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Race: Human (Benshira)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: Season of Fall, Day 23, 498 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit


She is small for her race standing just above 5 feet with a small heart shaped face and appropriate curves for one of her stature. Her most noticeable feature are her eyes which are a deep shade of green. Her training as a Shinya has given Kateel a muscular, thin physique. Her hands are strong and calloused from both her training and learning to write.

Due to her heritage, Kateel has light brown skin with straight black hair. As per Benshira custom she wears her hair long reaching just below the small of her back. While training or on patrol she will wear her hair in either a tight pony tail or bun tightly woven around her head. To honor her religious beliefs she has a blond highlight streak that starts with the hair on the right side and travels downwards to the small of her back.

On cold days Kateel favors a heavy hooded coat with soft boots. On hot summer days she is normally seen barefoot while wearing her Shinya robes. The clothing she wears is always modest and conservative.

Character Concept


Kateel is a newly appointed acolyte in the Shinya order. Her training to become a Shinya has given her a great deal of patience and discipline. She is an extremely dedicated individual with a great deal of moral integrity per the beliefs of the order as well as her personal beliefs. She is deeply religious devoted to Syna, but shares a mild curiosity for her racial God Yahal.

The training she received as a child has had a profound impact on how Kateel looks at the world. Her sponsor Darmendrex Thul is responsible for most of her values and beliefs. She looks at him as more of a father figure. Kateel is extremely humble, kind, generous and often looks at the best in people. Prior to Darmendrex’s influence she was very passionate, hot tempered, and impulsive. Her training has tempered a lot of her impulsiveness and negative demeanor.

She is torn between her duty of protecting the city and her dream of eventually learning more about her family and heritage. Her family heirloom is a journal her mother kept while she adventured the known world. Kateel inherited her mother’s restless curiosity to see the world around her. She secretly dreams of one day traveling and seeing new cities and experiencing different cultures. Her greatest passion though lies in connecting with her mother’s family.


Kateel is a humble individual who is kind and generous. Due to the nature of her upbringing she typically tends to place little value on personal belongings or acquiring wealth. She is content with the little she has and who she is as a person. She typically wears no makeup and is content to wear a tunic and breeches. She prefers to be barefoot most of the time, but is content to wear sandals while she travels the city.

She has a lot of joy in her life and tends to smile at everyone she sees. She is the individual you see with the perpetual smile on their face. She tends to lighten up the mood when she enters simply by the smile on her face. Some see this as being naive, but Kateel is very aware of human nature. She simply tries to look at the best in people and hopes to promote a little joy in their lives.

She is intelligent, funny and mildly extroverted with people she is comfortable with. Due to the nature of her training she often prefers silence and solitude. Her training in mediation has given her a keen introspective insight. She is very self-aware and has an uncanny ability to look past bravado and the personae people may have to see the person.

She is very passionate, strong willed, and can be impulsive at times. Even with her training Kateel still struggles with her passion and impulsiveness from time to time. She has difficulty with changes and likes routine in her life. She is very aware of her faults and is constantly trying to find balance.

The death of her mother had a profound impact on her values and beliefs. While she loved her mother Kateel fears following in the path her mother took. On the night she became an acolyte Kateel made a personal vow to both Syna and Yahal in a small prayer during the ceremony. Recognizing that her impulsiveness could potentially be an issue Kateel took a personal vow of chasity. The decision was not an easy one for her, but she felt it was the right one to make. She struggles daily with this decision and often finds peace during meditation.

Character History

Kateel was born in Lhavit in the Fall Season of 498 AV. to Bayla, a Benshira woman from the desert city of Yahebah. Her mother was an accomplished writer and artist. In the journal she passed down to her daughter she wrote about a variety of different cultures she encountered while on her travels. She provided incredible illustration of different creatures and people she encountered. She was part of a larger group of adventures that were exploring the Unforgiving in the Kalea Region.

Bayla spent most of her youth in Yahebah the desert city of the Benshira. Unhappy with an arranged marriage Bayla met a pirate that changed the course of her life. Her husband was well respected and a religious scholar within the community. Bayla was young, beautiful, and full of passion. She also had a restless rebellious spirit that desired to explore the world around her, everyone else be damned. She met the pirate while returning home from the market. He made a rather lewd remark as she passed by. The pirate was completely shocked when she smirked and gave a haughty reply. This led to a turbulent two year affair which caused a lot of controversy and embarrassment to both her family as well as her husband's family.

The pirate invited Bayla to join him when he left Yahebah. Intrigued, Bayla agreed to join him and his crew. The night before she left she spent one last night with her husband. She loved her husband, but wanted more out of life. The following morning she left a letter for him with a single promise to return.

Bayla spent the next several months traveling the world on board the Ravage. She was exposed to a variety of different cultures and new adventures. Due to her education Bayla became a valued member of the crew. She began to hide her pregnancy in fear of how the crew would handle it, but to her surprise the crew was surprisingly supportive when she eventually told them. Her lover was already aware of her pregnancy and considered the child his. As she advanced in her pregnancy she was taken to the nearest port which was Lhavit. The crew was planning on exploring the Unforgiving in hopes of finding new trade opportunities.

Bayla was in Lhavit for two days staying in an inn belonging to an elderly couple when she had her first contraction. Kateel was born early on a crisp Fall morning. Seeing her daughter for the first time as Bayla describes in her journal was closest she had ever been to touching the Gods. Several months went by without a word from crew of the Ravage. The elderly couple took pity on Bayla as she was down to her last few coins. The offered her a job cleaning the common room as well as a barmaid. Bayla reluctantly agreed and was content for a couple of years while she raised her daughter.

Bayla eventually grew bored with her life and started looking for other pursuits. Through a tavern patron she was introduced to the seedier side of city and eventually grew addicted to a local herg that had strong addictive properties. Kateel watched as her beloved beautiful mother slowly began to change. The once beautiful and passionate women was a shell of the person she use to be. Bayla passed away when Kateel was just six years old. The elderly couple took her in as their own, but had a difficult time managing her behavior. The couple eventually contacted the Shinya Order in hopes of providing her a better future.

At the age of nine Kateel met Darmendrex Thul an initiate sponsor within the order. She found out very quickly that he was strict, but also sensed kindness and humor. She was instinctively drawn to him and felt she could trust him. Her first few years in the order were extremely challenging for her.

The initiates were not allowed to speak unless directly spoken to. The initiates were given a strict routine which saw them awake each morning before the sun was up. They were only given a few minutes before having a roll call. After roll call as a collective the whole group would do stretching exercises followed by an intense work out.

They were then ushered to breakfast and afterwards their sponsors led them to the upper rooms to learn meditation exercises. After the exercises they had another roll call in which each initiate was given a task they needed to accomplish for the rest of the morning. Most of which consisted of running errands and cleaning.

After lunch the initiates would be taken to a large lecture hall. Seated with their sponsors they would be taught the history of the Shinya Order. Each of the initiates were taught to read and write as well. These lessons normally lasted for about three hours. The sponsors would be given a couple of hours before dinner to assign work for the initiates to do to reinforce the lessons they learned that day.

After dinner the Order usually would provide some sort of entertainment for the acolytes and initiates. This would usually be some sort of play or performance. Many times members of the order performed various skits. Afterwards, initiates would meet with their sponsor and go through meditations exercises.

During the last year as an initiate usually around 15 years of age the Order begins to teach initiates the ancient language of Nader-Canoch. The history of the order is written in the old language. In order to preserve their history the order teaches the language out of necessity and reverence to the past. Her last year as an initiate Kateel was sent to assist the scribes of the Order as they translated and wrote the ancient text of the Order which she enjoyed immensely.

After becoming an acolyte Kateel's daily routine began to change. She was given a lot of autonomy to conduct her morning mediation exercises in solitude. She and the other acolytes were placed in charge of role call and began leading initiates in daily stretching exercises. After breakfast, she and the other acolytes began learning unarmed combat. During the afternoons most the training centers on the discipline of projection. The students interact with both their sponsors as well as other trainers within the order.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Nader-canoch
Poor Language: Shiber


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Writing 10 SP 10 Novice
Unarmed combat 5 SP 5 Novice
Meditation 10 RB, 10SP 20 Novice
Glyphing 5 SP 5 Novice
Projection 10 SP 10 Novice
History 10 SP 10 Novice


Lore of History: Shinya Order
Lore of Meditation Techniques

-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple hooded coat matching the color of her robes
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
- 3 sets of Acolyte robes
100 Kina

Heirloom: The journal her mother kept detailing her adventures and specific cultures she encountered during her travels. (

As a member of the Shinya Order she currently resides in the Shinya Monastery in Lhavit

House: As an acolyte she shares a room with two other female acolytes. The room is large enough to house three sleeping mats that are situated along each of the walls. At the head of the sleeping mats is a small dresser for clothing and personal possessions. The room is divided by a three way screen that provides privacy.

The room itself is connected to a common room that is shared by four other acolyte rooms. In the center of the common room are several pieces of furniture and a large table used for academic studies. Near the sliding door that leads to the hallway is a large fire place. There is a large window in a small alcove that provides natural light for the room.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina

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