A Wash Upon the Shore, what Luck?

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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A Wash Upon the Shore, what Luck?

Postby Adyel on April 10th, 2016, 1:45 am


Timestamp: Spring 516 the fifth
Location: The Beach

With the days slowly starting to warm up. Things had been growing more weirder by each day that passed. Adyel thought that coming back to Riverfall would save him less odd thoughts of his place of being. And decided that relieving those thoughts would be best chosen by taking a walk through the beach. Surely, the days couldn't get any more odd. It was fairly late in the afternoon, the sun was lit brightly over the horizon. An orange glow obtained with hues of blue and purple and fluffy white clouds were aligned in the sky. The Kelvic walked along the beach over the cool sand that drifted through the little nibbles of wind that chipped by without a care.

He wanted to think. Think of ways to why these odd things have been already happening within Riverfall. Insects flown through the air and buzzed around the Kelvic whilst the young man wavered one of his hands to shoo away the insects every now and then. The cliffs of Riverfall can be seen on the opposite side of the beach whilst the sea, the ever lasting sea could be seen far and wide. Adyel, had a slight caution of the waters. He didn't really enjoy the waves and the ocean. Though, he liked the color of the blue transparent seas. The young Rivarian sighed. Surely, things couldn't go any more wrongly.

Some day, I'll understand what is going on.
Thought the Kelvic with another sigh. His dark coloured hair swayed through the wind and each strand wavered like a teeny tiny flag throughout the air. His blue eyes glimmered as the sun shone about the afternoon. Adyels stomach rumbled, but he had just eaten before he left to Riverfall from The Sanctuary. Surely, this was something new for the young man. And Adyel hadn't really eaten much since the first time he had entered Riverfall with a caravan. Save for the whole year that he lived in Riverfall prior his leave from Zeltiva.

The sound of waves struck hard against the fortitude of the sandy yellow beach as Adyel strolled alongside the waters. Adyels had taken off his boots and places them in his pack that was strapped about his shoulders, he knew that it would be odd walking through the sands with his boots on. His Bottoms of the pant legs were rolled up just below his knee, and a bit tight to, just in case so they won't get wet from the waves or anything. The insects eventually were carried away by the winds. It was now quiet.

The waves grew louder, almost instantly with a roar and Adyel jumped as there was a mysterious box of items and objects within the case. Adyel hurried after the edge of the beach and confronted the case filled with it, a lot of mysterious items. Adyel had decided to open it up after he carried it back on to shore. Bottles with different colors of liquids within them. Scrolls carefully wrapped and tied securely a bit damp from the exposure of the wetness. Gold, jewelry, and Adyel gasped at the site. He was sure that good things couldn't happen from these odd occurrences that's been going on Riverfall. The young man looked up and gazed out in the seas.

Just waves and blue seas. Nothing more save for the sky, birds, winds. The sounds of the waves and the chirps of the birds. No ships, no men washing upon the shore, no nothing. Adyel decided to sit beside the treasure and assorted it on top of the sand organizing the objects from what they were and questioned it's value and reasoned it's existence of them being here. After, he just waited for someone to come retrieve what was lost, he wouldn't just steal someones treasure unless no one claimed that it was theirs. He also didn't know who to take it to. He probably figured that Kavala could examine the potions, but who could take care of the scrolls and other items? He did have his bag, but he was unsure of the quality of the potions and the scrolls. He didn't know what they could do.

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