Open [Red Diamond Fashion] Getting out of the Cold.

Ni'lriel gets out of the cold and goes clothes shopping

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Red Diamond Fashion] Getting out of the Cold.

Postby Ni'lriel on January 16th, 2016, 5:43 am

18th of Winter 515AV

Having finally dried out enough to be somewhat warm the Akontak shivered nonetheless, her clothing just were not thick enough for this weather and she wanted something to cover her hands. The slender digits were turned a darker shade of purple than they already were trying to keep warm. That just wouldn't do for her. It wouldn't have been so hard though to find the direction she needed to go, if she could understand the map that was handed to her. Stopping though in the middle of the road Ni double checked where she was in regards to the map between falling flakes of crystalline water and the bloody wind.

Petching Hai. Looking up from the parchment she turned her gaze from one perpherial to the other, trying to take in the signs and buildings, but they were all in the same language as the parchment was, what goods she could see visible between the doors that swung open briefly before closed to bar out the cold of the season and the items people left with the Akontak had a good idea she had found herself in the rough location of the shops. Her Tukant was going to get a workout here Ni suspected, having only learned enough to maybe ask for sleeping arrangements if she was lucky. Shivering though she crushed up the parchment into one hand as she pulled her thin cloak tighter to her figure, trying like Hai to keep what warmth she still had. It was an unusual sight though watching the heads turn and seemingly stare at her as she pressed her way through the throngs of people before getting to the door of one establishment or another.

It was a brief sigh of relief as she could feel heat coming through the door. Ni turned her attention to the door and pushed it open, stepping over the threshold and closed the door behind her. Sighing in relief Ni's eyes slide shut briefly so that she didn't become completely blind in the changing light. It was a brief moment of calmness before she once more opened her eyes to face the reality of things.

There were rows of clothing to the immediate front of Ni, a desk with yet another of the rainbow hued men there. She gave him a nod to acknowledge his existence before she started towards the clothing. Her hands were trying to work themselves into some resemblance of actual hands and not icy imitations.

Bloody Hai. We need something to cover our skin if we are going to make it any further today

<<Maybe if we actually knew father's tongue better than mother's.>>
The retort came. Silencing the Konti-driven sister wasn't too difficult.
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[Red Diamond Fashion] Getting out of the Cold.

Postby Vypec on January 31st, 2016, 6:24 pm

Vypec heard the door open and close and felt the cold rush of air. Winter had indeed settled in nicely. The cliffside city was a cold and windy place in Morwen’s time, blessed with a sea in one direction and a sea of grass in the other. There was little to stop the wind from cutting, save a well made cloak perhaps. Vypec had, at the urging of his father, come to the Red Diamond in search of something a bit thicker. Specifically, he was after a Night Lion pelt, but those were supposed to be quite rare. If anyone had one, it would be the Red Diamond. But curiosity pulled him away from the shelves of thick winter clothes to investigate who had entered the shop.

Vypec slid between the shelves and edged his way towards the center of the store. Though he was huge, he was relatively graceful from years in the sparring rings. He found himself gazing upon a rare sight indeed. Before him, inspecting the Red Diamond wares, was an Akontak. He could tell what she was from her distinctive skin color and white hair. Such a person was indeed a rare sight, even in Riverfall, where most reside. He felt his mouth opening in a gasp of surprise.

The Konti suffered the same type of curse as the Akalak, and here was the ever rare offspring of both races, blending the blessings of both. She was very lovely and quite petite, standing less than a head shorter than he. She looked cold as she stood shivering. No doubt she was here to do the same as he, find some winter clothing.

Shut your mouth, you imbecile. Vypal’s cold and indifferent tone rose in his mind. He was always ready to point out his brother’s shortcomings. According to Vypal, they were many.

She is Akontak! I have never met one such as she. Vypec said, hating the reverence in his tone because he knew Vypal would relish it.

He felt a surge of willpower and Vypal had taken over. “Let me handle this for you.” Vypal whispered in Tukant. He slid from the aisle and crossed the center of the store to her.

Vypal let his face break into a tight lipped smile. He held up a hand in greeting and stared pale eyes into her own. “Hello, forgive me, but I’ve never met an Akontak before. I am Vypal Algranos.” His eyes did not waver from hers as he said all this and he rocked very slightly on his feet. While she responded, Vypal adjusted his belt around his waist and listened politely.

“Frigid out there. I’m looking for a Night Lion cloak myself.” Vypal said, his social ability uncharacteristically proficient, Vypec thought.

What are you playing at? Vypec inquired of his brother.

Practicing my people skills, brother.

Vypal glanced at the racks of clothing behind her. “They’ve got great fur cloaks somewhere around here. undoubtedly they’ve got women’s as well.”
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