASE READ: To make my life ten times easier when awarding XP, please put the link of your thread here with the name of your thread along with the skills you think you used in your posts. This will clear up mishaps and make it so I can award it easier. Thank you.

Waiting list:

    Modded Threads:

    Waiting list:
    • Many people. Go me.

    Currently on:
    • Several that I'm far too lazy to put up here. What a surprise.


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