Question about the state of music in Miz

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Question about the state of music in Miz

Postby Karin on January 19th, 2016, 7:00 pm

Hi there!

So, I'm trying to develop the lore of different instruments and their place in society and such. However, I've hit a few stumbling blocks. For one, I'm not entirely sure where music stands in Miz at the moment. In terms of RL, that is, as a comparison. For instance, I have seen in several places the word 'orchestra' used. But in medieval times the modern orchestra as we know it didn't exist. There were consorts of different instruments, but it was thought of entirely differently. These consorts were made out of groups of instruments, like 5-10 wind instruments, or a viol consort (being a collection of 4-5 viols (kind of like 'cellos)). They almost always played to the nobility or for big occasions like feasts and weddings and religious worship in churches and so on.

Also, the concept of a 'concert' hadn't been invented until something like the 1800's, I think. (Can't remember off the top of my head.) As the orchestral concert developed from music played at court for princes and kings and suchlike, I'm not sure if a large-scale concert would be feasible, or even desired in Miz by Mizaharian people. However I can see small concerts, or 'consorts' playing new pieces of music written by adventurous new composers blossoming from the destruction of the Valterrian.

I know Miz is original, and it truly is astounding for that. However, my only worry is that the music aspect seems vastly more like real life, that is, modern real life than any other Miz lore/aspects. Also, musical notation as it is now is completely different to medieval times. Key signatures, time signatures, musical notes such as
really didn't exist in this form back then.

Basically I just want to be clear of where we're at :) If we're medieval based, including the music, then I understand how it's all set up and will try and portray that when writing about instruments and such. If it's a bit of a mix, then I will try and write about that too. I really want to develop the music aspect of Miz, because of the city lore pages I've seen, almost none of them have any musical aspects, and I'd like to change that if I can.

Also also, sorry for the blurb. If any of this is unwanted, or too confusing, or you just want to tell me to "SHUT UP!" then I totally understand, and I shall.

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