Webby Winter Writing Challenger!

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Webby Winter Writing Challenger!

Postby Mirage on January 2nd, 2016, 6:16 pm

Webby Winter Writing Challenge 2015


Hello Ladies and Spiders! A few days before Christmas I sent out a PM to everyone who had registered in Kalinor for the Winter, and that PM detailed a writing challenge that was to write a "Mizahar Christmas" themed story staring your character! These threads were not for grades, just for fun, so it was a free for all. They could be about anything, and anything could happen! I received 3 entrees into the contest, from Celeste, Thomas and Keene. Each of them did an amazing job and I have had a hard time deciding on a Winter. Who is it you ask? You will find out later today!

For those of you who knew me as the DS of Sahova I did what was called a Zombie Clause event, just like this event here, and the winner received a grand prize for winning. Just like then the winner of this contest will also receive a prize crafted by me. It could be just about anything. A special item, a modded thread with special potential, or even a box code or art. The prize this year will be revealed later after the announcement of the winner. For now please enjoy the entries into the contest!

A very interesting and unique tale done in a very old form of prose which I fully approve of, Thomas Cosa has written a delightfully engaging piece centered around his constant companion Stranger. I present to you: Stranger the Golem

Taking the old and tired tale of How the Grinch Stole Christmas into a very unique twist, Keene has written what can only be described as a 'chilling' tale of the strangeness of Kalinor from the eyes of an icy spectator. Please enjoy The man who stole women!

Ghosts? Yep. Dreams? Check. Lessons learned? Eh, maybe. Charles Dickens would be proud of the work Celeste has put into her challenge entry. A tale that is both enlightening and tear jerking, The Ghosts of Giftday is sure to be quite the read this winter season!

Stay tuned to this thread for my later announcement. Until then feel free to jump in here and comment! What did you think of everyone works? Which was your favorite? Happy Winter everyone, and as always Happy Writing!

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