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[WIP] Calla Anders

Postby Calla Anders on March 7th, 2016, 6:00 pm


Name: Calla Anders

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Born: Season of Spring 42nd / 496AV
Age: 19

Birthplace: Syliras
Current location: also Syliras

Alignment (as of Spring 516AV): Neutral Good // borderline Lawful

Occupation: one of the scribes working at Syliras commons’ library


So, here’s her deal: a certain focus in her gaze, a certain manner of steady hands and, even when her thoughts are pacing, a certain kind of patience – a virtue reserved only for her profession as a Sylirian scribe; a virtue not meant for sudden movement when it’s not expected.

A scribe’s job is an art, but it’s also a mechanical one. All in the workings of this machine: copying, copying, copying. Trying your best, and, if the ink is accidentaly spilled – start over. Next time you try not being an idiot.
Keep in mind your resources. Keep in mind your best regards to the head scribes and hold the original books dear to your heart. What else to occupy this space? Fantasies, imagination? A sense of adventure? As if! There’s only this machine – and sometimes it gives you all you want: to be paid.

But the girl dares! She has dreams.

Calla’s eyes, ever so observant, always lit up when hearing those stories:
of the Tent City, Endrykas, so unbelievable an existence the scribe should laugh off otherwise,
of Lhavit, full of such amounts of wonder and magic, if able, she would sacrifice all of her days to just witness;
and of Wind Reach, where you could live, never ever touching lowly things such as the dirt or Calla herself—
Oh, how much she would give! Never again stealing just glances from the illustrations in the books, but to be there

The grass always greener on the other side”, Calla often reminds herself. She also believes these words – after all, it just makes sense. Of course she would love to see the wonders of different cultures all around Mizahar, and of course seeing them – all of them – is just impossible. Her life would be too short for that; and, if she would try, it’d get even shorter. So, what remains? Trying to spot exotic faces in the bustling halls of Syliras, and then walking them by, holding her trembling heart in it’s rightful place. Then? When at the tavern, she might even try to chat up a visitor, hoping she had guessed right about it’s status – (no more of the “who are you and where are you from?”, “oh, I’m Bob and I’ve seen you down ‘dem halls” cases, please!) As a teenager she had often drowned them with questions. Now she tries to mind their business. And ask only a few.


Her family is nothing of much importance – which Calla sometimes dwells upon as a sad thing. Her mother isn’t a noble lady, rich with silk, mizas and countless handsome young escorts; her father’s not a hero to pave a way of golden bricks towards all of the amazing things in this world Calla wishes to witness.
Maybe it’s not all bad, though. Her father, loving and doting, passed away few years ago. Calla’s mother, however, still keeps an eye on her daughter now and then. Even if she is partly to blame for Calla and her troubling fantasies: it was Mother’s stories that gave birth of the endless questions about what lies on the other side of the Stormhold’s walls… And it was Mother’s appreciation for the whichever different cultures she could scavenge lore about that was to be Calla’s legacy.

But, whatever her mundane history, now Calla works as one of the many scribes in the local common library. It keeps her employed, and a job that also keeps her satisfied is what Calla considers fairly lucky.

And, knowing how things can be around this side of the Wildlands nowadays, it certainly could be worse.
…Nah. It can always gets worse. And thus Calla doesn’t exactly dwell on her past. Instead – how about looking forwards to the next day?

It’s not like she would die tomorrow.
(Yes. Yes, she might. The same as anybody else. But that’s not the point – the point is, no way she’ll die before she gets her chance at something more!


She wouldn’t deny a thing about her looks:
her dust brown hair, cut at shoulder length,
her large eyes not of particulary striking color – just… darkish, greyish brown,
or her lean body, which is only a bit too wide at hips,
or – most of all - the self-evident look in Calla’s eyes when she studies her whereabouts or casts a quick glance around for something, anything worth her interest,
nor the often-lopsided smiles on her lips. She smiles often.

(even more about) PERSONALITY

When asked about her personality, Calla wouldn’t waver. Why should she? There are rarely questions she would refuse answering – as one curious soul to another Calla understands.

She likes those moments when, while visiting a tavern, a bard or minstrel pulls out their instrument and start playing. At such times Calla does her second favourite thing: daydreaming.
Her sole favorite, of course, being the job she does.
What, you thought she dislikes being a scribe?
But there is a certain hypnotic “something” about the quiet when working with codexes.

And, since Calla’s never truly alone in her profession, she often likes just chatting with her fellow colleagues. Never a distraction when done at the right times – Calla is somewhat social, after all.

But, if there are few things Calla dislikes, they’re … well, it’s mostly what would make others upset, too. Gross things, dangerous things, creepy and morally unsound things. What Calla truly detests, however, is lying. Not talking about storytelling, exaggerations or even bragging. When you lie to her, to anybody, even, and if it turns out she knows, she— No. Not like that. Calla won’t hit you. She never resorts to aggression. But she would remember, and her spite will be the most righteous thing she’ll know.

There is a lot of righteousness in her heart, though. A lot of feelings about justice, yet unspent. Part of what makes her a Sylirian. Part of what makes her, in her own words, “a decent person”.

So, in summary, what is Calla’s deal?
A scribe, a thirst for something so painfully impossible to achieve, and the heart of an idealist.
But the latter two – are they merits, or are they flaws?


Fluent language: Common

  • 1 Set of Clothing
    -Simple Shirt
    -Simple Pants
    -Simple Undergarments
    -Simple Coat
    -Simple Boots
    1 Waterskin
    1 Backpack which contains:
    Comb (Wood)
    Brush (Wood)
    Rations for a week (1)
    1 eating knife
    Flint & Steel

    Ink (vial) x2 // for writing
    Map (Syliras)
    Cloak (Wool, Medium)

    95gm 2sm

HEIRLOOM: An old sketchbook. Calla’s mother says it belonged to her mother, Calla’s father believed it’s as worthless as a piece of shyke. Filled with detailed sketches of faraway cities and sometimes unintelligible notes on the illustrations. It’s amazing, and it’s very dear to her – if ever lost (impossible!) or stolen, Calla would tear everything down on her quest to get it back – or fall in despair.


Lore of Syliran Geography
Lore of Syliran Culture

SKILL XP Total Profiency
History +15(RB) 15 Novice
Copying +19 (SP) 19 Novice
Observation +5 (SP) 5 Novice
Writing +26(SP) 26 Competent

Location: Syliras
Apartment: Calla likes to call it a humble apartment with ascetic interior design – and certainly not a cheap room in the darkest belly of Stormhold Citadel. But it is her home. For now.

Starting +100GM 100GM
Ink (vial) x2 -2GM 98GM
Map (Syliras) -2GM 96GM
Cloak (Wool, Medium) 5sm x 1.5 (8sm) 95gm 2sm


Coming soon

!!! OOC
my ooc notes :
I chatted with Gossamer on the Chat, and I wrote to Nightmare, too, inquiring about if Calla can work at the Syliras local library - nothing as fancy as the Archives where only knighted scribes can work at. Since I haven't gotten an reply in over 3 days since I first inquired, I thought I should just put this sheet on public display - so, for example, Nightmare can see what I was talking about, and we could continue discussing the issue about Syliras library.
I hope this makes sense?
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