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Postby Nakira on January 20th, 2016, 3:53 am


The Basics
Basic Information
  • Race: Konti
  • Gender: Female
  • DoB: 7th day of winter, 493AV (22 years of age)
  • Birthplace: Mura, Konti Isle
  • Current Residence: Syliras. A 20x20 housing apartment deep within the interior of the Stormhold Citadel. It has no windows and the only fresh air comes from a ventilation shaft.

Spoken Languages
  • Fluent: Kontinese
  • Basic: Common
  • Poor: N/A

Religious figures
  • Avalis
  • Laviku
Physical Appearance
Physical Appearance
The basics

Detailed Description

Nakira is a slender young woman, appearing quite tall and fragile to most. She isn't a muscular girl, though she does have a bit of muscle in her legs due to living partially in water. Her skin is very pale, appearing smooth to the touch due to her lack of scars. Her eyes are a very vivid pale green, which flows well with her pale skin and hair. Her hair is quite long reaching her lower back in length. However it is usually styled it in various fashions, though it is more likely to be seen down than anything else. Her features are soft making her appear to be quite approachable to most. Though she has no tattoos, she does have many patches of scales on her body. The many scales make home on her ankles, outer thigh area, spine, shoulder blades, and collar bone. The scales connect through an intricate and delicate design and are an minty iridescent in color. Like all Konti woman, Nakira has delicately webbed fingers and toes. These along with her intricate scales are some of the only things that set her aside from appearing to be human, along with her gills of course.
  • Divination- Nakira was given the gnosis mark, Divination, at birth from the seer Goddess Avalis.- Approved By Gossamer

Konti Gift

Purity-Sense: Due to generations of Nakira's heritage being exposed to the vision waters in Mura, along with her being exposed to them all her life, Nakira was born with a unique gift. Nakira has visions of the intentions of others through physical contact. Though these visions reflect the intentions of others, it does not mean these people act upon then and/or get away with them. Nakira's visions reveal themselves as strange shapes of intricate design and different colorations, easily compared to the patterns of a kaleidoscope in the way they move. These visions reflect upon the individual she has contact with, meaning every vision is completely different from the next. Though each vision is completely different depending on the person, they always revolve around the same basic pattern. Visions which include sharper shapes of darker colorations means the person it reflects upon has impure or sinful intentions whilst visions which include shapes with softer edges and lighter colors means the individual has pure or 'good' intentions. These visions do not touch on the reasoning behind such intentions or what the person intends to do. The simplest impure intentions, such as acting upon lustful urges, would show up the same way as the intentions of brutally murdering someone in cold blood. These visions often cause Nakira to become physically and mentally ill. She also can't control her visions meaning one minute she could engage in physical contact with someone and nothing would happen, while the next minute she could touch someone else who triggers such visions. - Approval Given By Gossamer On 1/13/16

Character Concept
Nakira isn't the memorable type, never speaking out or standing out in a crowed, though she would want it no other way. She lacks social skills which makes everyday conversation with her quite awkward. She becomes anxious and nervous when in social situations and/or large crowds, though she isn't rude and will not flat out ignore those who try to carry on a conversation with her.
She has quite the appreciation for art, often spending her free time attempting to improve upon her drawing and painting abilities, or studying. She is also quite curious of the world around her, often catching herself eavesdropping on others' conversations or snooping.
Though Nakira has many positive attributes, she also has many negative ones as well. She isn't brave, in fact she is quite the opposite. Small things are prone to scare her due to her overactive imagination, even if these things are fictional characters in children stories. She is also quite the daydreamer, though this may not be much of a flaw for most, it is for her. You see, Nakira tends to daydream at the worst possible times, such as when being given instructions or even cooking dinner. She is also prone to small panic attacks that cause her to become physically ill, these panic attacks mostly happen when in large crowds. She is also quite naïve and trusting, often believing anything someone says, unless it's ridiculous of course.

Character History

Nakira never thought of her childhood to be one to boast or complain about. She never had to deal with constant death, plague, abuse, or anything of that sort which is obviously very good, though she also wasn't spoiled by her mother or given anything and everything she had ever wanted as a young girl. It was simply what it was, which was quite uneventful.
Like most Konti girls in Mura, Nakira had never met nor seen her father. This wasn't something that made Nakira angry or unhappy, to her it was what it was. She was raised by her mother, Lor'cayn, who studied medicine and healing. Lor'cayn was a loving mother, if not a bit stern, and taught Nakira to the best of her abilities. These things ranged from simple things such as cooking to much deeper things such as how to properly worship the God Laviku and the Goddess Avalis. She often encouraged Nakira to study things such as philosophy and the arts.
Though Nakira had a good homelife, she never really had much of a social life. She never understood how the other girls her age could so easily play and speak with one another, a concept she never grasped. She often faked being ill to keep her mother from forcing her to play with the other girls, the reason behind her hesitance would be her fear of being judged or pushed aside. Due to such fibs, Nakira was often asked if she were feeling better by many of the woman in Mura, she was seen as quite a sickly girl rather than a shy one.
Though Nakira did tell the occasional lie, mostly about her well being, she was not a bad child. Most adults saw her as a respectful and kind young lady, along with being a bit sickly of course. Not many had much to complain about, though some had been a "victim" of her snoopiness. Some would also complain about her constant daydreaming.
As a young teenager, Nakira spent much of her time painting which was a passion that she still has to this day. She spent almost every waking moment of her day painting or doing chores around the house for her mother. When not doing these things, Nakira would study philosophy in the opal temple. At the age of nineteen, Lor'cayn had experienced the call once again. She had then woken Nakira from her sleep, not giving her many details of her journey, though she did tell her she would be back in several months and not to worry. She then left with only the clothes on her back, leaving Nakira alone for the first time.
Nakira spent most of her time avoiding her peers, painting, and doing the day to day routine. Months went by fast, though Lor'cayn hadn't returned. These months turned to a year, and another, and another. Nakira began to feel like a caged bird as she waited for Lor'cayn to come home and explain her adventure, her life feeling as though she were a slave to her own routine. After feeling this way for far too long, Nakira decided to leave the beautiful city of Mura, half expecting to find her mother in the process.

  • x1 Simple trousers (SP)
  • x1 Simple white cotton shirt (SP)
  • x1 Simple undergarments (SP)
  • x1 Worn Black Cloak (SP)
  • x1 Simple boots (SP)
  • x1 Water skin (SP)
  • x1 Chemise
  • x1 Comb (SP)
  • x1 Brush (SP)
  • x1 Razor (SP)
  • x1 Soap (SP)
  • x1 Eating Knife (SP)
  • Flint And Steel (SP)
  • Balanced Rations (1 week's worth)
  • x1 Art Kit
  • Lore of Kontinese Culture (SP)
  • Lore of Religion: Avalis (SP)
ImageAn intricately designed cuff bracelet made of a bronze chain with a single light blue oval cut shell giving it a bit of color. Her mother had given it to her when she was quite young, claiming it was from an Eypharian slave who had escaped her master. She was in dire need of a healer and paid Nakira’s mother, who was still quite a young healer, with the beautiful cuff bracelet. Though beautiful, much of its value is sentimental due to its aged chain and common shell.


Skills EXP Total Proficiency
Fortune telling (Racial Bonus +10) (Starter pack +7) 17exp Novice
Cooking (Starter Package +10) 10exp Novice
Painting (Starter Package +15) 15exp Novice
Drawing (Starter Package +10) 10exp Novice
Philosophy (starter Package +8) 8exp Novice

Chemise-1sm 99GM 9sm
Art Kit-25GM 74GM 9sm


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