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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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House Call

Postby Vypec on May 17th, 2016, 9:18 pm

19th of Spring, 516 A.V.
Riverfall, Midday

Vypec felt odd wearing two Gladii. They were identical and beautiful, but having the equal weight on both hips was something to get used to. He had worn the single gladius almost his entire life, and it had become like a part of his body. These new cold iron Gladii, Apathy and Empathy, were unnaturally light and agile. They moved through the air with so little effort that Vypec began to become nervous when testing them out in the smithy earlier. He was worried about inadvertently cutting himself. The Akalak would have to train hard to be able to handle such blades, and in the Dimakarux no less. He had contemplated simply beginning with wooden, weighted blades, but Kazma's work hard, play hard style was rubbing off on him. Timidity was not a good impression on lifelong warriors of the Kuvay'Nas. Using anything less than a killing edge seemed timid in contrast to what the Savages trained with.

Speaking of the Savages, Vypec eyed the two he was with. Mirrix and Banador strode along with their hands on their blades. They had heard a rumor in the Bazaar of odd noises coming from a nearby home. As Kuvay'Nas they were obliged to check it out. It was supposed to be a training day for Vypec, but that had been forgotten Wirth the look of concern on the lined face of the fisherman who had told them. The human had stood at barely five foot five and Mirrix had to hunch down to speak to him. The fisherman had heard sounds he described as 'otherworldly'.

"Bet it was just a couple getting down to it." Mirrix grumbled. He had been quite committed to the lesson on informant acquisition he had planned for the day. The giant of an Akalak frowned as he carried the massive claymore slung over his shoulder. His thick knuckles gripped the leather strap of the sheath hard as he scowled down thre road, making anyone with sense more out of their way. It helped that all three bore the night leather armor that was like a uniform to the squad, even if Vypec had abandoned wearing the Kuvay'Nas tabard since joining the squad.

"Don't worry friend, if it is magic, this is a much more important lesson. If not, I don't think we will be there for very long." Banador said softly. Mirrix and Banador were the two most serious members of the squad, save perhaps for Kazma. But where Mirrix was grave and stoic Banador was aloof and thoughtful. The twin was very much the most academic of the group and carried with him a hide bound notebook in a leather pouch opposite his scimitar. Vypec had never seen him use the notebook for much but when asked Banador smiled and said it was for 'reference'.

Mirrix sighed and a low sound almost like a growl emitted from his mouth as he nodded ahead. "That looks like the place." The house he indicated was of traditional Rivarian architecture, built into the stone of the cliff-face with magic and protruding somewhat in a neat set of walls and pillars. The oaken door was polished clean and bore a brass knocker. Mirrix ignored the knocked and set his fist upon the oak like a hammer on an anvil, three times. Banador slid off to the side of the door, his hand going to his scimitar. Vypec mimicked the other and let his fist close around the gladius. Complacency kills.

There was no answered sound. No steps on the other side, no muffled words. Mirrix glanced at Banador and the two shared a look. He tried again. After the third attempt and a deep, rumbling shout Mirrix decided it was time to take action. "Stand back, I'll break through it." The giant Akalak said, hefting the claymore in a hand while sliding the sheath off of it. Vypec hurried to comply, not wanting to become so much kindling along with the door. But Banador waved a hand and stepped forward.

"No need Mirrix. I can get it open." He held his hand out in front of him. Vypec had never seen the Mage-warrior cast a spell before. He did not know many who practiced the magical arts, they were not common amongst the Akalak. The blue skinned hand did not waver and Banador concentrated for a moment. Then a black dot appeared in the door. Vypec fought the urge to lean forward and look at it. The blackness grew and grew, eating away at the door. It consumed the oak as if it was nothing. That blackness did not speak to him as most darknesses did. Shadows were home to the creatures of Akajia, but not whatever that place was. It unnerved Vypec.

An interesting ability. More reason not to trust him Vypal said as they watched Banador work his magic. What use does such a Mage have with the Kuvay'Nas? That dark was not of Akajia's making, and should not be a part of any self-respecting Akalak. Vypec could not help but agree with Vypal a bit. He liked Banador, but that magic scared him more than he liked to admit.

For the most part the door was gone when Bandor lowered his blue hand. The voiding he had opened disappeared and they could see a shadowy antechamber through the space it left in the door. Banador climbed through the opening, drawing his scimitar. Mirrix said nothing, but followed. Vypec drew one of his blades, Apathy or Empathy he hadn't assigned a specific name to a specific blade. It seemed more fitting to have a bit of ambiguity, just as in battle. Vypec followed the other two into the room, listening for the shadows.
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