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Cerys Riannon

Postby Cerys on January 18th, 2016, 11:25 pm

Name: Cerys Riannon
Age: 21 years old
Race: Human
Birthday: 3rd, Spring, 495 AV
Birthplace: The Mithryn Outpost

Alignment: Neutral Good


Aside from the mane of wild red curls tumbling down her shoulders, Cerys is just another face. Petite in stature, she is easily overlooked at 5'2", with pale skin dusted by freckles and hazel eyes of average quality. Within them though is an intelligent glint, and on her lips curls a mischievous smile. Cerys dresses plainly for all but the most formal occasions; preferring simple linens and wool, and always wears a comfortable pair of shoes. Added to the fact that she does try to maintain a certain level of cleanliness, her overall outward impression is rustic and sensible.

Face Claim: Luca Hollestelle


Cerys is the byproduct of a heated tryst between a young Syliran woman visiting Kenash and an unknown Drykas man. Aside from that, her biological mother never offered any identification as to his identity, and ultimately gave Cerys no chance to ask. Early in her infancy the young woman was left to be raised by her grandparents in Sylira. They received only two letters before silence left them to only speculate as to what could have happened.

Once the turbulence settled, a happy childhood nevertheless took root. Cerys was raised in a loving home by grandparents considered to be nothing less than mother and father. She had an uncle to look up to who was as good as any brother, and with the examples set by her family and community Cerys grew into a hardworking and humble young woman; reared to be an independent and creative thinker.


Skill Points Misc. Level
Riding: Horse 15/100 15 RB Novice
Weapon: Composite Shortbow 10/100 10 SP Novice
*Wilderness Survival 10/100 10 SP Novice
Trapping 5/100 5 SP Novice
Tracking 5/100 5 SP Novice
Hunting 5/100 5 SP Novice
Drawing 5/100 5 SP Novice
Land Navigation 5/100 5 SP Novice
Leatherworking 5/100 5 SP Novice

*Biome(s): Forest

Languages: Fluent in Common

Lores :
Wilderness Survival: Building a Fire
Leatherworking: Tools and Techniques


Linen Dress
Linen Chemise
Wool Cloak
Tall Leather Boots
Leather Ring Belt
Leather Gloves

One-person Tent
Winter Blanket
1 Week of Rations
Traveler's StockEnough material to make 10 days worth of soup.
Knife, Fork, and Spoon
1 qt. Iron Pot
12 oz. Tin Cup
Flint and Steel
Hooded Lantern
16 oz. of Oil
50 ft. Hemp Rope
2 Waterskins
Hunting Knife
Fishing KitA kit of tackle, fishing cord, and bait.
Fishing Pole
Crafter's ToolkitThis includes things such as snips, a small hammer, clamps, punches, needle and thread and a variety of other small tools one would use when working on small craft projects.

Horse Tack
Halter and Lead
Riding Saddle
Saddle Pad
Large Saddlebags
Bit and Bridle

Mixed-blood Mare

Housing: Cerys lives with her grandparents at the Mithryn Outpost.

Ledger :
Item Amount Balance
Starting Coin +100 GM 100 GM
Leather Belt -4 SM 99 GM 6 SM
Leather Gloves -1 GM 98 GM 6 SM
Table Fork -1 CM 97 GM 6 SM 99 CM
Table Spoon -1 CM 97 GM 6 SM 98 CM
Hunting Knife -5 SM 97 GM 1 SM 98 CM
Riding Saddle -10 GM 87 GM 1 SM 98 CM
Saddle Pad -1 GM 86 GM 1 SM 98 CM
Large Saddlebags -8 GM 78 GM 1 SM 98 CM
Bit and Bridle -2 GM 76 GM 1 SM 98 CM
Halter and Lead -2 SM 75 GM 9 SM 98 CM
Crafter's Toolkit -25 GM 50 GM 9 SM 98 CM
One-person Tent -2 GM 48 GM 9 SM 98 CM
Waterskin -1 GM 47 GM 9 SM 98 CM
Hemp Rope -1 GM 46 GM 9 SM 98 CM
Bedroll -1 SM 46 GM 8 SM 98 CM
Winter Blanket -5 SM 46 GM 3 SM 98 CM
Hooded Lantern -7 GM 39 GM 3 SM 98 CM
16 oz. of Oil -1 SM 39 GM 3 SM 98 CM
Fishing Kit -10 GM 29 GM 3 SM 98 CM
Fishing Pole -1 GM 28 GM 3 SM 98 CM
Traveler's Stock -3 SM 28 GM 98 CM
1 qt. Iron Pot -3 SM 27 GM 7 SM 98 CM
12 oz. Tin Cup -11 CM 27 GM 7 SM 87 CM
Winter Expenses -135 GM -108 GM 7 SM 87 CM
Winter Wages Pending ...

Total Wealth: Indebted


Winter 515 AV
10th: Horsing Around
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