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Alistair Echo

Postby Alistair Echo on April 28th, 2016, 12:33 pm

Alistair Echo


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years old
Birthday: 11th, Winter, 488-AV.
Birthplace: Syliras

Appearance: Alistair is a tall and somewhat intimidating man. Standing at approximately 6'2 and weighing in at 220 pounds, most of which comes from the large amount of muscle he's built up over the years. His hair is shaved in a buzz cut and is a dull black color. His eyes are a bright icy blue with a large scar located on the left one. His skin is pale and riddled with scars.

Character Concept
A somewhat experienced mercenary with the goal of becoming a knight.
Character History
Born the son of a low-ranking mercenary, Alistair didn't exactly have a nice upbringing. His father often leaving for weeks at a time leaving his mother to take care of him,but that all changed when she grew ill one cold winter. His father had tried everything from herbs to even praying to the gods themselves,but alas it was all to no avail she passed some time later that spring leaving his father to raise him by his self.

With his mother gone and no hope of continuing his job as a merc, his father decided to open a weapons shop . Sometime later just after Alistair twelfth birthday. Hawk the leader of the band of mercs his father belonged to showed up at their door. Unbeknownst to Alistair his father had made a deal with Hawk when his mother had taken ill. He had offered his own son to be taken in and trained as Hawks successor in exchange for the expensive herbs and medicines that Hawk had gotten for them. Alistair wasn't exactly fond of this revelation and kicked up quite a fuss arguing back and forth with his Father and Hawk before finally giving in. Before he left with hawk to begin his training his father presented him with the longsword he had used when he was with Hawks band of mercs. It wasn't much,but at least it was something to remember his home by. After accepting the parting gift Alistair left with hawk to begin his years as a merc.

His time with hawk and the mercs affected him deeply instilling within him deep senses of loyalty and companionship as well as instilling a strict moral code within his head that he still follows to this day. It was only after his Eighteenth birthday that Hawk gave him the option of leaving. Alistair thought on it and decided it would be best for him to leave under the pretense of wanting to see the world and pursue a solo career as a sellsword. He had many adventures and embarked upon many quests that eventually led him back to his home of Syliras which brings us to where he is now. A nobody sellsword in Syliras of little renown.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language:
Poor Language:


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Brawling 15 RB, 10 SP 25 Novice
Acrobatics 10 SP 10 Novice
Weapon(Longsword) 30 SP 30 Competent


Helpful Lores: Lore of Syliran Geography, Lore of Syliran Culture


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Equipment Steel Longsword,Scale Mail

Heirloom: Fathers Steel Longsword
Location: Syliras

House: Small apartment situated deep within the interior of Stormhold Citadel.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Scale Mail -50 GM 50 GM

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