Calder plot note

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Calder plot note

Postby Calder on January 13th, 2016, 4:25 pm

Hi I am a new member,and Calder is my first character. This is plotinfo on him,If you wish to rp just reply ,or send a pm.

Long-term Goals

    Eventually will lose some degree of morality due to his magic,I prefer something like a lack of empathy,manipulative behavior etc.

    Make connections,friends,or people in power as I may ,or may not want my character to be political.

    He is power hungry ,and knowledge hungry to a degree so perhaps learn more magic ,skills,knowledge,or anything really.

    Things to expand his merchant business.

    I want Calder to later on know of stuff like underground knowledge the dark side of Alvadas,/

Seasonal Interests.

Improving his business by making connections,perhaps make friends with people in Alvadas who know trade route,or courier.

Anything really including becoming more proficient in any one of his abilities,or learning more.

Main rp interests

I like meet and greets that have follow up plots,like meet a person so they know each other ,and can do something else on the next thread more interesting.

Making allies in Alvadas.

Gaining magical knowledge,lore in other words threads of knowledge ,and magic.

Threads of business,manipulation,character development,mind games.

I am willing to rp on anything really,but those are my main interests.
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