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Postby Ivonos on April 24th, 2016, 3:23 am


Race: Dhani Constrictor [Reticulated Python]
Gender: Male
Age: 104
Birthday: 26th - Winter - 412
Birthplace: Zinrah

Human Morph
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 213 lbs.

Appearance: Standing on the taller end of the spectrum for Constrictor Dhani, Ivonos' human morph posses the broad shoulders and rather stocky build that his closer kin do. His dirty-blonde hair is usually well-kept, sides shaved lower than the somewhat spiky top. Ivonos' eyes are an impossibly light green, evident of his Dhani blood.

Dhani Morph
Length: 25 ft.
Weight: 435 lbs.

Appearance: A beast of a form, Ivons' Dhani morph is a fearsome sight. His upper half is that of a human, incredibly muscular and broad. His lower half is that of a python, thick yet flexible. Ivonos' entire form is covered in scales, coloration the same as his snake morph.

Snake Morph
Length: 48 ft.
Weight: 900 lbs.

Appearance: A wolf among sheep, the Dhani's snake morph is incredibly long, though not particularly thick; agile, as well. His somewhat large head is roughly rectangular, while his teeth, while not venomous, curve inward; the two largest poke out from the top of his mouth. His scales feature a complex, geometric pattern, which incorporates a number of different colors, which are all variations of brown. A series of irregular diamond shapes are positioned dorsally along the back, flanked with smaller markings which have light centers.

Abilities :
Random calculations that I believe can help get a rough idea of Ivonos' strengths. Very rough, but I don't think they're that far off.

The average, untrained man can deadlift 155 lbs.

Human Form
As Constrictor = Twice as strong as the average man.
Competent Bodybuilding = Strength 1/3 greater than that of average members of their race.
310/3 = 103.33..
310+103 = Ivonos can deadlift a maximum of ~413 lbs. in his human form.

Dhani Form
As Constrictor = Four times as strong as the average man.
Competent Bodybuilding = Strength 1/3 greater than that of the average members of their race.
155*4 = 620
620/3 = 206.66..
620+206 = Ivonos can deadlift a maximum of ~826 lbs. in his Dhani form.

Character Concept

Apathetic Ivonos finds caring for many things hard. It's not that he's mean, it's just that very few things are able to enter his mind with any sort of impact because of the simple fact that most things are largely irrelevant. A student will either return tomorrow, the day after, or never. A fling with come back for more or never again. Syna will rise every morning, and Leth will will take Her place every evening. He likes a rather solitary, simple life. Most times, anyway.

Blunt The Dhani finds very little reason to flavor his words. He calls things as he sees it, without regard for people's feelings, teachings, or beliefs. If there is something he wants known, he will make known with minimal effort. He's brutally honest about anything and everything, finding no value whatsoever in lies (even if they are to protect someone) or even telling selective truths.

Talk Less, Observe More He's in the belief that many people waste words (and his air) for little to no reason. Things could be easily figured out if people just observe more and talk less; talkative people are usually distracted with their own voice. On voices, there's only one "rule": if he can't understand you, he won't try. Your voice could be high-pitched, incredibly low, or nasally; if you don't make sense in his ears, you're wasting his time.

Mates Those Ivonos finds worthy to be a mate will find his demeanor very different when in his presence. He's much more gentle, compassionate, and overall, a very nice person. Don't mistake this kindness as being permanent, however. People get one chance and one chance only; he'll become as cold and uncaring as usual if anything comes to light that he doesn't like.

Respect Ivonos' respect is given rarely, and with great responsibility, in a way. It is extremely hard to win his full respect; it can come partially, along with a slightly kinder Ivonos, but that is also somewhat rare. As stated before, people get one chance and only one. Mess up, and you're just everyday scum he usually ignores.

Weapons Ivonos finds most weapons repulsive and the tools of the weak. As he was raised in a matriarchal society, he's used to women frequently triumphing over men, so he even despises it when a female of any race uses a weapon. He believes to truly prove one's mettle, their body should be their only weapon. Any person willing to face him without a weapon is strong in his eyes.

Character History

Born in the nest of Constrictors to two strong Dhani, Ivonos was raised a warrior since the moment he could become a human; that is to say, he's been training for not that long, only about four years. Even then, he's come a long way.

When he first heard of the race of warrior known as the Akalak, he's wanted to go and train with them for the longest. He and his father, who used to frequently travel, left soon after Ivonos revealed this, and they made it to Riverfall early Spring.

○ Simple white shirt
○ Simple black shorts
○ Simple undergarments
○ Simple black coat
○ Simple leather boots

○ Backpack
○ Waterskin
○ Bone brush
○ Bone comb
○ Soap
○ Razor
○ Eating knife
○ Flint & Steel

○ None

Heirloom: Silver snake ring


Location: Riverfall

House: Kulkukan Tavern & Inn [Small, Decent | 0.2.0 per day | 18.2.0 per season]


Item Cost Total
Starting +100.0.0 100.0.0
Cashed In Housing +500.0.0 600.0.0

Fluent Snake-tongue
Basic Common
Poor Tukant

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Wrestling 10 RB + 26 SP 26 Competent
Bodybuilding 26 SP 26 Competent
Teaching 8 SP 8 Novice


○ [SP] Lore of Religion: Siku
○ [SP] Teaching: Patience


To be added...

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