[Wanah'ite] The Bonding

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The Wilderness of Cyphrus is an endless sea of tall grass that rolls just like the oceans themselves. Geysers kiss the sky with their steamy breath, and mysterious craters create microworlds all their own. But above all danger lives here in the tall grass in the form of fierce wild creatures; elegant serpents that swim through the land like whales through the ocean and fierce packs of glassbeaks that hunt in packs which are only kept at bay by fires. Traverse it carefully, with a guide if possible, for those that venture alone endanger themselves in countless ways.

[Wanah'ite] The Bonding

Postby Jasmine Stormblood on September 22nd, 2016, 4:49 pm

Let me know if I missed anything

  • Planning: 2 XP
  • Running: 2 XP
  • Endurance: 2 XP
  • Observation: 3 XP
  • Socialization: 2 XP
  • Land Navigation: 1 XP
  • Wilderness Survival: 1 XP
  • Brawling: 1 XP
  • Riding- Horse: 1 XP
  • Rufio: fears Zulrav's lightening
  • Location: Wanah'ite
  • Land Navigation: a map is better than no map
  • Death comes to those trapped in the mud
  • Never leave a strider behind
  • Wilderness Survival: make shift weapon
  • Deer Antler: used against wolves
  • Chigrin: hunts in Wanah'ite
  • + 1 bonded Strider
  • + 1 Deer Antler
  • Mild cuts to hands and arms -- healing in 7 days without treatment or 5 days with treatment
  • Sore and Aching arms and legs -- lasting 30 bells without treatment or 20 bells with treatment and rest
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