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Race: Dhani -- Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Gender: Male.
Age: 101
Birthday: 13th of Spring, 417 AV
Birthplace: The Nest of Southern Taldera
Note: A great deal of the information on this page comes from various research, reading, documentaries, etc. Everything about the snake and the related abilities is represented just like it is IRL.


Ssoerhsinaetheron, or Aetheron as he usually calls himself, is an adult Easter Diamondback Rattlesnake Dhani.
Snake Form :
His snake form measures only 12 ft. in length and is quite muscular and outweighs all other Rattlesnake species, Viper species, and even some smaller Constrictor species. His scales are generally a dark dusty color, laced with sandy tan lines…in addition to the large, faded brown diamonds that give his species its name. The scales of this snake are diamond shaped themselves with a ridge running down the middle of each one and can be raised to turn his normally smooth skin into a field of sharp serrations. His fangs measure a full inch in length – one of the longest of any species of snake whatsoever – these head up rows of needle-like backwards-facing teeth. His head is a large, pronounced triangle shape with large bulges at the base of his jaws indicating the large muscles contained therein. The rattle is quite pronounced in this species, being the largest, loudest, and strongest of any Rattlesnake species.

Dhani Form :
His Dhani form is typical of a Rattlesnake Dhani, measuring a full 16 ft. long, bearing markings identical to those of his snake form. The scales are identical to those of his snake form as well, only quite a bit larger. When raised, they give the unsettling appearance that he is wearing a coat of tiny daggers…and due to their strength and pointed tips that is not entirely inaccurate. His facial features are extremely angular, and his jaws in particular are clearly powerfully muscled. His fangs in this form are 3 inches in length...identical to his serpentine form, but long enough to pierce directly to a human’s heart, lungs, or some other vital organs in a single strike. His tail is about the same thickness as his body (tapering towards the tip)…perhaps more so…and is tipped by a rattle that can only be described as immense. The rattle itself is a full foot long and 23 inches in diameter, making it quite the deadly weapon. He uses this form quite often, unlike many Dhani.

Human Form :
His human form is a fit man standing right at six feet tall and having a figure that is clearly composed of more than its share of muscles. His features, accented by a closely-trimmed beard, are quite angular, alluding to the serpent beneath the skin. His hair is dark brown laced with blonde highlights (natural coloration), and is usually kept relatively short and out of his way. His eyes are of a piercing smokey grey. For someone that is quite likely to rip through clothes or shrink out of them, he is surprisingly fond of fashion. Subdued style is more his speed, which results in the use of showy fabrics but simple and efficient styles. Aetheron does love jewelry, however, and will adorn himself whenever he gets the chance. He is also almost never without his sturdy well decorated crossbelt…one of the few items of clothing that he can wear in human and Dhani form. When he is planning to shift forms, he will deposit any items that he wishes to keep with him into the small satchel (about the size of a fanny-pack, except teardrop shaped), allowing him to go between these two forms without need for special preparation.

Character Concept

Aetheron lives in a world of nuanced boundaries and truths. He views reality as an intricate network of interwoven systems -- life and death; pain and pleasure; joy and sadness; heat and cold; etc. Nothing groundbreaking, yet at the same time strangely profound. It is his belief that what he calls “The Natural Order” is the highest rule for all things. Everything has a place in the Natural Order, but if something is shifted out of place it immediately because harmful and loses its purpose for existing at all.

In many ways his life is governed by the maxim “All things in moderation.” A little of any one thing is fine, but too much and the balance between opposites is lose and the world descends into disarray. His rules stretch beyond nature itself, significantly, and apply to sentient creatures as well. All races are bound to find a purpose and then pursue it. Ones that seek to live pointless lives of luxury while siphoning off the good of others for their own pleasure; ones that seek to destroy the concept of balance in favor of one extreme or another; ones that merely coast through lives without any conscious purpose -- these he sees as a waste of the valuable resources necessary to sustain them. In fact, through their death other more productive beings may well be served a greater good than through the lives of such as them.

The result for this philosophy is a bizarre counterbalance of sympathy and heartlessness. While those that are victims of imbalance receive his utmost sympathy, those that purvey such imbalance he will actively seek to eliminate in one manner or another. His natural pride as a Dhani, too, plays a factor in this -- he sees his people as a species which closely exemplifies a harmony with natural and the natural order (whether or not this is actually true of all Dhani does not affect his views herein), and thus he is more equipped to be a judge on this matter than most others. Furthermore, he has no concept of sorrow over a death. “It is what it is” springs quite often from his lips, indicating that, in some ways, he is rather fatalistic about things.

He enjoys life, and seeks to enjoy it to the fullest -- life is a gift to be used extensively so long as you possess it, for life is not eternal by the natural order except in a few rare cases. At the same time, his actual trade as a Toxician means that he has no problem taking the lives of others -- it is not his business to police the world, just to maintain balance. This balance means that he sees evil as much a natural part of the world as good -- the two must merely exist in equal parts.

On the topic of morality, he has no real boundaries beyond anything he sees as directly contributing to an imbalance or violating the natural order. Though the exterior of his heart can often seem as adamantine as his scales, behind this layer there is a massive heart full of various intense passions. Perhaps the best way to explain this is that while no one can know what precisely will actually reach his heart instead of his analytical mind, anything that does will be met with a blazing response -- for the good or bad of the recipient. Ultimately, the highest passion of his life would be to set everything in its proper place according to the Natural Order. He understands the power that would be required to do this, as well as the time, but such is his goal nonetheless.

Character History

Ssoehrsinaetheron was born to Halisesyassoehrsin and Marthassianisean in the nest of Southern Taldera. Though one of a clutch of ten, he only knew four of his siblings since the rest died from one cause early in life. Death touched him early this way, and he knew quite well what it meant…and what it meant not to die.

He grew up in a rather ordinary life, being raised to pursue hunting as his primary talent. He took extreme pleasure in the act of hunting and killing, but his perspective on it was a bit beyond merely food and pleasure. Rather, he saw it as a component of the way things should be -- a constant cycle of life and death. Years passed, and he found himself spending more and more time just trying to grasp what was right and what wasn’t. His conclusion as a youngling was that right was determined by the rule of nature, while wrong was anything unnatural.

At the same time, his hours spent in both the nest and the wilds resulted in him realizing that there was much more out there possessing poison beyond his own kin. In fact, the death of one of his siblings occurred when they ate a poisonous reptile. Rather than being saddened (he was never particularly fond of his siblings, finding them far too concerned with vying for power), he found the experience strangely intriguing. If these these could cause trouble, could they also not be of use? If they could kill, was there not a way to reverse their effects?

Thus, he began studying these poisons, seeking to refine and craft them to his own ends, as well as to create his own “inversions” as he called them -- aka, antidotes. As years passed, most of his time went into just trying to understand...well...everything. Not necessarily the details of how it worked -- with some of the magic users in his nest, he quite gave up on that. Rather, though, he wanted to know the place of everything in the world, for he was convinced that everything which was right also had a place.

During this point in time he switched his religious attention from Siku to Caiyha. Though he still honored the Serpent Queen with ritual killings and looked to her for protection, it was the allure of the ultimate answers held by Caiyha. As the Goddess of the nature to which he had been turning for answers for so long, he felt that she would take him deeper into his quest than anything else. It seems that, in some ways Caiyha felt this way about him herself.

His great-aunt did serve to whet his attention to Caiyha, as well -- this wasn’t something he came up with on his own. She was a local witch (a Wilder, in fact) as well as the most proficient user of magic in the nest. Having heard of his meditations about the natural order and the true place of everything in the world, she took him under her wing -- or, more accurately, coils -- and began explaining the tenets of Caiyha. She attempted to teach him magic as well, but his talents in this regard were limited, although he did manage to grasp her sporadic knowledge of Nadar-Canoch.

During this same period of time, however, he began to feel somewhat out of place remaining at his home. Yes, he loved his aunt, but she already knew everything worth knowing about the world around there. He wanted something...different. New experiences...not unlike most youths reaching adulthood. On his 100th hatchday, he set out towards the eastern coastline. Not anything in particular, but just...that way. It was a start, and while he did not believe every journey had to have a destination, it helped to pick one. He began by traveling with a passing caravan, mostly working to help them stay safe in the manner only a robust young Dhani can. Not that he was the best, but he only asked for transport in return, and thus was far cheaper than a more professional guard.

Over the course of the next few months he made his way with them through several cities and towns, eventually reaching his ultimate goal -- the eastern sea. In this case, they had been bound for the city of Sunberth. Upon reaching the beautiful landscape, he felt as if this was a fitting place to call his home, at least for now. Strangely, the...city, if such it could be called...seemed an integral part of this home. The idea of a city that was not abruptly divided from the world beyond but rather blended in to it without walls...that certainly appealed to him...at least it was something positive. The traders warned him of the dangers posed by the populace, but he dismissed them...both because he was confident in his abilities and because he was young and foolhardy.

Now, after having spent a year away from his home nest, he feels just at home as ever. His affiliation with Caiyha currently remains a more esoteric one rather than direct service -- he is too absorbed with his own affairs to truly tend to hers. In all honesty, exposure to different faiths besides Siku and Caiyha has made him open to all sorts of beliefs, so long as they serve his needs. He's quite happy with his small business, however, and who knows what he may discover his future holds...

Character Combat Notes

His preferred form of combat is unarmed combat, since weapons only tend to hinder his form shifts and his natural fighting style. Generally, he is of the opinion that if one cannot defeat his foe without a weapon, he is not a good enough warrior in the first place. This is not to say that he does not have a healthy respect for weapons – especially ranged weapons – but that from a personal and character standpoint…he detests them.

Dhani Form Combat

Dhani Traits :
His favored form for combat is, of course, his Dhani form. In this form, he uses his natural coloring as a form of camouflage, preferring to make only one attack rather than actually fight. While it is commonly thought that rattlesnakes warn of their attack with their rattle, this is actually not entirely true, especially for Eastern Diamondbacks. They remain silent more often than not. In truth, the rattle is used primarily to try to intimidate away opponents that they do not want to fight. If they are willing to fight, however, no threat will be sounded.

In this form, his first line of attack relies upon either his fangs, or his rattle. His fangs in this form are quite long, remaining flipped back and hidden in the roof of his mouth. When striking, however, he opens his mouth quite wide to allow them to snap forward into position, revealing their full 3 inch length. When striking, he can actually shift them to face not only downward but his manner of attack will often result in them facing almost directly forwards, muscles extended, thus making them appear even longer than normally. Each fang can be moved individually, allowing him to conform their position to allow for the best strike angle on both of them.


One set of traits that are universal to all forms is his heat vision and night vision. He has excellent vision in the darkness, possessing far rod cells than most snakes. Because rod cells – in addition to being responsible for night vision – are responsible for motion sensitivity, this allows him to be able to notice even the slightest of movements at a rather good distance (his distance vision is not enhanced in any manner, however). While the night-vision and motion-sensitivity are beneficial, his true strength is the heat vision.

Heat vision works as a form of thermal imaging that Aetheron can “overlay” on top of his normal vision. All objects -- living, non-living, magical, or otherwise – possess a certain about of thermal energy. While this does vary upon the environment, the thermal energy still functions according to certain proportionalities and dynamic formulas, which rattlesnakes – while undoubtedly not knowing the actual mathematical formulae – are instinctually able to decipher and understand perfectly. Additionally, heat vision is not an alternative to normal vision, but rather an addition. Heat vision is limited to indicating lines of objects and surroundings – contours such as specific facial features will not be distinguishable. Because it is reliant upon thermal radiation (sub-optical electromagnetic waves), actual “light” plays essentially no importance. Thus, heat vision can even detect aspects that would normally be “invisible” – the fact that a knife is hidden underneath several layers of clothes does not change the fact that its heat signature is still visible.

[NOTE: IRL tests have shown that it is absolutely impossible to mask the heat signature of any living being, with the exception of a certain species of frog that can consciously adjust its thermal radiation level…yet even this does not entirely mask it so much as make it harder to identify. Since real life does not take magic into consideration, however, there are quite possibly IC effects that might be able to alter/disguise one’s heat signature.]


His venom is a cocktail of different chemicals that combine to yield a varied and deadly effect. When bitten, the victim will immediately begin to suffer a set of issues that will become progressively more severe throughout the whole body at a rate dependent upon the size of the dose injected and the size of the victim. These effects are as follows:

1) Loss of nerve function – especially in muscles (this is the fastest affect. Slightly slower to be affected are involuntary muscles, including the diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and the heart. The results of this effect are obvious…suffocation, heart failure, death…)

2) Intense and agonizing pain said to resemble being stabbed repeatedly by searing hot needles. (This effect, while not the fastest to set in, is the fastest spreading, covering and even filling the body inside and out with said pain rather uniformly within only a few minutes).

3) Unstoppable bleeding from all orifices which does eventually include even the pores on your skin. This also works internally as severe hemorrhaging. (Second fastest effect)

4) Exteme and painful swelling of affected areas (this is the third of the effects, often not seen in victims because they die before this takes full effect. The bite wounds, however, will swell within just a few minutes, slowly spreading outwards…and inwards).

5) All biological material will begin to dissolve. (Not to liquid, but rather to a texture resembling stale Jell-o. This actually has a range of rapidity. This following list is organized from fasted to slowest – skin directly around the bite wound, muscles directly around the bite wound, eyes, inner ear, liver, kindeys, spleen, intestines, stomach, throat, lungs…and I don’t need to go further, because by that point…you’re dead. )

Part of what makes the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake’s venom so deadly is that it can store and deliver one of the largest doses of venom of any creature on earth – up to 1000 mg! This is nearly 10 times the amount necessary to kill a full grown and healthy human male. This snake, however, is quite savvy with how it uses its venom – unlike many snakes, it can control the size of the dose it delivers. This allows it to have plenty in reserve for bite…after bite…after bite, and its massive fangs have the strength to handle this as well. Alternately, they often deliver doses up to four times larger than the lethal dose, accelerating the effects to lighting lethal speed.


The rattle in the Dhani form is about a foot long and 23 inches wide…approx. twice the size of a dire flail. While the oblate spherical structure of keratin is extremely strong and has more than enough mass to crush bones aplenty, the fact that it IS keratin, hollow, and consists of a stack of the spheres makes it light (relatively speaking…light as a 16 ft mass of living warrior/predator muscles with arms 2x as strong as a human views it…), flexible, and resilient. This is usually used like a flail at the end of his tail (approx. 12 ft separate from his humanoid body, allowing him an approx.. 10 ft clubbing range…excluding sudden lunges or other maneuvers that would extend this range).


The advantage his scales give him is relatively minor, but still worth noting. Since they are large, pointed, and can be raised, they serve not only as a form of armor (superior to leather but inferior to steel), but also as a deterrent from trying to touch him barehanded…his motion and the pointed scales will do some notable lacerations to skin and muscles, though nothing life threating. They can be somewhat debilitating, however, if a foolish person or a sly maneuver on his part results in the damage of tendons or ligaments. These are NOT to be considered ACTUAL weapons, however, and are almost never used as a primary attack, being rather a happy side-effect of close combat.

Superhuman stats

Rattlesnake Dhani average about 2x the strength of a human in this form, and equally accelerated speed and reaction time. This combination – while being slightly weaker than some beings and slightly slower than others – allows him to be a remarkably versatile warrior, fusing powerful and rapid attacks into a dreadfully lethal combat style exclusive to his own sub-race of Dhani.

Forked Tounge

Aetheron’s tongue is forked like all snakes, and connected to the Jacobsen’s organ, which is related to smell. Now, not only is this tongue incredibly sensitive, but it also has a distinct reason for being forked. Because it consists of two separate parts at the tip, he is able to detect not only all of the details contained in a scent itself, but also the what direction the person, creature, or even object was moving when they left the scent. A snake's sense of smell is considered to be one of the most sensitive in all of the animal kingdom, just to put it's power into perspective.

Dhani Techniques :
Aetheron fights like you would expect a Rattler Dhani to fight. He prefers stealth to being overly bold. As such he will remain concealed until ready to fight, usually. Sometimes he will choose the route of intimidation, parading his size and fangs. He will often attempt to keep his rattle from being noticed…or at least from appearing to be a threat. Most people do not associate a Dhani rattlesnake’s rattle with a lethal “one-hit-kill” weapon, and Aetheron likes to keep it that way. When he does use his rattle to pummel someone, it comes invariably as a surprise (presuming the victim is not already familiar with the combat style of Dhani rattlesnakes). He actually prefers to defeat/kill opponents with merely physical attacks if possible, since his venom is a valuable asset that – while he has plenty of it – he prefers to only use if necessary. If he thinks that a melee battle will result in too much damage to himself, however, he is more than willing to use his venom.

If he is trying to remain secretive, he will usually strike from some angle outside of their field of vision. Upon striking, instead of releasing, he will snap one of his powerful hands up and over their mouth, writhing his other arm and the rest of his body up and around their other appendages to keep them from being able to move. Please note: he does NOT do this in the same manner as a constrictor would. This “wrapping” to immobilize his prey is neither particularly orderly, nor with the mind-blowing strength of his larger relatives. There is no intent to suffocate or crush the life out of the victim – while he is certainly strong enough to break bones with his coils, he does not have anywhere near the compression strength required to mortally crush most victims (particularly weak and flimsy victims may suffer more dire consequences from his coils). The killing factor here is his venom and massive fangs which would be driven into the most strategic part of their body available. Said coiling is merely an instinctive attempt to keep an opponent from being able to harm him.

When performing secretive attacks, he actually rarely uses his rattle due to the noise that it makes, which would blow his cover. If, however, he deems that there is no one near enough who would actually suspect anything from a momentary rattle, and that a single hit will kill or knock unconscious his target, he will save his venom for when he needs it.

When in open combat, all of his abilities are put to use. Rattle, venom, fists, arms, tail, scales, etc…everything is fused into a single deadly style. Often he will strike his attacker(s) early on with the minimum lethal dose. For the succeeding time of the battle, he will remain primarily evasive, allowing his superhuman reactions to keep him safe while his venom does his dirty work for him until they are weak enough to cease posing any threat to him whatsoever. Also, if he feels that his opponents are vastly inferior to begin with, he will use it as a chance to brush up on his wrestling and hand-to-hand combat skills.

In most combat situations his is perfectly willing to look for a meal…often, however, he refrains from eating whole humanoids merely because such a large meal would prevent him from shifting to his other forms, and because it would slow him down. Thus, he does carry a small eating knife that he will often use to extract whatever parts of said victims he desires at that moment…organs, bones, muscles, fat…and consume those on the spot.

Human Form Combat

Human Traits :
Aetheron does not have many special abilities as human. Aside from the extra-sensory abilities that are present in all of his forms, he possesses 1.5x the strength and speed/reaction-time of a fit human, giving him quite the edge in combat. The fact that his human form is somewhat self-preserving in fitness and strength does aid him. Otherwise, though, there are very few “special” things about him as a human.

Human Techniques :
Aetheron is all about exploiting his advantages in this form. While in his Dhani form, people expect him to have an edge (presuming they are aware of him in the first place). As a human, however, he looks normal...and this is what he exploits. His first line of defense are his senses -- these allow him to analyze the world around him far more keenly than most opponents will be able to do. Secondarily, his superior strength, speed, and reactions make it so that any normal creature will stand minimal chance in a close assault.

He will always seek a close assault, still shunning weapons. This means that he will use two primary tactics:

Taking “cheap shots” by dodging in and out, striking at critical areas of their body with full force only to pull away before they can recover and attack themselves.

2) Lunging forward and grappling them into submission through sheer power, using arms and legs as necessary, most likely seeking to snap bones to seal his victory.

Serpentine Form Combat

Secret :
His serpent form is no different than other snakes of his same species. He is a bit large, but still within the bounds of normality. Combat is standard for his species, with the only worthwhile notes being on technique.

His technique in this form is that of the ultimate stalking assassin. As a serpent, he can slither up walls (though climbing is not his strong suit due to being rather heavy, he can still do it well enough when needed), under doors, through piping, etc. He is well camouflaged, and can move with surprising speed when he needs to. A particularly worthwhile note is that his species is known to be excellent swimmers…occasionally seen swimming miles in open ocean between off-shore islands and the mainland. Thus, if worse comes to worse, he can shift into this form and make a break for it via water…though such fleeing is quite unlikely. Usually this maneuver will be planned ahead of time, and indicated by the fact that he will be wearing the cheapest clothes that he can get away with without attracting too much notice, and not have his satchel with him. Combat in this form is normal, otherwise.


Fluent Language: Snake-tongue
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Nader-Canoch (Ancient)


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Poison +16 SP, +10 RB 26 Competent
Unarmed combat +9 SP 9 Novice
Herbalism +5 SP 5 Novice
Wilderness Survival +5 SP 5 Novice
Philtering +5 SP 5 Novice
Botany +5 SP, +1 XP 6 Novice
Foraging +5 SP, +1 XP 6 Novice
Observation +4 XP 4 Novice
Planning +2 XP 2 Novice
Body Building +1 XP 1 Novice
Socialization +2 XP 2 Novice
Cosmetology +2 XP 2 Novice
Grooming +1 XP 1 Novice
Acrobatics +1 XP 1 Novice


Wilderness Survival:


● Lore: Choosing Poison Doses for Victims
● Lore: Caiyha: Goddess of Flora and Fauna
● Observation: Checking an area for life using heat signatures
● Planning: Keeping belongings close in case of a hasty retreat
● Observation: Using scent to find specific fungi
● Memory: Smells and tastes of delicious foods from back at the nest
● Observation: Using the sense of touch to locate an item
● Foraging: Knowing where to find and gather mucol mushrooms
● Botany: How to identify mucol mushrooms
● Mucol mushroom: Grows in clusters of lumpy, slick masses in dark, damp places
● Foraging: Taking care not to rupture mucol mushrooms when gathering
● Mucol mushroom: Physical properties and characteristics
● Poison: Mucol mushroom is a key ingredient in Engeron's Bane
● Foraging: Proper preserving techniques for mucol mushrooms
● Location: Aquillar Hot Springs
● Natlana: Works at Aquillar Hot Springs
● Cosmetology: Basic cleansing and beautifying techniques for the hair, face and ears
● Grooming: Proper scale care
● Grooming: Similar process to shedding but feels more relaxing
● Planning: Thinking about the financial future of The Coil and Fang
● Culture: Being mindful of Dhani form around lesser species
● Cosmetology: Using a finger to add curls to hair


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Stee
-Portable Poisoncrafting Kitl
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Aetheron's heirloom is a leather cross-body bag. The satchel is made just large enough to hold a single full set of clothes, shoes included. The belt and satchel are both lightly embroidered with gold thread in calligraphic Nadar-canoch, reading thus:

That which has been is what will be,
That which is done is what will be done,
And there is nothing new under the sun.
Is there anything of which it may be said, "See, this is new"?
It has already been in ancient times before us.
There is no remembrance of former things,
Nor will there be any remembrance of things that are to come,
By those who will come after.

[OOC Citation ~~Ecc. 1:9-11 NKJV]

Instead of having a buckle, the belt is designed with a more simple yet more useful slip-knot cinch. While taut enough to keep the belt pressed close against his skin, when shifting from human to Dhani for the slip-knot will slide enough to permit the expansion of his body. This provides him with a means of storing his clothing and other valuables yet keeping them with him. Unfortunately, when changing from Dhani to human form the belt does not shrink with him, forcing him to take the time to tighten it to his body. This is not a particular problem, however, because after being in his Dhani form everything and everyone that would have rushed him is not in existence anymore...

The belt does not do him much good in his serpentine form, however.


Location: Sunberth

House: Aetheron has booked himself an elegant room in The Sunset Quarters. Not as nice as his home in the Nest, but it will certainly do.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
House Sold +500 GM 600 GM
Downpayment on Business Loan -500 GM 100 GM
1 day use of Common Hot Springs -3 CM 99.97 GM

Thread List

Link your current & past threads here!
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The Coil and Fang:

Title of Shop/Business - The Coil and Fang

Business Type - Goods and Services

Items and Services Offered -

Poisons Carried List :
1) Blackened Breath (4-dose tiny bag)=300 gm;
2) Bloodroot (4-dose tiny vial)=50 gm;
3) Blue Whinnis (4-dose tiny vial)=175 gm;
4) Close Call (4-dose tiny jar)=75 gm;
5) Coral-Blade (4-dose tiny vial)=300 gm;
6) Engeron Bane (2-dose tiny vial)=500 gm;
7) Englehorn (2-dose tiny bag)=300 gm;
8 ) Greenblood oil (4-dose tiny vial)=25 gm;
9) Heartstinger (4-dose tiny jar)=350 gm;
10) Lost Tongue (4-dose tiny vial)=15 gm;
11) Phantom's Shell (4-dose tiny bag)=25 gm;
12) Rattlesnake Dhani (2-dose vial)=200 gm

>>Antidotes: Antidotes for all poisons he crafts, same pricing

>>Private Work:
1) 45-100 gm for Treating Poisons
2) 20 gm/day or 85 cm/hr Silent Service, plus any additional expenses incurred.

1) Colorclear (treats 2 vials) = 100 gm
2) Dispersion Candle = 5 gm

Base Income - Poisoncrafter 7 gm/season

Skill Bonus - Ssoerhsinaetheron is Competent in Poisoncrafting, and receives a 50% increase in income. 50% of 7 gm is 3 gm (rounded), giving a total of 10 gm/season.

Sales Bonus - 20%, or 2 gm/day. This is sacrificed when an entire day is booked privately.

Ingenuity/Creativity Bonus - 20%, or 2 gm/day.

>>Silent Service: Aetheron works specifically to cater to the needs of his customers. While he is certainly running a business, he also knows that people will pay a premium to get exclusive, specialized service. Thus, he offers his “Silent Service” work.

1) When needed, he will close up his shop and move a customer into the back bedroom to handle specific needs. In these cases, he will handle any matters that his customers wish to keep more quiet -- custom mixtures, poisoning equipment training, professional planning, etc. These deals cover anything that is beyond the normal scope of his business, such as poisons that require exotic ingredients or antidotes for another poisoncrafter's poison. *This is paid half up front, half upon successful completion of the job.

2) Additionally, he offers usage, not sale, of his poisoning equipment, along with instruction on the proper use of it. Often a customer may want to put a poison to use, but not have the tools to do so properly. For the same rate as his own personal time, they can rent any of the equipment they need -- Blade Spring, Death Cup, or Bracer. The reason he chooses to rent these is that, ultimately, while he runs the risk of them being stolen, all except the Death Cup are relatively cheap and therefore are more profitable to be used a few times as rentals than directly sold. Even better, this comes with the knowledge that after their use the customers are not stuck with the evidence, they merely bring it back to him. He is merely renting equipment, and therefore has full deniability of whatever his equipment was used for. For these, he requires full payment up-front...just in case.

>>A Good Eye and Able Hand: Aetheron also obtains all ingredients he uses personally, thus avoiding having to pay for his goods himself.

Total Income - Income will be 10 + 2 +2 = 14 gm/day, with boosts whenever he gets a Silent Service contract.

>>Poisons = 2,315 gm (total, all listed above)
>>Antidotes = 2,315 gm (total, all corresponding poisons listed above)
>>Poisoncrafter’s Lab, Simple = 700 gm
>>Bedroom (Simple) = 350 gm
>>Poisoncrafter’s Kit, Portable = 150 gm
>>Furnishings = 50 gm
>>4 Dispersion Candles = 20 gm
>>1 Blade Spring = 4 gm
>>Colorclear (treats 2 vials) = 100 gm
>>Death Cup = 75 gm
>>Utility Brace (3 Vials) = 1 gm
>>>Total physical assets = 6,065 gm

>>Loose Coin (cash) = 100 gm

Debts - 5,565 gm at 5% interest, obtained from Goldfinger.



The Coil and Fang is intended to be a service-oriented business that works closely with customers. While by and large his basic income comes from merely selling poisons and antidotes, he seeks to set himself apart by being the person to come to when you need something...special. If it relates to anything remotely toxic in one form or another, he will do his best to meet your needs in a manner that is both expedient and confidential. The nature of his business means many people will not want to discuss their affairs openly in his store -- for this he has the spare bedroom, which has been converting into an office of sorts. From there he can handle patients needing an antidote or a crime boss needing a very specific cocktail of poisons. In fact, if the situation is urgent, he will even conduct private business well after closing hours at night.

Furthermore, The Coil and Fang will attempt to keep costs at a minimum by obtaining wares directly as much as possible, rather than buying them. Most days, before or after operation hours, Ssoerhsinaetheron will head out around the city to seek ingredients, using his skills in botany, herbalism, survival, and foraging to obtain whatever he needs. As time goes by, through diligent labor he also intents to hone his own skills to produce ever more complex poisons and ever better antidotes.

He plans to grow the business by expanding his consumer base as well by developing a reputation for flexibility and reliability, as well as service that goes far beyond a purveyor of poisons and antidotes. Sunberth is a place that dances on the the knife edge of chaos, so while there are certainly already ways to get poison, there is yet to be anyone that presents quite the opportunity The Coil and Fang will offer. On the one hand, he has poisons and antidotes of all prices to serve the needs of any customer, not just the rich and influential. On the other, he also can work as a specialist for individuals -- his hourly rate makes it possible for even more common folk to put his particular area of expertise to use. On the matter of providing antidotes, he will even make house-calls as needed, shuttering the shop and grabbing his portable kit. The key is not the uniqueness of each individual service -- rather, the uniqueness is offering everything a person could possibly need in this line within a single store.

Floor Plan:

Floor Plan

Further Pictures:

Looking in Front Window
Stepping in the front door, and then turning left
Walking in the door to the "Back Room" for meetings and guests
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I may eventually put these chains of posts to use logging character information.
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I mean, my char sheet is long.
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So these would be great repositories for other special info.
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Alright, I should be able to post links now.
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