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Alair Makehvit

Postby Alair Makeviht on May 4th, 2016, 5:37 pm

Character Information Sheet:

PC’s Name: Alair Makeviht

Race: Kelvic, fancy rat

Birthday and Age: Winter 01 515 AV

Gender: Female

Physical Description:

Alair has long dark brown wavy hair that reaches her mid-back and deep golden, wide eyes. She has a tattoo of five small, black thumb-sized dots trailing along her spine from the top of her spine to her tailbone.

She is five foot seven inches. She has a slim, petite build, and does not have much physical strength. She relies on her horse to carry most of her belongings but tries to lessen the load when she can.

When they stop to rest when they're traveling, she unloads her belongings off its back. She wants to find a place in Lhavit to call home, so she doesn't have to worry about traveling anymore.

Her animal form, a fancy rat, is dark brown with a white belly, and has five black dots along its spine, with wide, deep golden-colored eyes and a long tail with a little bit of fur on it. She is 5 1/2 inches long in animal form and weighs four hundred and fifty grams.

She has a slight physical limp in both forms due to her encounter with violence when she was in the Suvan Sea. This makes walking difficult for her and traveling takes her a lot longer than it would someone else.

She has scars on her arms and legs from the time she's spent traveling, mostly from reaching through plants to get fruit, and accidentally nicking herself with her fishing hook. There is a deeper scar along the inside of her left elbow, a jagged sort of cut from the crook of her elbow down to her wrist. It is white in color but is still more subtle than the scar on her left cheek. She has a deep jagged cut on her left cheek under her eye from when she didn't do something for her masters back in Alvadas and they punished her for it. It reaches from just under her eye, halfway down her cheek. It's more of a crevice than a slim raised line scar.

Character Concept:

Personality - She is a quiet, shy person who is really only interested in writing and reading, learning more about Mizahar as a whole. She also wants to learn every skill and trade she can in order to make herself valuable so she can find a job or build a business for herself to support herself.

She is timid and very naive. She doesn't pick up on dangerous vibes quite as often as she'd like. She's very openly trusting even if she is cautious, but more often than not, she will definitely try to trust someone and give them the benefit of the doubt. But this normally ends up being more punishing than she cares to admit.

Alair is very much solitary, ever if every fiber of her being told her that she needed to find a bondmate. The pull to find a person and bond with them, that overwhelms her to the point where she just denies it as much as she can. Even when she wanted to be alone, she found herself wandering, found herself moving from store to store, from city to city, and running into people.

Ethics - She helps people when they ask, even when they are very obviously trying to trick or hurt her. She prides herself in finding knowledge or ways to enjoy different topics. She is loyal to those she gets close to, even if they are verbally or emotionally abusive to her due to her lesser status.

Likes - She loves to write. She loves to read. She loves to pursue knowledge and learning new skills. She loves finding out detailed, hard-to-find information about various topics that are more trivial than important.

Dislikes - She hates her physical weakness on her right side from when she was injured in the fighting in the Anchorage Flotilla. It makes it difficult for her to walk, and even more for her to travel. But she does her best with it.

She is weak in terms of strength. It is hard for her to physically push herself for long periods of time. She tries to rely on her horse to carry her belongings, but also carries her backpack when she feels she can manage it.

Being a mouse Kelvic, she feels that her curiosity is a weakness, as it always seems to get her into trouble.

She dislikes her expected lifespan, hates it. She wishes she had more time to experience the world instead of having such a limited time among the living.

Character History:

Pre-Creation - She was born and raised along the Suvan Sea in Alvadas, growing up and being taught by a band of pirates who kept her as a pet. She mainly created crafts while with them, as they wanted her more as a trophy than as a servant.

When the pirate band was caught in a melee with mercenaries, and urged by a female Svefra who was more motherly to her than superior, Alair saw her chance and fled with her bundle of items while they were distracted.

In farewell, the Svefra found her hidden away in the nearby port of the Alvadas and gave her a traveling kit so she could find her way far away from the dangers the other Svefra pirates held for her, where she could find a better life than the one she had led for eighteen years. She felt the urge to journey to Kenash, but upon hearing the mistreatment of Kelvics and people in general that went on there, she thought better of the prompting. She made her way, drifting through city after city without regard to name or place.

With traveling kit and supplies in hand, she made the journey from Alvadas, on to wherever she felt pulled towards, and thus she ended up in Lhavit.

Post Creation - TBD

Training & Skill Points:

SP - Starting Skill Points
RB - Racial Bonus Points

Starting Skill Points: 50 points (starting), +10 Racial Bonus Skill Points = 60 Skill Points
Racial Bonus Skills: +10 Foraging = 10 Racial Bonus Skill Points

Writing [SP] - 5
Fishing [SP] - 5
Swimming [SP] - 5
Wilderness Survival [Seaside] [SP] - 5
Cooking [SP] - 5
Drawing [SP] - 5
Persuasion [SP] - 5
Investigation [SP] - 5
Observation [SP] - 5
Scavenging [SP] - 5
Foraging [RB] - 10

Starting Package:

1 Set of Clothing:

1 Waterskin

1 Backpack which contains:

1 Set of Toiletries:

Food for a week
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel

100 gold rimmed mizas

Travel Package:

1 large tent (4 person),
large tarp,
100 ft of rope,
flint & steel,
2 torches,
fishing tackle & hooks,
a compass,
a riding horse (Gildling),
a full set of tack,
a large set of saddlebags.

Earned Skill/Points:

Skills Earned: TBD
Points Earned: TBD


Shoes - brown, worn leather shoes. Soles of shoes are about to break apart entirely
Tunic - dark gray tunic, sleeves are short, frayed, hem is a little worn
Cloak - dark gray, hem is frayed and there are holes in the back of it
Pants/leggings - black pants/leggings, patchy holes along right pant leg, small pebble-sized one at the front of the thigh, a larger bottle-sized one at the knee, and another pebble-sized one near the calf

1 waterskin - frayed, worn out, will break any day

Comb - some teeth are broken off of it, is dulled down from use
Brush - fine hairs are slowly breaking away from wear, not as effective of a brush as it was
Soap - only a sliver remains from over a few months of use
Razor - razor is broken and discarded after a month of use [Winter 32 515 AV]
Food for a week - used up [Winter 08 515 AV]

1 large tent - frayed and worn from being used amidst weather conditions involving traveling near the sea, dark brown in color
large tarp - worn, holes all along the middle and the right upper corner from being used to lay on
100 ft of rope - worn and used up


Winter 515 AV - Spring 516 AV

WINTER 01 515 AV
Almonds - 3 gm/1 lb 1 lb = 3 gm
Raisins - 1 gm/lb - 1 gm
Jerked Venison - 7-8 gm/lb = 8 gm

- 12 gm

Remaining Gold Mizas - 88 gm

WINTER 70 515 AV
Rope (Hemp) - 1 gm/50 ft = 1 gm

- 1 gm

Remaining Mizas - 87 gm


Living Expenses - Spring - Poor - 45 gm/s; .5 gm/day = 45 gm

- 45 gm

Remaining Gold Mizas - 42 gm

Living Expenses - Summer -

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