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Adrian Morealis

Postby Adrian Morealis on February 8th, 2016, 11:03 pm


Adrian Morealis

race: human
gender: male
age: 16 years of age
birthday: 13th of fall, 500 a.v
location: Kenash
birthplace: Kenash

Model: Igor Nigmatullin

At a glance;

Polite, elegant, calculated––at a glance, Adrian seems the ideal Morealis. Rigidly courteous to friend or foe, acceptably aware of fashion and appearance and possessed of a calm, subtle countenance, he is every inch the refined Dynast. Having spent his life living those masks that the Morealis are so prone to wearing, Adrian is no stranger to the strings and scruples of high society; like any good son of the Sugar Kings of Kenash, he breathes the oceans of silk and glitter as easily as he does air.

Although he is still young, there is no doubt that Adrian possesses a specific, graceful sort of attractiveness. Tall and pale, blue-eyed and fair-haired, his stature has a certain refinement grown both from genetics and from upbringing. Made of edges and angles, what he lacks in muscle he makes up for in wire and tendon; he is tall and slender, almost to the point of being willowy, although not quite to the point of being unhealthy. His stature and physical strength is not is very impressive when compared to other young men of his age––he could barely be called ‘average’ in that regard––but he still manages to cultivate a unique presence that can be seen as 'pretty.'

He carries himself as one would expect of a Morealis: well-spoken, well-mannered and nothing less than polite at all times. His family’s code of conduct is strict, and he has learned it to the letter; Adrian will never let his emotion cloud his etiquette, and will behave with the utmost civility towards friends, family or hated enemies. There is never an excuse for poor manners. Still, he rarely pursues social interaction on his own initiative; much preferring the role of unnoticed observer, Adrian has spent the majority of his formative years cultivating a sealed mask of politeness that he almost never reaches beyond. Any display of emotion, positive or negative, is extremely rare; such things are bottled up when in public and only dealt with when he is alone.

Although he prefers to remain outside of the spotlight if he can help it, Adrian does take a measure of pride in his appearance. He was raised with means and money, and so he is used to being within reach of fine clothes and accessories; although his physical vanity is more of a habit than a hobby, he enjoys making a good first impression. A bit unusually, Adrian does not invest a great deal of effort in the changing color trends season after season, preferring instead to wear neutral clothing that is suitable for all trends; darker colors are his favorite, either black or dark gray with an occasional colorful accessory as an accent.

In the past;

Rumors have surrounded Adrian since the day he was born. With his mother’s roots in the Askara, it was generally expected that the child would be unusual. Although she had married into the Morealis to secure a trade alliance, the young woman had never quite let go of her family’s characteristic eccentricity and remained a distinctly colorful figure among her new in-laws. Unpredictable and undoubtedly “odd,” she was a blazing counterpoint to her high-nosed and arrogant husband, who was known for his haughtiness and general disdain for everyone around him. When she fell pregnant, there was speculation as to the nature of the two’s offspring; it was jokingly agreed that the child would be either the epitome of pleasant and entertaining company, or it would be a temperamental scourge upon the face of Mizahar.

Adrian’s birth was on the thirteenth day of fall, and the instant he joined the world it became clear that he was not what had been expected. He was quiet and calm; his cries fell silent when he was put in his mother’s arms and remained silent until he left them. His eyes were wide and searching, his hands cautious and grasping; he was a perplexingly austere child, but the greatest source of surprise came from the physical differences. Where his parents were both dark-haired, he was crowned with a mass of white-blond wisps. Where his parents were solid and tan, he was pale and light. Where his parents were both outgoing and determined, he maintained an almost absolute silence.

His Askara grandmother had possessed brilliant blonde hair in her youth, as did his uncle, which was used to explain his divergence from his parents’ complexions. What none of his mother’s family had, however, were his blue eyes; that was a trait he shared with his father, and his father refused to entertain any rumors of infidelity; the boy was his son, and not a word was to be said otherwise.

Adrian’s infancy passed quite similarly to his birth. He was an owlish baby, growing up silently aside from the occasional “Nani,” when he sought his nanny’s attention. For a portion of his childhood, it was worried that he would not learn to speak at all, which lasted until he was four years old––and he proved that not only could he speak, but he could do so with an unusual eloquence. Once he began to communicate, his insatiable curiosity rose to the surface, tempered by his quiet demeanor and inclination for thought and observation. He wanted to learn everything about the world around him, even as he was steeped in Morealis tradition and courtesy. After his etiquette was learned and memorized, he wanted to know about birds and writing and languages and history and music, through books and people and experience. His love for learning appeared limitless, and was fortunate enough to spread over topics that the household had already intended to teach him regardless; when he pursued their interests of his own accord, his future as an agent of the family was decided.

As he grew, however, his interests began to specify and intensify. He showed a particular interest in art, drawing and reading, which his superiors found somewhat irritating; he was encouraged towards the paths of mathematics and social maneuvering, but showed minimal interest in either, much preferring his books and pencils to the inane tedium of family dinners and parties. Soon enough, encouragement turned to pushing, and Adrian immediately pushed back. Unsatisfied with the justification of “Because I said so,” he became uncooperative and difficult almost overnight; his rhetoric, once a hobby, became a tool against his teachers and relatives. He absolutely refused to be ordered about, and soon added the skills of lying and manipulation to his repertoire. By the time he was ten, his education had ground to a complete halt; he refused to participate in what they wanted him to learn, and they refused to provide what he wanted to learn. His keen mind and talent for speechcraft make his family reluctant to turn him out, but neither could they tolerate such behavior from one of their own. Finally, Adrian was approached with an ultimatum: so long as he lived in the Morealis household, he would be beholden to their rules and to their wishes. However, he would be given a degree of freedom in his education: one lesson decided upon by the Morealis, and Adrian would then be given any one lesson of his choosing. One for the other, until he entered a trade or entered service to the household; he could pursue his own interests, so long as they were pursued alongside his family’s interests. If he refused, he would face disownment. The ultimatum gave Adrian his first taste of rage, but his rage, like all of his emotions, was silent. He smiled politely and accepted the offer.

Swallowing his humiliation, Adrian returned to his studies with an energy that bordered on viciousness. What he was taught, he learned to the letter. The enthusiasm that had defined his early childhood had morphed into a manipulative commitment to quality. Any fault his teachers found, he corrected until it was faultless. His assignments were meticulous and thorough. He made sure to be aware of exactly what was asked of him and to deliver it to the very best of his ability. He conducted himself exactly as a Morealis should; courteous at all times, true to his word and aware of his place in the world.

And so when he finally made his request, they could find no reason to refuse him.

So began Adrian’s introduction to morphing.

Acquiring a lesson was not easy, nor was it cheap––two of the reasons Adrian had requested it. His mentor was timid and not fantastically skilled, but Adrian didn’t mind; once he understood the basics, he could question and experiment. Limited skill was better than no skill at all.

His mentor’s death came as a surprise to no one. After a day of sluggishness, he suddenly began to shift his shapes at a mad pace, going utterly mad in a spectacular display of overgiving until guards were called to kill him. Adrian was informed that, because of what had happened, his family would no longer sponsor magical instruction of any sort. He was to choose another field of study.

Not to be so easily outdone, Adrian remained true to his family and did not request another morphing mentor, but neither would he be so easily dissuaded––with what he had managed to learn, and with a healthy dose of caution after witnessing his mentor’s death, he continued to develop the skill by himself.

In the meantime, Adrian returned his more official attention to a pursuit he had always enjoyed immensely: drawing. Both productive and enjoyable, it filled him with an ease that was difficult to find elsewhere and was harmless enough for his family to have no issue with it. It connected him to his environment in a way that he did not often experience, drawing him out of the abstract and theoretical and into the present moment. He gained a particular penchant for portraiture, and so his life became defined by three pillars: his family’s tutoring, his budding art and his private morphing. His role in the world irritated him, but it was tolerable, and he continued to excel in his studies. With his excellence came favor, and with that favor came knowledge, and with knowledge came power.

Magic’s place in Kenash has always always a precarious one, and it was no wonder that the rumors were loud enough to reach Adrian’s ears. He was fifteen years old when he heard the whispers of a man, skilled in unknown magic, who had come to the Zulaca in search of immortality and been rejected. The rumors passed into obscurity, as rumors do, but Adrian’s curiosity had been piqued. He resolved to find the mysterious mage. The acting skills he had honed out of spite became tools once again; he chased the rumor to the Traveler’s Complex, where he found the mage halfway drowned in a mug of alcohol.

The mage had come from Sahova, after attempting to develop his magecraft among the dead. Although he had been sycophantic enough to become an apprentice, the politics of the island had proven too much for him and he had abandoned the citadel for to find somewhere else to ply his expensive trade. Once in Kenash, he had immediately made contact with the Zulaca Dynasty and proposed an exchange: his skills for becoming a Nuit. He had been refused.

Perceiving an opportunity, Adrian proposed a trade of his own: if the man shared his knowledge of magecraft, Adrian would connect him with the Morealis Dynasty instead. It was not at all difficult to get the man to agree.

The man was not a particularly clever magecrafter, but he knew enough; Adrian managed to find the time to visit him in secret and learn what he could, most of which consisted of the center concepts and methods. He learned enough to make the tools needed, but what the magecrafter had failed to tell his improptu student was exactly how expensive the craft was––unaware of the cutthroat politics of the city, the magecrafter had borrowed a great deal of money from the Midnight Market. After missing a number of payments on so large a sum, he was killed and his makeshift laboratory raided to make up for it, including the tools Adrian had made. Arriving the find the house a cinder and his mentor headless, the young man surmised what had happened and quickly moved to disassociate himself from the event entirely.

Although his connection to the craft and his creations was severed, the brief interaction with magecraft had given Adrian a crushing thirst for it; his work may have been rudimentary, but channeling magic through an item to change it was an intoxicating experience. Quite unexpectedly, what had begun as an inquisitive act of rebellion against the impositions of his family had become something entirely different. The very concept had set his thoughts whirling with ideas and possibilities that he wanted to see realized, and so he set his mind towards a new goal. He would find a way around his family’s expectations for him and pursue the art of magecraft, openly or secretly. He would find his own path.

As he enters his sixteenth year, expectations are closing in. Lined up to assist the household keeper, his path currently points to the planned and calculated road of high society maneuvering. Underneath, however, Adrian burns with a fierce craving for freedom and independence. He loathes being beholden to his family, and is willing to go to great lengths to sever his dependence upon them. The road to his freedom, however, is still to be crafted, and only time will tell where his path will lead him.


Skill Total SP RB EXP Proficiency
drawing 26 26 0 0 competent
rhetoric 15 0 15 0 novice
morphing 9 14 0 0 novice
magecraft 5 5 0 0 novice
animation 5 5 0 0 novice
acting 5 5 0 0 novice
Morealis Code Of Honor
History of the Morealis Dynasty
Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Arumenic
Poor Language: Ancient Tongue


on his person
fine linen shirt, black
fine linen pants, black
simple linen undergarments, neutral
fine leather boots, black

fine satin vest, gold
fine satin vest, blue
fine felted overcoat, black
leather gloves, black
leather riding gloves, black
wide-brimmed hat, black
in reserve
comb (bone)
brush (wooden)
bar of soap (1lb)

artist's toolkit
blank book, 2
quill, 2
ink, black, 4oz
parchment, 10 sheets
paper, 10 sheets
An Introduction to Paints and Portraiture
book, exquisite

This book is a well-written and detailed guide on the mixing of paints, various types of brushes and their different advantages, the set-up of an easel and chair, as well as other tips to the budding painter. Although it has little to no instruction on the actual technique of painting, it is quite thorough regarding the clinical details of the items and skills one needs to set up a physical studio.

This book was given to Adrian by his mother after he accepted the position of household caretaker; while he has yet to sit down and read the thing from cover to cover, he has leafed through it once or twice and has vague plans to begin experimenting with painting.
Adrian lives in the Blacksugar plantation house, traditional home of the Morealis. His room doubles as both a living space and a makeshift office, although it isn’t quite as ornate and luxurious as many Dynasts would prefer. It is comfortably plush, and Adrian feels no need to take it farther than that. This room is where he spends the majority of his time, whether plowing through family records and ledgers or pursuing his own interests.

20x20 room within the deeper bowels of Blacksugar
  • fireplace, good
  • bed, good
  • trunk, good
  • chest of drawers, good
  • bookshelf, good
  • chair, good
  • desk, good
Purchase Cost Total
starting package +100gm 100
family loan +1000gm 1100
vest, gold satin -6gm 1094
vest, blue satin -6gm 1088
gloves, leather -1gm 1087
riding gloves, leather -2gm 1085
toolkit, artist's -25gm 1060
hat, wide-brimmed -4gm 1056
bookshelf, good -20gm 1036
parchment, 10 sheets -2gm 1034
paper, 10 sheets -4gm 1030
ink, black, 4oz -4gm 1026
book, blank -3gm 1023
book, blank -3gm 1020
quill -5cm 1019.9.5
quill -5cm 1019.9
family business loan +6000gm 7019.9
The Painted Serpent -4023.56 2996.34

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