Tail's Plotnotes

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Tail's Plotnotes

Postby Tail on January 26th, 2016, 9:41 pm

Welcome to my Plotnotes here in lies all off my character set goals and OOC set goals.

IC Goals/Notes:
Of course, Learn more Auristics: Who wouldn't want to learn magic? Well, there is one good possibility to why one wouldn't, but on the other hand I find that learning magic is fun. Up until you get to the point of Overgiving, then no, it isn't really fun. I'm planning on having Tail learn more Auristics and possibly progress through the stages of the magic. Possibly learn more magic as well.
Possibly Learn more Magic: I'm hoping to get Tail to learn not just one, but a few other types of magic. So there would be more of a variety. But of course, the consequences of using to much magic. I would have to be careful with that. But, it would be fun to learn more.
Travel:Who doesn't love to travel? I know I love to travel, but would anyone else like to? With this thought though, it has a minor set back. Horseback riding. Pycons can't really ride on those big stallions that are made for the other races. Even though, this idea has been wandering through my mind a bit. I want him to at least learn more magic before he actually ventures out alone/with someone else. Maybe that should be another priority?
Friends:I may be snarky at times, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't have friends right?
Other Set Goals:Still a WIP.

OOC Goals

Have a lot of thread partners:Yes, as it states here. I would love to have a lot more partners to write with. Currently I'm in Lhavit if anyone wants to plot something with me.
Explore My character More:Hi, yes. I would love to discover more personalities of my lovely, yet talkative Tail. He can be quite manipulative, but he doesn't like to be controlled. That would be a heads up for those who think they can mess around with the Pycon.
At least help on the development on lore and other stuff:Yes, I'm hoping to co.e up with something soon. Not sure what yet.

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