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Ravenna Winter

Postby Ravenna Winter on March 4th, 2016, 11:38 pm

Ravenna Winter

Current Theme

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: 53rd of Fall, 496AV.
Birthplace: Sunberth

Appearance: Brown shoulder length hair that flows around the sides of Ravenna's face, typically kept down, but on occassion she will have her hair pulled up. Her skin is white with olive overtones, and her eyes are a smouldering charcoal grey; accompanied by darkening circles. Standing at five feet and four inches tall, she has an average body frame leaning towards slim. She looks neither well fed, nor terribly starved though the markings of such are apparent underneath her clothing, weighing in at an uneasy 115lbs on average; it varies every season.

Character Concept

True to being born in her Sunberthian environment, Ravenna is an anarchist, and abhors most authority; not unlike the rest of her people, she does posess the hypocritical trait of falling in line when it benefits herself. Life is just how it is, and you have to make the best of that. Everything about Ravenna screams attitude, from her intensely burning gaze, to her confident demeanor and not so modest appearence. She is a sassy, fun loving, and foul mouthed young woman with a heart of gold not afraid to put a dagger in your back if you cross her one too many times.

The city brings out the best and the worst of Ravenna, it is also her greatest reason to hide most emotions, and feelings, the slightest flicker of weakness and she may find herself in a worse off position: death would be a kinder fate. Putting aside wild appearences, underneath that burning wild fire there are the smouldering coals representing a tired individual, weary, and wary, of all, and any. Despite how young she looks, she has seen much already, and her true age shows in her eyes.

Character History

This is the story of a girl whom did not have the experience of a loving family, a stable environment, or the priviledge of predictable happenstances. Kind of a thing with Sunberth and all, the rampant debauchery, frequent murder, and unchecked con artists swindling you out of your last gold rimmed copper miza. Unexpected, and often times treacherous situations were always a thing for anyone, and kindly putting it that's what happened for Ravenna unsurprisingly. Dear little Ravenna Winter. Poor little girl, all alone, left in the orphanage by a lazy-good-for-nothing-ne're-do-well aunt after Mr. and Mrs. Winter faced rather untimely demises; again to not anyone's surprise. Death, if you will. Dira's peaceful, and yada, yada, yada-- loving embrace.

What was even more comical, cosmical even, was that it happened on Ravenna's own birthday too! Gasp-- please! Yet worry not for the poor unfortuanate soul, asforementioned above, the young girl found a home among the nearly forgotten, tarnished, unwanted-- and also quite unfortuanate with all too familliar sad storied urchins. It was a difficult transition at first, not as hard as you might think, but it had its own trials. Ravenna did not get along with most of the other children, finding it trying to mingle with her peers, preyed on by large, and bullies that were so mean they could have been confused with big-fat rats. Greasy looking like them, too. The stench that came off some of them was pretty unbearable-- tolerable mind you, but nasty.

Ravenna doesn't look for trouble, but trouble looks for Ravenna and it's been following her since her early days at the orphanage. It was any wonder that she managed to make it to adulthood, made possible by her best and only true friend Carah Klein. The fox was waiting around a corner for an unwitting rabbit, having of spotted Ravenna early on, but never made a move for one reason or another unknown. It wasn't until Carah found herself in a tough spot trying to get away with a lie, her tall tales were amazing, but that was what they were-- too amazing. Everyone knew of Carah's stories, and how well she could tell them, but everyone also knew there was no merit to them. When all looked grim for little liar Carah, Ravenna was there to save the day though-- with a lie of her own! Succeding splendidly.

The two were instant best friends there on, partners in crime, bread and butter, rimmed gold to a gold miza, a pair of socks, inseperable until the day Carah had to leave the Orphanage for the Cheap Side; and ultimately finding her own indepency. Our heroine was two years younger than the side kick. (Though roles were switched, always Carah the leader, and always Ravenna the side kick, there was no exception ever to this duo.) That didn't stop them, but somewheres along the line, just before Ravenna herself would turn sixteen years old, preparing to room with her only friend, Carah mysteriously dissappeared. Shocker! (Gasp again if you want, you're welcome to.) It had been several days, Ravenna had neither seen hide or tail of the foxy beauty.

Three more days passed, nothing. In fact there hadn't been any sign of Carah for the last four years; at first Ravenna tried looking for her friend, she even broke into the missing girl's home. Well, actually Ravenna intended to break in, but there was no need because the door was already opened-- room trashed, and ransacked. Yet no Carah, not even a corpse, nothing to point to where she had gone, or who had taken her-- or killed her. Murder was common. Abduction wasn't unreasonable to assume, slavery? Sunberth may tote its horn around about how an individual's freedom was important, but it was strong eat weak, it was you against the world technically speaking.

Ravenna lurked around the slave markets, and the brothels, but never for too long, or alone. Eventually she gave up, hoping, wondering if she would ever see her friend again-- grateful to even find a body maybe.


Fluent Language: Common
Poor Language: Fratava


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Weapon: Dagger 10 SP+_ = 10/100 Novice
Stealth 20 SP+_ = 20/100 Novice
Subterfuge 15 RB+_ = 15/100 Novice
Investigation 10 SP+_ = 10/100 Novice
Persuasion 10 SP+_ = 10/100 Novice

Lore of Stealth: Treading Quietly
Lore of Sunberth: Street Layout


Set of [SP] Clothing
-Simple Shirt, Tan
-Simple Pants, Brown
-Simple Undergarments, Brown
-Simple Coat, Black
-Simple Boots, Brown
Set of [Work] Garments (making the calulations now.)
- Good Blouse, Dull Lilac
- Good Skirt, Dull Green
- Good Stockings, Black
- Good Shoes, Black
1 Waterskin [SP]
1 Backpack [SP]
-Comb (Metal)
-Brush (Metal)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
Weapon Harness
- Steel Dagger
- Scabbard, Dagger

Heirloom: Wooden Prayer Beads - Just about the only thing that remained untouched by the chaos that was Carah's abode upon abduction. Perhaps because they were only made of wood, and not any sort of precious metal. Ravenna knew how important the beads were to her best friend, but never actually understood what they were for, they now belong to our unwitting heroine. Unaware of their intended purpose. She now wears it along her wrist and arm. (Valued @ 50gm)


Location: Sunset Quarter, Sunberth

Housing: 1 Rented Apartment: Private Room, Basic @ 1.5sm/Day(1 Season)
Bed, Avg
End Table, Avg
Arm Chair, Avg
Dresser, Avg
Cupboard, Avg
Wash Basin, Avg
Wardrobe, Avg
Hearth, Avg
Table, Avg
Chairs, Avg x4
Chamber Pot


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100gm 100gm
1 Steel Dagger -2gm 98gm
1 Scabbard, Dagger -2gm 96gm
Weapon Harness -5gm 91gm
Cashed In [SP] Home +500gm 591gm
Rent (Spring) -13gm 6sm 50cm 577gm 3sm 50cm
FurnitureAverage Bed (10gm) Average Arm Chair (4gm) Average Dresser (2gm) Average Cupboard (2gm) Average Wash Basin (2gm) Average Wardrobe (2gm) Average Hearth (3gm) Average Table (1gm) Average Chairs x4 (2gm 8sm) Chamber Pot (2sm) Average End Table (3sm) -29gm 9sm 547gm 4sm 50cm
ClothesWorking on it! - -


Carah Klein {Dead NPC}
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: 12th of Spring, 494AV.
Deathday: 90th of Fall, 512AV
Birthplace: Sunberth


Carah is a slender, red-headed, freckled, mousy haired adult woman with deep blue eyes. Standing at 5'6" and weighing in at 130lbs, she has the hips that don't lie, and an ample bosom.

Concept & History
Carah was Ravenna's one and only friend while boarding at the orphanage; she was fun, and smiling, and told the best kind of stories-- spooky ghost ones. They were two peas in a pod, the besties of the best, both watching eachother's backs. She was the best, and brought smiles to many a young child's face on even the darkest of days. The soon to be vixen had been boarded in the Orphanage since she was twelve years old. However in the year of 512AV, of only 18 Years, Carah was abducted by non-discriminate slavers for her striking good looks and charming beauty. Her captors were oppurtunistic petches, and were set to leave for Nyka very soon, boarding Carah on, and setting sail soon after. However the ship went down in a devestating storm, and Carah along with it, meeting Dira's embrace at the bottom of Laviku's domain with no hope of a body being found, leaving Ravenna clueless and forever hopeful.

Skill Total Proficiency
Leadership 26/100 Competent
Storytelling 30/100 Competent
Seduction 28/100 Competent

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