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Whicker's Scraps

Postby Whicker on March 27th, 2016, 5:59 pm

My first impulse was to hop in here incognito to avoid any unpleasant confrontation, but I'm an upfront kinda person so that idea I dismissed immediately.

It's harder than I thought to come back to a place that has a lot of emotional memories. I had a lot of fun, watched good friends come n go, had amazing RP, got fully immersed, saw fights, bickering and misunderstandings. Resentments, ragequits, judgements (fair and unfair,) numbers exchanged, long phone calls and messages about Mojo, Becky and Scout, chat for hours hanging out with good people and so much more. They say you can never go home again and as much as I hate cliches, that one is right.

Seeing the words "I miss you" gave me the warm fuzzies and made me feel all happy again-until I was promptly disillusioned with a brick wall follow up. It's a shame that issues still can't be resolved and it digs like an ulcer in my guts, leaking into each aspect until everything is colored with it.

I'd previously thought I'd jump into a Drykas or Kelvic again just like before, but now I'm not so sure it's the best idea. Not sure if I should avoid windreach, riverfall and endrykas or not. They're the areas I know and love best. I got a shoulder into llhavit last time as well.

Perhaps it's best to lurk around for a bit and read some of the threads on here in different places? Azmere, Val, Alex, Balder, Amunti and a couple others were super friendly and helpful in chat yesterday and I was strongly encouraged to rejoin Endrykas or RF again. Maybe we'll see. *shrugs*
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