Riverfall's Winter Calendar - 515 AV - The Powers Of Winter

Please see this calendar for an idea of the citywide events going on in Riverfall this winter. :)

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Riverfall's Winter Calendar - 515 AV - The Powers Of Winter

Postby Gossamer on December 8th, 2015, 6:13 pm



Winter In Riverfall

Winter this year had been forecast to be a rough one by both Almanacs and Auguries. However, when the full force of Morwen's Walk hit the city, Riverfall froze in a delightful manner that left everything a winter wonderland. Unusual snowflake and frost patterns happened, patterning the city in a way most denizens had never seen before. The Bluevein River froze and the monstrous Riverfall Waterfall became a singular beauty of frozen elegance as did most of the bay. Trade by ship has become difficult since the bay froze (which rarely happens) so ships are tied up offshore and unloaded painstakingly via row boat onto the jetty where a temporary road has been built to handle freight to the Port Warehouses. New hobbies - ice skating and frozen waterfall climbing - have become quite popular. However in all of this winter wonderland, Riverfall has enjoyed clear skies and frozen super cold temperatures that a brilliant winter Syna hasn't seem to be able to thaw.

Wineries are worried about their vines and have taken measures to insulate them with straw. Those that have lots of livestock have limited their grazing hours to short stints mid-day well into the afternoon and are keeping their livestock indoors where its warm throughout the night.

There is an aura about Riverfall though. It is utterly unmistakable. People tend to find themselves pulling pranks on one another, laughing, teasing, and generally causing a bit of mischief.

The first big event of the season is thrown by a new business man on the scene. It is rumored the male moved to Riverfall from Syliras or perhaps Zeltiva, passed his Kuvan tests, and set up shop as an event planner. And his first big event in Riverfall is to introduce his business to Riverfall. The Winter 'Event' is being held at the Bluevein Winery called The Winter Blaze. The party is supposed to take place on the tenth and the whole city is invited. It is a pot-luck with an open wine bar and several competitions, including a costume contest, dance contest and a storyside reveal.

At this event, the launch of our Powers of Winter will commence.

1st - Founding Day (see Codex Holidays)
2nd - Winter Descends. Temperatures freeze the city solid, and the skies clear to make it extra cold.
5th - Mysteriously and simultaniously, throughout the city, salt replaces sugar in all sugar housing containers.
8th - The city wells heat and assume the temperature of just short of boiling where they come out of the ground.
10th - The Winter Blaze ( Un-Moderated & Moderated Events)
12th - The Leadership of Riverfall makes an announcement about 'Powers'. This is more of a political statement that the leadership of Riverfall is aware something strange is going on and they are investigating.
15th - Festival of Hope (see Codex Holidays)
18th - Fruit trees in the Orchards surrounding Riverfall mysteriously change species. Apples become pears, which become peaches, which might become apples themselves. Orchard workers are baffled. The orchard guardians - the large snakes - calmly claim mischief is afoot.
22nd - Pipes burst at the Valkalah Library.
27th - Citywide, the doors on everyone's houses and businesses seemingly freeze shut. The windows seem unaffected and people must resort to moving within and without of structures through alternative means.
29th - Unusual weather has created offshore waterspouts. After fully forming they immediately freeze and drift in the form of almost giant horned icebergs. Weather experts have never seen anything like them.
31st - Godiva's Refuge is broken into by unknowns. All the ladies underthings are stolen throughout the entire refuge, even in the laundry.
37th - Everyone changes haircolor for the day citywide if they visit the city.
40th - The Kuvay'Nas lodge is mysteriously decorated with the above mentioned underthings. The men of the lodge saw nothing nor heard anything.
43rd - A very public duel is held in the Warrens between two individuals that claim foul on each other. The duel starts out to the death but is interrupted.
45th - Festival of Love (see Codex Holidays)
49th - The frozen plunge pool becomes a breeding ground for sea lions. They 'beach' by the hundreds and make an almost unbearable noise in their mating, even to a city who has fallen quiet after being used to the roar of a massive waterfall. Sea Lion hunting is easy. The Sea Lions draw predators to the city and they openly walk the streets.
54th - All the messages in message square vanish. A single piece of paper tacked up is all that is left of the massive overload of fliers. It says "Did you get my message?".
56th - Upon waking up and leaving a person's dwelling, the very first adult person that individual sees they are going to fall madly in love with for the entire day. After sunrise the next morning, the feelings vanish unless the person was already previously enamored. Inhibitions run wild and social restraint is somewhat at a loss.
57th - The Gilia Medical Center is overwhelmed by people visiting and demanding emergency contraceptives.
59th - Makutsi's Tower begins to hold its own weather. Even on a clear sky it simply snows around the tower over and over, causing snow drifts to pile up at alarming rates.
61st - Almost everyone in Riverall by now has had a full manifestation of some sort of superpower that is seemingly impossible.
65th - By the 65th most domestic and hunting cats in Riverfall have grown usable wings. Mastery of flight is still tentative and on an individual basis.
69th - Everyone receives a knock on their door at the same time. No one, however, is actually there.
71st - Large winter storm blows in. The Stormwardens attempt to divert and harness it. One dies in the face of the fury of the storm.
73rd - After the weather has cleared, a private business owner sponsors cookie and hot chocolate contest at The Blue Bull.
76th - The Oathmaster's Tower is broken into. The Oathmaster is being tight lipped on what was stolen, but the Akalaks that used to frequent the tower somewhat daily (rumors have it to visit confined women in hopes of establishing children) have stopped. A new Nakivak incentive is announced.
80th - Ice Masquerade (see Codex Holidays)
84th - Citywide, the temps suddenly increase and snow melts off the roofs of the city sliding all at the same time hitting unsuspecting. No one was seriously hurt.
86th - Everyone wakes to discover their shoes they set aside before bed are filled with candy.
90th - The River begins to thaw all at once. The noise is explosive and hunge chunks of ice are shunt over the edge of the falls, bouncing dangerously around and across the still-frozen plunge pool. It will take several long hours for the plunge pool to thaw and catch up with the river. Consequently there is some flooding at the bay level to businesses as water cascades over ice and tries to escape to the sea.
92nd - Winter draws to a close. Riverfall has had a very interesting winter full of strange happenings and out and out weirdness.

Winter Challenge

Get a Superpower approved. Manifest it through RP. Play it throughout the season. Reach 50k Words to keep it. Have fun. Earn a badge through completing this task. :)


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