Hubtare's Plotnotes

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Hubtare's Plotnotes

Postby Hubtare on February 21st, 2016, 5:15 am


Short Term
  • First post in Nyka
  • Get a job (courier?)
  • Learn about Izurdin
  • Pray to a God

Long Term
  • Learn to read and write Arumenic
  • Learn to read and write Common
  • Learn Basic Common
  • Learn Fluent Common
  • Gain a weapon skill
  • Gain a weapon
  • Gain a crafting skill
  • Meet another Isur
  • Insult a disobedient slave/ex-slave
  • Help capture a runaway slave
  • Become competent in a combat skill
  • Actually learn to fight things
  • Fight something that has not been "pre-injured" - don't kill it
  • Fight something that has not been "pre-injured" - do kill it
  • Learn about every God
  • Meet someone who knew one of the people she's killed
  • Learn about her Eypharian ex-owner
  • Meet one of the remaining slaver brothers
  • Become a slave again - willingly
  • Become a slave again - unwillingly
  • Find out where she came from prior to slavery
  • Find her family
  • Build a makeshift shrine to a God

Misc & Not-terribly-serious
  • Own a slave
  • Enslave an ex-slaver
  • Be insulted by another Isur
  • High five an Isur - both with the hands of their respective Isurian arms
  • Kill something or someone and feel bad about it
  • Kill something or someone and feel happy about it
  • Have her arm cut off
  • Try to pass off as a male
  • Wear a dress
  • Tear a dress off while wearing it
  • Learn to imitate other accents
  • Try to pass of as being refined/proper/of high social status
  • Try to pass of as being not-an-Isur
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