Solo Spawns Of The Market.

Tag along with Xeoh as the Myrian returns to Taloba after scouting and being in the jungle for a prolonged amount of time. To go, you guessed it. Shopping.

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Taloba, home to the Myrians, is the thriving core of Falyndar. Inhabited by a fierce and savage tribe where blood sacrifices are normal and a way of life, they are untamed and proud of it. Warlike, and with their numbers growing, the Myrians are set on reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. [Lore]

Spawns Of The Market.

Postby Xeph on December 2nd, 2015, 5:18 am



Season Of Winter, Day 1, 515 AV

Today was the first day of winter and the tower was burning bright and flaring, Xeph never too much cared for it though she was concerned with plenty of other things. Most people might say a girl without a purpose has nothing to worry about, nothing to stress about, or adhere to. But most are wrong, not only was today the first day of winter and mind you the seasons in Taloba don't even change, but it was also the day that Xeph would be using her money to buy new weapons and gear. This wouldn't be a problem if Xeph hadn't been isolated in the jungle for the last week, seeing new faces was quite foreign for her now. Not that this issue was one to get worked up over, but not seeing a friendly face in the allotted amount of time can do things to a person. Isolation was her biggest friend and her worst enemy, the amount of time she spends in the jungle would put anyone living in the plains to shame. The harshest animals and creatures lurked about at every turn and you could never be sure when one was going to jump out at you. That's why hearing and instinct were such keen senses in the jungle, you're not blessed with the ability to see everything that's in front of you weather it be in the canopy or on the hard earth. And to help that fact Xeph had gone into the jungle without shoes, the reason for this was simple. To form a resistance to the hard jungle floor by creating hard calluses on the bottom of her feet to resist the pain that came from walking barefoot on the brush and grass. It may not be the prettiest of sights but it was always limited to the bottom of her feet, and from now on she didn't need shoes to move around.

Xeph was now headed back to Taloba, her trek was only a mile long where it had previously been even longer. She covered great distances with ease, the Myrian woman was acclimated to the jungle climate and roughness now and she could easily go a few days on the smallest of meals, making her a human or humanoid running on fumes. She was ready to return to the clan home after some much needed food and supplies at the market. But it wasn't going to be as easy as she thought, as she was traveling down the loose path carved in the thick grass and brush a group of land spawns came barreling out of the jungle, Xeph being so exhausted from her walk was late to respond and was bowled over in the process putting her on her back. Three of them stood tall over here, ugly beasts they were and she wasn't about to see them alive by the end of this. The myrian was now on her backside having quickly removed the trident that rested on her back, firmly grasped in her hands and facing the vicious beasts. As they encircled her all she could too was turn about while on her back, they were poised to attack and she was ready to defend herself.

The first one lunged but of course Xeph was ready, quickly lifting both feet and planting her hands behind her for support, she pushed it back as it charged. She scrambled to her feet quickly, while in the process she was hit sending her spiraling backwards into a tree, this was good for her though she couldn't be flanked by the spawns. She decided to go on the offensive spinning the trident around like some sort of quarterstaff and jabbing the first spawn with the pronged weapon disabling the thing until she came back to finish it off. The next two where a piece of cake as well, a quick swing of her weapon from left to right and she gashed the second in his side causing the spawn to topple over on himself also rendering it defenseless. The last one she decided to get a bit flashy on, spinning her trident over her head so fast it looked like she was going to take off into the air, then twisting her body in the same direction of the weapon above her head before finally bring the weapon down on her opponents shoulder. A cake walk is what she should of called it.

"Huh, forgot how weak those things were." She remarked in her native Mayrian tongue.

She walked over to the now half dead spawns she had wounded earlier and simply pressed her trident into both their chests ending their existence. She was free to continue back to Taloba undisturbed. The mile was fairly short and she returned to the city with in the hour, once she was inside the large amounts of people was a welcoming sight for her. She quickly made her way to the market to grab some much needed food, she finally reached her objective and spoke to the woman selling the food.

"Two sausages, an apple and two carrots." She once again spoke in her Myrian language, and once she had paid for the goods she walked along stuffing the goods into her backpack.

The Myrian woman would soon make her way over to a merchant who seemingly sold weapons, she was not one to pass up something like that and quickly spoke to the man about his offers. She looked at his offers and found she saw some bladed boots and teethed gauntlets that looked rather enticing, she couldn't help but spend the money on them as well as sword of sorts to help her with those closed ranged engagements.

"Those bladed boots and the gauntlets look fair, how much?" Using her Myrian tongue she soon found out that this vendor didn't speak her language. she settled for it and tried her hand at the shoddy common tongue she hated so much.

"The boots, and gau-talets. Sword for me too?" Stuttering over her words like an uneducated child. She pointed at the items to give him a bit of a confirmation on what she wanted.

"Ahh, these boots and the gauntlets are what you want?" He grabbed the items and held them out in front of her to make sure Xeph knew what he meant as well. He received a nod in return and spit out the price for her to drop the Bikka she owed. Now it was time to try and get the sword she was eyeing for quite some time.

"And this too." She said without hesitation, she knew exactly what she meant when she spoke those words.

Again the Kopis sword that she wanted was paid for and she was free to leave the market and return to her clan home, she didn't have a room there but it'd be nice to see familiar faces again. And that she did. It took her quite a bit of time but she finally reached the Morning Bird's clan home and entered with the sword on her hip and the goods she had bargained for in her bag. She sat down with a few of the Clan members and they began to speak about her travels, she was quite excited to be back home and have some time with family it was much need. As she had her leisure time she was working on combining her old fur and feather boots with the bladed boots she had bought. She used the sowing kit and managed to cut the top part of the fur boot off, once that was done she cut the bottom of the bladed boots from the top and began to sow the two together. Never having done this before it was quite the bang up job, but luckily she was at home where she knew people and could ask for help from another. After her chore was completed she'd spend the rest of the evening with those in the long house before heading to the barracks and resting just as night fell. She ate her goods that she bought and enjoyed the night sky before returning to her bed. It was a very productive day and there were many more to come.
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Spawns Of The Market.

Postby Kiva on January 21st, 2016, 9:07 am

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