Travelling and Meanderings

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Travelling and Meanderings

Postby Spoons on December 29th, 2015, 2:12 pm

This is going to be used to ponders things for Spoons, starting with a lovely... Travel Schedule of rough proportions...

A few notes first: This are all Approximations, there is no set in stone dates. According to the Travel Times Lore, on foot with WS at LV 2 it takes 1.5 times the length listed. Travel Times reflect this.

Starting CityDestination CityApprox. Distance (miles)Approx. Travel Time (days)Leaving Approx.Arriving Approx.Notes
AlvadasDenval1250173Spring 510 late Summer 510Stays Rest of Summer -- Can only post during the Spring season due to Taldera Closed
DenvalSpires60068Fall 510Fall 510Stays through until the Spring of 511 in the Spires, no Posts Taldera Closed
SpiresNyka1175117Spring 511early Summer 511 Can only post from late Spring heading towards Nyka, due to Taldera Closed
NykaZeltiva1010102Mid Summer 511mid Fall 511Stays through the Winter of 511 and the Spring of 512, Zeltiva currently Closed at this time, can only post in Nyka and the Wildlands
ZeltivaKenash180090Summer 512Summer 512 Only able to post in the WIldlands in early part of the season
KenashEndrykas (Fall)67551Fall 512Fall 512---
Totals6510601Approximately 2.5 years of travelling

The math so far is accurate in regards to total approximations of miles travelled and days travelling. The days travelling do not include the times spent in the cities mentioned. Those are just purely Travel Days.

If I did the math correctly: 6510 miles in 601 days is roughly 11 miles a day... That's a lot of a little Pycon in one day... So I am definately sticking with the approximations.It will probably be closer to 8 miles a day. I will have to adjust times and see...

Seeing as Spoons is 6 inches tall, he isn't going to be travelling at the same rate of speed as a person, his gait and speed wouldn't be nearly the same as a human. So I am going to say it would be safe to assume he can make 6 miles a day on average.

Assuming 6 miles a day, these days are not including the 1.5 multipler for his skill currently in WS:
Starting CityDestination CityDistance (miles)Days
KenashEndrykas (Fall)675113

1,085 Days is about 3 years. Which is a lot longer than the 2.5 years with just the multipler added above. This does not include the any alterations in travelling due to his WS skill as the travelling goes on, nor does it include anything he might have gained during this time: a mount, etc.
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