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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Corpse Crime

Postby Vypec on May 17th, 2016, 9:17 pm

80th Spring, 515 A.V.
Riverfall, Dusk.

Delric sauntered down the road with all the ease of a predatory cat. His shoulders slouched deceivingly, displaying a lax gait. The Cerulean was a hulking beast of a man and he seemed to embody a feral, primal energy about him. He certainly brought the energy with him to the Kendoka Sasaran. Vypec hadn't been able to keep up with the older warrior, earning a few small cuts here and there. Ever since joining the Savages, Kazma's Intelligence Squad, they had sparred with sharp and battle ready weapons. The old leader had grinned and shrugged when Vypec brought it up, saying that warriors practice how they play. Now the two members were walking back to the Lodge, covered in a sheen of sweat.

"It's okay, every good warrior needs a few nicks and cracks." Delric said bracingly, glancing back over his shoulder at Vypec as he inspected the light scratches the Cerulean had gifted to him. "Those are the ones you brag about to the ladies, the big ugly ones are the ones that turn them off." The Akalak laughed at his own joke. For his part, Delric sported a fair few ugly ones. They served as the most compelling badge of service, telling everyone that he has bled and blooded others for Riverfall.

"I don't know Delric, these won't really show up much. See they're so light it's almost like I got the better of you." Vypal said, sliding into control. Somehow the dark brother had more prominence when alone with the Cerulean. Perhaps there was some kinship of the wild side, or else the Cerulean ruffled his feathers more than he cared to deal with. The man certainly ruffled Vypec's feathers. The Akalak had no delusions about the Cerulean's value in the squad however.

Delric was the cold, simplistic killer. If they needed a heart stopped or a mouth shut at any cost, he was the most likely piece to be put into play. Vypec was a lot less certain about his own position in the squad. Of course they all asserted him that it was nice to be back to six members. Each man had a partner at his back at all times. Vypec knew he had a long way to go before he earned his place. Delric was the only one who had said so, continuing his streak of speaking his mind with little regard for tact.

"You earned your place amongst us today, congratulations. Now all you have to do is earn it every day from now until you are too old and crippled to kill." The Cerulean had said dismissively, looking down on the Akalak with scorn. But that had been on the first day. Delric would show his feelings, but the man did not hold grudges. If he was angry with you he would treat you worse, but if he wasn't he wouldn't. Today Delric was not mad at anyone. He was in an exceedingly good mood, actually, which translated to jibes about Vypec. Jibes Vypal did not take well.

Vypal strode through the shadow of a granary, listening to the faint whispers of the shadows as they beckoned him. The Akalak always kept an earn out for any secrets that may be worthy of Akajia, which was really all of them. But that was not his purpose, to retell every secret. He was a watcher of Riverfall, and her safety was the focus of his constant vigilance. It was in that regard that Vypal heard it. He held up a hand for Delric to stop.

"What?" The Cerulean asked in a quiet bark, his easy manner instantly transforming to a predatory crouch, Lakan in hand.

Deeeee-ad. The word dragged on, a whisper ominous in its tone from the shadowy alley next to the old granary. Vypal slid the gladius free from the sheath at his waist and shoved his chin in the direction of the shadowy whisper. "Heard something through there." He said, not elaborating on what exactly that sound was.

Delric slid off, leading the way. His hand ran lightly against the stone of the granary as he walked. The tattoos vanished in the darkness of the granary's shadow, though Vypal could see them, the pale skull. The Kuvay'Nas rounded the corner together, weapons raised to confront whatever. What they found was blood. Blood and the smell of iron so strong it made Vypal wince. He looked around as Delric stepped forward. The Cerulean dropped his night vision lids but could not see the horror before them, for the body was already cold.

Vypal examined the alley without comment for a moment. He wasn't sure that it was just one body. The carcass had been ripped into pieces, three of them. Blood and entrails connected the masses of flesh like gory ropes.

"What in Hai happened here?" Delric asked, his Lakan tight in his grip, though he lowered his arm.

Vypal walked slowly up to the nearest fleshy mass, a partial head and torso. The jaw and nose were not damaged, though the rest of the head was ripped apart with vicious claws. The sight unsettled the Akalak deeply, whilst also sending a feeling of dark familiarity coursing through him. The features of the corpse were not hidden from Vypal's night stalker gaze, though they may have been hard for Delric to make out. It was clearly a blue hued Akalak, probably in his prime. The tattered remains bore a blood soaked tunic that was all too familiar.

"This is a dead Kuvay'Nas." Vypal said calmly, breathing the words in a matter-of-fact tone.
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