Shena's Plotnotes

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Shena's Plotnotes

Postby Shena on December 30th, 2015, 2:59 am


-Someone stayed in the Shooting Star Inn and asked for a massage
-Provided cosmetic advice for someone in the Shooting Star Inn
-Shena was taught to accept her current state with grace
-A crush and a friendship was developed but never went anywhere
-Learning a trade while working as a servant is hard, but a guest of the person she works for helps her to find the time to learn how to massage and help people feel better about themselves.
-Meet people that she will know during current time in Lhavit (1/5)
-Taste Lhavit cuisine with someone for the first time after her arrival in the city.

- 3rd night of Winter, 515AV Astronomers at the Gateway have announced the upcomming Super Full Moon and it is being celebrated this night.
- 7th day of Winter, 515AV Wind Eagle riders arrive, some have seen and heard of Shena from when she was in Wind Reach and that next day with her.
- 26th day of Winter, 515AV Shena, feeling the cold of the sticking snow, goes to buy a wool blanket, but instead leaves with a nice animal fur at a discount.
- 52nd night of Winter, 515AV Going down to the large tables, Shena gets a Meal and speaks with people.
- 61st day of Winter, 515AV Aviakittis has come and Shena must work all day providing massages and comfort to guests who desire it.
- 88th night of Winter, 515AV Azure festival, and someone behind a mask gives Shena a gift of attraction

-A killer has been on the loose, Shena needs someone's help to catch him
-In bathing someone, she discovers they are truly a Zith in disguise and has been eating locals. She needs help to deal with the confrontation.
-Traveling about town at night can produce many negative events, such as finding burglars breaking into someone's house. Help!
-A special plant that only grows on the northern side of the highest peaks after the djed storm of 512AV can help a patron's horrible facial burn. Shena needs help getting to the top, not able to make the journey herself safely.

[N] Make a mask for the Azure Festival
[N or D] Earn 5 points in candle making
[N or D] Cook something with Sweet Potatoes
[N or D] Pray to a new God
[N] Spill your Tea on another PC
[N or D] Loose one of your shoes
[N] Go on a date with another PC
[D] Sing to a child
[D] Skip work for no reason
[D] Start or engage in a snowball fight with another PC
[N or D] Argue over the food rationing

(Feel free to PM me any questions you would have for the Shena out of character that you'd want to know how she thinks on a subject.)
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